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High Rise Scones?

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Carillion Thu 20-Jun-19 21:16:33

I've read the thread on Fruit Scones but think I need to ask this scones turn out like what they describe in America as 'breakfast biscuits'. I'd love to make scones that are Tall when baked...can anyone help me?

lemongrove Thu 20-Jun-19 21:25:36

Use SR flour and a dollop of natural yoghurt in with the

Carillion Thu 20-Jun-19 21:31:23

Thanks lemongrove, I can't get SR flour in Brittany, if I used what they call gateau flour that might work??

lemongrove Thu 20-Jun-19 21:35:55

Flour for cake making? Yes, give it a go!

phoenix Thu 20-Jun-19 21:36:54

Roll them out smaller & thicker, works for me with the basic scone recipe that I have used for years!

tanith Thu 20-Jun-19 21:38:45

When cutting out the scones the dough should be nearly an inch thick, use a straight sided cutter dipped in flour each time and don’t twist as you cut. They should rise nicely.

HildaW Thu 20-Jun-19 22:11:01

SR flour and a bit extra baking powder. Approx 1 teaspoon to 8oz flour. Also do not twist the cutter when cutting out the scones.

Welshwife Thu 20-Jun-19 22:14:51

Carillion I use Farine de Gateaux for my scones/cakes etc but find that Francine (brand) flour Gives the best results.

Luckylegs Thu 20-Jun-19 22:16:10

I don’t roll the scone mixture, I just pat it slightly down with my hands so it’s at least an inch deep, if not more.

Missfoodlove Thu 20-Jun-19 22:24:23

Lots of good advice here, especially the one about not rolling but patting.
Secret to really good scones is curdled milk, this is where the yoghurt would work
What I do is warm milk with a little lemon juice just a few seconds in the microwave then add to the other ingredients.

mumofmadboys Thu 20-Jun-19 22:49:18

I use the National Trust recipe. Once you add the milk it says you need to work very quickly and get them in the oven. I agree just pat the dough and keep it quite thick. If it says it makes 8 scones try making 6 or 7 from the dough.

B9exchange Thu 20-Jun-19 22:57:57

Agree that you should just pat the dough flat and gently cut out scones at least 1" thick, preferably thicker. Put into a hot oven, hotter than you would cook a cake.

Nannytopsy Thu 20-Jun-19 23:01:29

6 teaspoons baking powder to one pound of plain flour works brilliantly for me!

Greyduster Fri 21-Jun-19 07:49:15

The quest for a perfect scone is something of a holy grail for me. I use a recipe with yoghurt in it - sometimes it works, sometimes not, and I think the cutters are crucial. Deep metal cutters seem to work the best, and, like Lucky, I pat them rather than roll them. The lady who makes scones for the canal side cafe we go to swears that it is eggs you need to get a good rise, but she was very circumspect about the amount of eggs! “Oh, a lot!” wasn’t particularly helpful. Her scones are a miracle.

Carillion Fri 21-Jun-19 08:03:42

Thanks so much everyone. I'm going to go shopping later and get some francine gateaux flour, thanks welshwife and lemongrove....
Thanks everyone for the smashing tips, haven't any yoghurt so will get some as well then this afternoon I'll give it a go. Will let you know how I get on.

Marydoll Fri 21-Jun-19 08:19:03

Carillon, I have been using this recipe for over forty years, as did my mother before me.
It has never let me down. It works best with milk which is on the turn and a hot oven.
Good luck!

BradfordLass72 Fri 21-Jun-19 08:23:06

I don't use cutters at all.
I do the patting into a rectangular shape thing then just cut into square scones with a sharp knife.

Helps to have the oven very hot.

JackyB Fri 21-Jun-19 08:34:25

We made scones in our first domestic science lesson at school and I've never had anyto problems since. However, like you, Carillon, I can't get SR flour (I live in Germany) and have to make my own mix of plain flour and baking powder. Ordinary baking powder here contains far too much bicarb, and leaves an unpleasant taste on your teeth, so I always buy the cream of tartar based ones.

Teetime Fri 21-Jun-19 08:37:40

My domestic science teacher said a rolling pin should never be used for scones just hands gentle pat into place.

ayse Fri 21-Jun-19 08:41:34

I’ll have to have another go as every time I’ve tried they have been less than successful. Thank you for all the good advice

shysal Fri 21-Jun-19 09:24:50

There is a recipe on GN for light fluffy scones using lemonade. They are not very sweet, which is fine if you are topping with jam, but otherwise the addition of 1oz caster sugar helps. Alternatively add salt and grated cheese. They do not rise much in the baking therefore need to be cut at least 1 inch thick.

6 oz lemonade (not diet)
6 oz double cream (I use Elmlea)
14 oz SR flour or equivalent plain + baking powder

Mix ingredients but do not overwork. Pat into rectangle at least 1 inch thick and cut into rounds or squares.
Bake on a greased tray for 10-12 minutes at 220 C.

Fluffiest scones ever and they freeze well.

Carillion Fri 21-Jun-19 09:34:37

Thank you again everyone. Just about to leave for the shops.
Marydoll it's so lovely to have the copy of the recipe you posted. I remember my Mother having a Bero paper pamphlet/cookery booklet when I was eight years old, sadly it was lost years ago and once recently I was stunned to see on eBay that a booklet ...the same vintage was trending at nearly £40.00!
Once I've bought the ingredients this morning I'm raring to go. Some great hints and tips, thanks everyone. I'm going to follow them this afternoon. X

Fernbergien Fri 21-Jun-19 10:01:15

SR flour
Substitute egg for some of milk

keffie Fri 21-Jun-19 10:09:50

I found these tips years ago and it works perfectly. Warm the milk/mixture if adding yogurt too, slightly before mixing in.

Also very important, line and grease the baking tray. Heat up the baking tray whilst making the scones. Do not remove from the over until the scones are ready to be baked.

As soon as the scones are ready to be baked, remove the baking tray from the oven, place the scones on the tray, quickly brush the tops with milk/egg and put them straight back in the oven.

Its the heat the scones need. They rise perfectly every time now

Molly10 Fri 21-Jun-19 10:10:49

Carillion, you can still get Be-Ro booklets:-