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Tea - no longer tastes like tea!

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Anniezee Tue 13-Oct-20 09:47:00

Anyone else having the problem that their tea (normal black, builders' tea) no longer tastes like tea? Have tried all brands (waiting to receive some Tea Pigs to try) but nothing seems to actually taste like it used to, devoid of tea flavour. Have tried using filtered water and that doesn't make any difference. HELP!

tanith Tue 13-Oct-20 10:11:39

Maybe your tastebuds have changed for some reason I haven’t noticed any change in my usual.

annodomini Tue 13-Oct-20 10:21:30

I buy Ceylon leaf tea, either Waitrose's own brand or Taylors of Harrogate. It hasn't changed for me. I use a teapot with a filter which makes excellent tea and the leaves go in the compost caddy.

biba70 Tue 13-Oct-20 10:22:50

Yes, go back to loose leaf tea- much better quality- and so much better for the environment too- with all the plastics from tea-bags.

suziewoozie Tue 13-Oct-20 10:27:29

Leaf tea? Is there any other kind? 😀 I use PG tips and Twinings Breakfast alternately.

Anniezee Tue 13-Oct-20 11:17:08

suziewoozie - have been a fan and user of Twinings Strong Breakfast Tea for a long time but OH and I (so not just my tastebuds) now find it tasteless. We'll see what Tea Pigs has to offer when it arrives tomorrow!

Lancslass1 Tue 13-Oct-20 11:24:28

My Yorkshire tea still tastes the same.
I am drinking some now.

I always use a small tea pot but don't use leaf tea.
Teabags suit me fine
One tea bag in a pot does two mugs

Cabbie21 Tue 13-Oct-20 11:27:01

I decided it was the milk that was putting me off. I now drink tea without milk, taking the tea bag out very promptly. It is very refreshing.

Elegran Tue 13-Oct-20 11:49:55

Anniezee Do other things taste different? One of the main symptoms of CoVid19 (maybe the biggest symptom) is a change in the sense of taste, and it can last after you recover. Maybe you had or have it?

LadyGracie Tue 13-Oct-20 11:59:09

I have strong tea leaves from M&S, strong and black with no sugar.

Nannarose Tue 13-Oct-20 12:06:38

I too would wonder if something had happened to affect the sense of taste, but assuming that it is just the tea, then I would agree with using loose leaf. My own choice is Co-op, 1 bag (250g) 99 mixed with 1 bag (25g) Indian Prince.

A few years ago, I had a nasty cold, and believed I had recovered, I was certainly tasting most things OK. Not having had a glass of wine for a week or so, I poured one and said to DH 'this is corked'. He didn't think so, so I said 'well it's horrible' and he said 'you chose it because you like it'. So I realised that there was some lingering problem. Sure enough, a few days later, I had another glass and it was lovely!

gulligranny Tue 13-Oct-20 12:08:36

Punjana teabags from Thompsons (small Belfast company) are still tasting just fine to us -they are good and strong, one bag in our little teapot is spot-on for two smallish mugs.

Aldom Tue 13-Oct-20 12:20:03

A pot of tea made with one spoon Assam, one spoon Earl Grey leaf tea makes a deliciously refreshing cup of tea.

WOODMOUSE49 Tue 13-Oct-20 14:35:00

DH has a daily 'builder's tea' every afternoon. I get any teabags on offer or cheapest one on the shelf. No complaints.

I stick to my Earl Grey, bags or occasionally loose in my little pot.

We both drink our tea black no sugar.

Liz46 Tue 13-Oct-20 14:41:17

We visited a tea plantation in Sri Lanka and were told that there are different grades of tea and the lowest one is used to make tea bags!

glammanana Tue 13-Oct-20 14:43:04

I enjoy a cup of Clipper everyday tea from either Waitrose/Sainsburys and have not noticed any change so maybe your taste buds have changed this happened with the brand of coffee I had used for a long time no one else had noticed any change so I put it down to taste buds changing.

Esspee Tue 13-Oct-20 15:22:14

Anniezee could it be your water perhaps? Why not try making a pot by boiling some bottled water as an experiment.

Fuchsiarose Tue 13-Oct-20 15:37:31

Thanks Liz46. I am doing loose tea from now on. I, too, noticed tea didn't taste like tea used to. I dont have covid, just come outa hospital from op. I was thoroughly tested for covid before the op. Well I learnt something new today, thanks liz46

Oldbutstilluseful Tue 13-Oct-20 15:41:22

I was given a gift of Cornish Tea, Smugglers Brew, when my family came home from holiday in Cornwall. Best tasting tea I’ve had in years!

Grandmafrench Tue 13-Oct-20 16:04:28

A very long time ago, when I first arrived in London, I worked as a temp. A very interesting job took me to a Tea Brokers for a couple of months. There they sampled and tested and approved imported tea from plantations everywhere. Whoever was first in in the mornings had to leave the taps running in the testing room for at least 20 minutes to ensure that the water was at its freshest before being boiled. Tea was made and poured into little china dishes, the colour was examined and it was tasted and spat out into containers before being graded and commented upon by those who really knew about tea! I learned there that the fannings - broken little pieces and residue from the better grades of tea - were sold and used just for tea bags. Or, pekoe dust - the dust from better grades of tea and almost literally the sweepings from where it was graded. Drinking leaf tea is the best way to appreciate a particular blend. We were allowed a 1lb of best quality tea per week in those days, as a perk of the job. My Mum had her first taste of pure Ceylon leaf tea - and couldn't drink enough of it ! grin