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Need help with mince pies please?

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GardenerGran Wed 09-Dec-20 19:01:49

So I’ve made my own mincemeat to a Good Housekeeping/Mary Berry blended recipe. Made some mince pies today and the mincemeat is a bit tasteless and dry despite extra glugs of Cointreau. I’ve got three jars of the stuff yet to use, any ideas how to make it tastier and juicier? First time I’ve made my own and quite disappointing..

Tanjamaltija Sat 12-Dec-20 11:02:06

I always have a jar of candied cherries in whiskey handy. I use the alcohol, and top up the jar, but sometimes I chop up the cherries too, depending upon what I am making, or cover them in chocolate. You can try adding a grated apple and minced sultanas.

grammargran Sun 13-Dec-20 09:11:30

I’ve just read Mary Berry’s recipe. I made my own mincemeat for the first time this year from left over ingredients of Christmas pudding. Vegetable suet rather than butter, a large apple rather than a small one, I certainly didn’t simmer everything for 10 minutes, just piled it all into a big bowl, covered it and left for 48 hours fir fruit to absorb all the flavours. It was fine, not dry at all. I also added grated orange and juice to my pastry for a bit more zing!

pinkwallpaper Tue 22-Dec-20 16:14:59

Has anyone tried using silicone bun pans rather than the metal? I have trouble with mince pies sticking