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Gluten free flour.

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shysal Sat 07-Nov-20 09:26:40

I am thinking of sending a box of sweets and baked goods to DD2 and family as a 'parcel of love' as described by a GN member.
DD only eats GF these days, so I would like advice on using GF flour and baking powder. I know bread and pastry is not great with it, but do cakes and puddings turn out OK? I have used almond flour and polenta in the past which were good, but fancied baking some classics which the GCs used to enjoy as children.
As well as advice, tried and tested recipes would also be welcome.

Spangler Sat 07-Nov-20 09:36:09

My wife is wheat intolerant, she uses gluten free flour for baking. Looking at the packet, it reads:
Doves Farm Free From. It then lists what the flour is made of:
Rice, tapioca, potato, buckwheat, sugar beet fibre and xanthan gum as a thickener.

You can buy gluten free, bread flour too. Victoria sponge cakes don't last long in our house.

kittylester Sat 07-Nov-20 09:49:14

I use the Delia all in one recipe with gf flour. I do 50 more of the ingredients as it doesnt rise so much but it is always light and gets me loads if compliments.

There are biscuits with just 3 ingredients, egg, sugar and peanut butter that are really nice. I'll look for a recipe.

Framilode Sat 07-Nov-20 09:53:08

I am coeliac and always use rice flour. I put a bit more baking powder in than specified and always more liquid as the mixture is dry. The texture is very slightly different from an ordinary cake but just as nice.

kittylester Sat 07-Nov-20 09:54:55

kittylester Sat 07-Nov-20 09:56:14

50% more of the ingredients - blessed phone!

shysal Sat 07-Nov-20 10:27:51

Thank you kitty.
I am a bit confused about xanthan gum. I have read that if the flour doesn't contain any, the addition gives a lighter and less crumbly texture, is this so? I do have some in the cupboard.

kittylester Sat 07-Nov-20 14:56:15

I have some in the cupboard too - it's probably out of date now!! I am a bit scared to use it so dont bother. I use either Doves or Supermarket own flour.

The Delia all in one recipe doesnt need it if you up the quantities. I use that for all sponge recipes.

The one most people like is the chocolate one which I fill with salted caramel butter cream. Or, I top cupcakes with it and sprinkle gold crunchie stuff on top.

The biscuits are fool proof and can have chopped chocolate added in.

I have recipe for a ground almond cake with orange (courtesy of absent) but it is not as straight forward as the sponge.

merlotgran Sat 07-Nov-20 15:04:58

We're a gf household and I can recommend Tesco's gf cake mix.

Excellent results every time.

Fishpieplease Sat 07-Nov-20 15:51:33

One word of caution if you’re sending gf cakes. They don’t tend to keep well. Can be just as good as cakes made with ordinary flour on the day of baking. Might be worth experimenting first.
I’ve only just discovered jusrol chilled gf puff pastry...truly brilliant. I was even able to make a decent pasty with it,as it’s ready rolled! Found it with the regular pastry in Waitrose and I know Sainsbury’s stock it.

shysal Mon 09-Nov-20 09:10:03

Thank you everybody for your help. As the cakes may not keep well I shall make only extra moist ones and post for 24 hour delivery.
I think I shall use GF flour with added Xanthan gum to bake golden syrup cake, Baggs' apple cake, and sticky toffee pudding. Will also do flourless rocky roads and add a few bought snacks. Hope it will lift the lockdown blues.
DD1 is not gluten intolerant, so will do her and family a normal pack when GD gets home from university.

Witzend Mon 09-Nov-20 10:13:22

For a strictly gluten free BiL, more than once I made an apple cake with GF flour and ground almonds - maybe 1/5 was ground almonds.
Thanks to the apples as well (two layers IIRC) it was always really nice and moist - dryness being the usual complaint with GF flour.

shysal Wed 11-Nov-20 07:37:59

Good idea Witzend, I will use almond flour in the apple cake.
For anyone who may be interested, I use Baggs' recipe, usually with ordinary flour, adding demerara sugar to the surface before baking instead of caster sugar afterwards. It is lovely and moist.