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Soupmakers out?

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Jane10 Mon 02-Nov-20 12:44:36

Well mine is. I've make a few soups recently and have been playing around with texture. The latest one tasted great. I set it on 'chunky' as it was full of carrots, turnips, leeks and some lentils but gave it a whiz with the blender once it was ready. Resultant texture was just right. Brothish but without being so chunky it couldn't be consumed from a mug.
Any suggestions for other soups?

Alima Mon 02-Nov-20 12:52:32

Definitely, though tbh mine hasn’t been away since I bought it in February. Embarked on a diet, was going to work my way through my new soup recipe book. Turns out, the really spiced curry one I did from the start, involving carrots, pearl barley, celery, lentils etc. was The One and I make enough for the week and freeze it. Still not fed up with it! (Chunky for me!)

Alima Mon 02-Nov-20 12:54:44

Sorry, realised I haven’t answered your question. No, I’m just a one trick pony.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 02-Nov-20 13:09:13

I love cauliflower soup. Made with garlic and cream - yum!,

NfkDumpling Mon 02-Nov-20 13:11:39

I've got one of those hand held whizzers and a small kitchen, so have never felt the need for a soup maker. I love making soup. Never two the same.

Kamiso Mon 02-Nov-20 13:12:31

My only suggestion is to wash it up yourself! My OH plonked mine into a bowl of washing up water ruining it. He hates gadgets and new things as much as I love them so not sure if it was deliberate or not!

grannysyb Mon 02-Nov-20 13:12:57

I use the pressure cooker to make soup, it makes more, today's is tomato.

NfkDumpling Mon 02-Nov-20 13:13:22

I'm love the sound of your cauliflower soup WW2 but I can't eat garlic. It really doesn't like me. Any ideas what to put in instead? I've done something similar with mainly cauliflower and a bit of Stilton.

Riverwalk Mon 02-Nov-20 13:21:09

I made this this morning in the slow cooker - no frying of onions, etc just everything in, apart from the defrosted frozen spinach which was added after I'd whizzed half the beans. A big squeeze of lemon and parmesan flakes on top. Very tasty!

bean & spinach soup recipe

Witzend Mon 02-Nov-20 13:29:05

I have A Thai-style pumpkin soup simmering away - onion, pumpkin (the one that sat in the window the other night), plenty of red chilli, ginger and garlic. Later I will add a can of coconut milk and blitz it in the pan.

I make loads of thick, mostly non-blitzed soups in winter, stacks of veg, lentils, pearl barley etc., but I don’t have a soup maker - I don’t have a very big kitchen so don’t want any more gadgets in cupboards or cluttering up the worktop.

arosebyanyothername Mon 02-Nov-20 13:44:26

We like leek and potato or lentil best. I put a red pepper in the lentil which makes it tastier.
I also use frozen chopped onions which cuts down on the prep.
Cooked in a large saucepan and whizzed at the end with a stick blender so very little washing up!
Years ago I bought a large lidded jug from a Pampered Chef party which has come in handy for keeping the soup in the fridge.
DH (a man of habit) has a mug of soup nearly every day for lunch.

NanaandGrampy Mon 02-Nov-20 13:47:39

Our latest favourite is tomato, mascarpone and spinach soup. I totally recommend the Covent Garden Soup book ( 365 soups- one a day). Its divided into seasons so you can use whatever is available.

We use it as part of our SW diet and don't add any oil or butter etc so generally the soups are all syn free .

Jane10 Mon 02-Nov-20 13:47:50

I specifically wanted a soupmaker. Just pop in the ingredients switch on and 21 minutes later hot delicious soup. No faffing about with pans or hand held blenders. I know there are a lot of soupmaker fans on GN. I was hoping to hear from them.

Blinko Mon 02-Nov-20 13:54:25

I love soups but OH does not. I can't seem to get the right quantity for one and the freezer's crammed atm so couldn't make and freeze. I know it's a small gripe in the grand scheme of things. sad

NanaandGrampy Mon 02-Nov-20 16:38:54

I can recommend the Morphy Richard's soup makers, makes smooth or chunky soup in 20 mins with no faff. Keep an eye out on Black Friday on Amazon- I got mine half price.

Fennel Mon 02-Nov-20 17:34:24

I hardly ever make soup, not sure why.
Like Blinko my husband isn't keen, and wouldn't think it's a proper meal.
Ages ago I made a soup with tinned tomatoes and tinned butter beans. Plus some stock from a cube. Which was good.

M0nica Mon 02-Nov-20 17:40:15

I bought a soupmaker in the January sales. Just as Lockdown started the heating element went so I returned to the old ways of making soup and have continued to so do.

I am not bothering to replace it. it was OK but not wonderful.

Jane10 Mon 02-Nov-20 17:40:39

Miner's a Morphy Richards too. I bought it in Sainsburys for some reason. It must have been on offer. There's lots more soupmakers around but this one is just the thing for me. Smooth or chunky ✅

Jane10 Mon 02-Nov-20 17:41:21

Miner's?? Mine is!

Elegran Mon 02-Nov-20 22:30:49

Tomato and beetroot, with feta garnish, Jane
One or two tablespoons of olive oil.
One large or two small onions, chopped, or the equivalent of frozen ready-chopped ones.
2 cloves garlic, or a teaspoon of ready-crushed garlic
I tin tomatoes, chopped or whole.
One shrink-wrap pack cooked beetroots, roughly chopped, plus the liquid from the pack.
3-4 teaspoons Marigold veggie stock.
Water up to max mark of soup maker.
Cubed feta for garnish

If your soupmaker sautes, soften the onions and garlic in olive oil. If not, put everything except the feta (including oil) into the machine and cook on smooth.

To serve, put some feta in each bowl and pour hot soup over.

Esspee Tue 03-Nov-20 07:11:33

BBC good food sweet potato and red lentil soup is my current favourite. Ignore all the grating nonsense as it will be going through the blender at the end so just chop roughly. I personally prefer it without the milk though have added a swirl of cream before serving on occasion.

I regularly make soup, many different kinds, and use my slow cooker as I have free electricity during daylight hours.

Just toss the ingredients in and forget about it. If I want a smooth soup I use a little hand held blender. I cannot imagine a soup taking half an hour to cook having anything like the depth of flavour you get from long slow cooking.

Esspee Tue 03-Nov-20 07:15:23

Elegran. That tomato and feta sounds lovely. Will be making it tomorrow.

mumofmadboys Tue 03-Nov-20 07:24:42

Another MR soup maker fan here! Love it!

Sunlover Tue 03-Nov-20 08:30:59

Love my soup maker. I’m really lazy and buy packs of chopped sweet potato and butternut squash throw them in with a stock cube and press go. Always comes out smooth, thick and delicious.

Jane10 Tue 03-Nov-20 09:12:59

Thanks Elegran that soup sounds very exotic! Like Sunlover and others I usually tend to throw in whatever veg I can find and hope for the best. It almost always turns out OK.
DH loves soup. His mother told me that it was the only positive statement on his school reports, 'best soup eater in the school'. Barrel scraping?