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bread pudding anyone?

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travelnan Fri 30-Oct-20 14:01:25

I have just made a bread pudding and am wondering if this is something that is out of date. The recipe I use was given to me by an aunt over 50 years ago. My family love it (so do I). Am I the only one to still enjoy a slice?

MawB2 Fri 30-Oct-20 14:02:27

Oh yes please!
Any winter warming comfort pudding is just what I need right now..

Aldom Fri 30-Oct-20 14:06:28

My favourite pudding when made the traditional way.

tanith Fri 30-Oct-20 14:08:24

I have a very old recipe I use although I don’t 8oz of ‘lard’ in lol. I made it all the time before OH died as we loved it but if I make now there’s only me to eat it so I haven’t bothered but I might just do one now you’ve reminded me. They also sell in Wenzels so it’s still popular.

Callistemon Fri 30-Oct-20 14:10:50

DH loves it and someone gave me a recipe years ago.
I've not made it yet. I'm not keen.

I do like bread and butter pudding which forms lots of egg custard underneath.

EllanVannin Fri 30-Oct-20 14:13:21

Love it and made one not long ago. Because I had bread that I knew I wouldn't eat, the thought struck me and dried fruit which I had in the cupboard got used up too. I sprinkle nutmeg on top for extra flavour. Delicious and so cheap to do.

Aldom Fri 30-Oct-20 14:14:04

I'm off out to buy a loaf of white bread and some full cream milk, then treat myself to a bread and butter pudding. Not made one for years. Oh and I'll need some cream to pour over it too. Yum, yum.

petra Fri 30-Oct-20 14:20:32

Bread and butter pudding but made with croissants. Devine 👌

Blossoming Fri 30-Oct-20 14:27:17

Lovely made with leftover panettone after Christmas.

Grannynannywanny Fri 30-Oct-20 14:28:02

I loved my Mum’s and none has come close since. A thick dollop of raspberry jam inside the pudding which would be warm and runny when it came out of the oven. Then spoon the warm jam together with the crunchy topping. I almost dribbled on my phone screen there just thinking about it 😋

NotSpaghetti Fri 30-Oct-20 14:33:07

Oh no! Not jam! 😱

tanith Fri 30-Oct-20 14:36:24

No jam the only thing that goes with bread pudding is hot custard 😋

felice Fri 30-Oct-20 14:44:42

I make Bread and Butter pudding for Church functions a lot, well I did.
I used Choco spread instead of butter on one side of the bread with chopped Apricots and Whisky with the custard for the adults and it is very popular.
THe children and those who do not like Whisky (me) like the choco one.

felice Fri 30-Oct-20 14:46:02

I soak the pudding before baking in the custard.

sparklingsilver28 Fri 30-Oct-20 14:46:32

Have a loaf of bread on the worktop awaiting my attention! Yummy!

My mother use to make it in a very large roasting pan and always complained she never had any because all eaten before she had a chance.

Lilypops Fri 30-Oct-20 14:47:39

I made one at the weekend, I used a fruit loaf that had gone a bit stale, I added more sultanas, brown Sugar , beaten egg and milk, it was lovely. It’s a good old standby in our house ,

Callistemon Fri 30-Oct-20 14:52:26

Two differents things here - bread and butter pudding is a pudding. Lovely made with brioche too, petra.

Bread pudding, although called pudding is cut into squares and eaten like cake.

I daren't mention this thread to DH.

Grannynannywanny Fri 30-Oct-20 15:04:18

NotSpaghetti and tanith we still had the custard poured over in addition to the warm runny jam inside!
Where did I put those wipes, I’ve just dribbled on my phone screen again

Rumpunch Fri 30-Oct-20 15:23:13

Very popular in my house. As I try not to eat it -though I love it- hubby takes it to work. He has been known to hide it to stop all and sundry having a nibble." smile He is a very generous person until it comes to his bread pudding!

ginny Fri 30-Oct-20 15:26:57

You can make either for me. I love them both.
I agree that the b&b pudding is even better made with panettone and chocolate.

Sarnia Fri 30-Oct-20 15:40:59

I make bread pudding for our WI stall at local events. It is one of the first things to go, usually to the men. I helped my Granny make it many times. Post war it used up milk on the turn and stale bread, so nothing was wasted.

sodapop Fri 30-Oct-20 15:47:17

Bread and butter pud with brioche - yummy Callistemon I like the egg custard version rather than the more solid one which is cut into squares. Mouth is watering now maybe I'll mention this thread to my husband grin

Auntieflo Fri 30-Oct-20 15:50:30

Bread pudding, oh yum.
My mum used to make the most gorgeous bread pudding. Also making one so that dad could take it to work and share with his mates.

When I was expecting our third child, mum and dad were staying, and made this for pudding one day.
It got things going, and DS2 was born later that day 😀

DanniRae Fri 30-Oct-20 15:54:04

I made one yesterday and it has been voted a success!
I keep a bag of odd bits of bread in the freezer and when there is enough I set to and make one.

arosebyanyothername Fri 30-Oct-20 15:58:56

I make bread pudding quite often. I used to watch my mum make it when I was a child.
No recipe as such but it always comes out well.
There's a difference of opinion in our family as to whether it is better hot or cold but I think warm is nicest.