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Are you experiencing big gap in the shelves in your area?

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Kali2 Mon 09-Aug-21 22:03:41

What are your stories and anecdotes about the current shortage on some shelves?

lemongrove Mon 09-Aug-21 22:07:56

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BlueBelle Mon 09-Aug-21 22:08:37

I haven’t noticed anything much apart from milk being a bit short but there was enough just not as full as usual
I went to the supermarket (Asda) Saturday and didn’t see any empty shelves at all My local co op seems to have everything as normal So maybe we re lucky

lemongrove Mon 09-Aug-21 22:09:15

Sorry, can’t remember, should that have been France? Any shortages and empty shelves there?

B9exchange Mon 09-Aug-21 22:10:40

All fine here in SW Herts.

Blossoming Mon 09-Aug-21 22:14:51

No shortage seen here.

Galaxy Mon 09-Aug-21 22:22:16

Not great with regards to Tesco and a few of the local shops have signs up with regard to shortages.

SueDonim Mon 09-Aug-21 22:23:14

No shortages here in NE Scotland. I’ve heard talk of shortages elsewhere but no one actually seems to have experienced a shortage themselves. It’s always ‘My sister-in-law’s cousin’s aunt’s first husband couldn’t get his specialty gnat’s milk from Fiji’ type stuff. ?

MerylStreep Mon 09-Aug-21 22:24:28

Nope. All’s good in Southend ?

Marydoll Mon 09-Aug-21 22:26:32

An empty beer aisle in Sainsbury's on Friday!

geekesse Mon 09-Aug-21 22:26:37

North Oxfordshire - many gaps on Sainsbury’s shelves yesterday.

MerylStreep Mon 09-Aug-21 22:29:21


An empty beer aisle in Sainsbury's on Friday!

Noooooo ? what’s the world coming to.

Redhead56 Mon 09-Aug-21 22:30:04

There are empty shelves here in South Liverpool in Asda Sainsbury's and Aldi. It's mostly meat and some toiletries. Have been told in each store it's logistics getting food from warehouses etc.

Elleee Mon 09-Aug-21 22:30:53

I think unless you are looking for something specific, you may not notice
Last week in Tesco, there was no celery, radish, or green beans and a distinct lack of choice of fabric conditioner
In the fruit and vegetables aisle, once you started to really look, there were obvious gaps
Prices have increased too

lemongrove Mon 09-Aug-21 22:31:44

Tbh Meryl I could only find one brand of pesto in my tiny local Co-op ! ?

MawBe Mon 09-Aug-21 22:32:19


An empty beer aisle in Sainsbury's on Friday!

???Got there before you- ha ha!

growstuff Mon 09-Aug-21 22:32:19

Still shortages of cat food - mainly pouches.

MawBe Mon 09-Aug-21 22:33:46

Waitrose is fine (as was my last Ocado internet shop) so all good here.
Depends where you are OP.

valdali Mon 09-Aug-21 22:34:36

Couple of weeks ago, shopping for chicken recipe, in local large Tesco - chicken aisles bare. Try frozen? 90% of freezers empty. Prawns instead? No fish / seafood. Saved by my fridge-freezer. This week though shops are pretty well-stocked.

baubles Mon 09-Aug-21 22:35:32

Sainsbury’s had no cornflakes or dried red lentils yesterday, I got the last packet of both in our small local

I did notice lots of gaps in Sainsbury’s shelves but didn’t register what was missing.

silverlining48 Mon 09-Aug-21 22:37:24

Empty shelves in Asda and Sainsbury’s in Kent/ outer London borders .

Casdon Mon 09-Aug-21 22:38:01

You’re right Ellee, when you look for specific things you notice the gaps.

Here it’s been cereals, with no Shreddies for the last two weeks for example. Even worse, no tonic water for the gin. I tried ordering it with a Sainsburys delivery, and they had none either, so they substituted it with dry ginger, gin and dry ginger not being a favoured combination in this house.

Polarbear2 Mon 09-Aug-21 22:38:33

Yes it’s been pretty bad in my local Coop. (Sheffield). Started two weeks ago. Last Friday they had no bread at all. Many aisles are empty with notices apologising. Freezers particularly bad. I’m told other supermarkets aren’t so bad ?‍♀️

MerylStreep Mon 09-Aug-21 22:39:16

ASDA in Shoebury run out of Gojis berries. This is getting serious now ?

Zoejory Mon 09-Aug-21 22:39:36

No gaps here at all.

My daughter's in Scotland and all the shelves are full.

In fact the only place I've seen gaps in supermarkets is in the Daily Mail.