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Eccentric (not X-rated) Food ? ?

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FannyCornforth Sat 11-Sep-21 10:00:43

Hello all!

As a reprieve and something of a palate cleanser from all of the steamy goings on across the forums. blush

What do you like to eat that others think is a bit weird; unhealthy; even down right common?
Strange concoctions; odd recipes (sausage meat lasagne, anyone? wink); or bizarre stuff your kids ate?

I’m something of on expert in ^Kettle Cuisine^; cup a soups (with M&S cheese twists); Pot Noodles and their cousins Supa Noodles; and more recently Idahoan Instant Mash (with the addition of Babybel cheese).
All eaten in the comfort of my bed smile

(I am aware that I have set the embarrassment bar high here.)

Thank you! x

JaneJudge Sat 11-Sep-21 10:59:18

My grandad used to let me have them fresh from the pod, do they taste like that?

Mollygo Sat 11-Sep-21 11:01:11

Buttered Weetabix -I’d forgotten how much I liked those.
Chip butties mmm.
I once offered one to my DD’s school friend and she said, “A butty? What’s that?” I was so embarrassed, but my DD explained, then told me not to worry, X didn’t know because she comes from Belgium. (Turned out to be Bootle)
In Liverpool I could never quite understand the love of sausage roll in a bun.

Redhead56 Sat 11-Sep-21 11:01:57

Marmite on toast honey on toast pot noodles primula cheese straight from the tube. I just discovered Sharwoods rice pots korma and jalfrezi they are delicious. If I am feeling down these are my go to comforts.

FannyCornforth Sat 11-Sep-21 11:10:03

Molly I love the Belgium / Bootle confusion grin

GrannyGravy13 Sat 11-Sep-21 11:10:35

Plain crisp sandwiches (must be white bread)

Chip butties

Chip shop chips and curry sauce.

A slice of Edam cheese on white toast smothered with piping hot baked beans.

(I am now lusting after white bread, we only have whole meal in the house)

Riverwalk Sat 11-Sep-21 11:11:40

All eaten in the comfort of my bed shock

In Liverpool I could never quite understand the love of sausage roll in a bun. grin

I love a sausage roll but can't remember the last time I ate one.

FannyCornforth Sat 11-Sep-21 11:14:32

Riverwalk I sometimes have to have painkillers in the middle of the night (taken with food). Hence the ‘Kettle Cuisine’, said kettle is in my bedroom.
That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! smile

Josianne Sat 11-Sep-21 11:15:33


My grandad used to let me have them fresh from the pod, do they taste like that?

Definitely peas from the pod, whole bags full. I once stayed on a farm abroad where they grew them and I picked armfuls to eat. The farmer couldn't believe it as he was growing them for his pigs! They were the first thing I wanted when I came out of hospital when our youngest DD was born, and because I was breastfeeding the poor baby got awful wind.
All raw vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, swede etc.

JaneJudge Sat 11-Sep-21 11:19:01

grin at the baby having wind

I love battered cod roe from the chip shop but only ONE chip shop does it here and it's run by a Scottish family. You can't buy it in the shops either

FannyCornforth Sat 11-Sep-21 11:19:13


My grandad used to let me have them fresh from the pod, do they taste like that?

Yes, they do - sweet, fresh and crunchy. Nice

JaneJudge Sat 11-Sep-21 11:21:14

Oh I'll have to try them. They don't really sell fresh peas in the pods any more do they?

FannyCornforth Sat 11-Sep-21 11:21:19

Battered cod roe- I always have that as my chip shop choice (3 of the buggers!)
All chippies do them around here.
You are mixing in too genteel circles Janesmile

Trisha57 Sat 11-Sep-21 11:25:09

When I was little my dad, on the rare occasions he was left in charge of feeding me and my brothers, used to give us raw apple and sugar sandwiches!

Grandma70s Sat 11-Sep-21 11:31:33

As a teenager I used to eat bacon spread with marmalade. I don’t now, because I no longer eat bacon. I’m reminded when I watch The Railway Children, and Phyllis says how delicious sardines are with marmalade. Perhaps marmalade improves everything!

teabagwoman Sat 11-Sep-21 11:42:33

Hot buttered toast with sugar and cinnamon, trifle for breakfast (a left over from being on night duty) peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

Nell8 Sat 11-Sep-21 11:46:53

The Ella's Kitchen range of baby food in big squeezy colourful sachets is so tempting with names like Big Smiles Cheesy Pie with Veggies and Blueberry and Pear Baby Brekkie. I hover round DGD's highchair willing her to leave me some.

Liz46 Sat 11-Sep-21 11:50:24


I still like chip butties but don't eat them very often. I also like cheese with fruit cake - a Yorkshire tradition I believe.

and dip the chip butty into a fried egg yolk with a spot of fruity brown sauce!

FannyCornforth Sat 11-Sep-21 11:52:57

Grandma70s your bacon anecdote has just reminded me that I used to know someone who regularly ate raw bacon shock

Liz46 Sat 11-Sep-21 11:53:37

A few of you have mentioned peas. If any of you have young grandchildren I found a great way of keeping them busy for quite a while.

I grew a big pot of peas and then let the children pick them and eat them raw. They loved it. (Sorry OP, just a little off the subject)

JaneJudge Sat 11-Sep-21 11:54:38

you use raw bacon in a net bag to catch crabs

timetogo2016 Sat 11-Sep-21 11:58:11

Banana and brown or fruity sauce sandwich HP only.
Yehhh weird combination i know.

Jane43 Sat 11-Sep-21 12:01:46

My boys used love Yorkshire pudding for dessert. They particularly liked it with golden syrup but they also liked it with lemon juice and sugar. When I was a child my friend’s mother used to give her a chocolate bar sandwich, she would break up what used to be called a ‘penny bar’ of chocolate and put it in the sandwich. I used to tell my mother about it but she never let me have one. My brother used to love sandwich spread, I thought it was disgusting.

sodapop Sat 11-Sep-21 12:42:01

I loved Yorkshire pudding with golden syrup as well Jane43

FannyCornforth I read recently that peas are not good for dogs, can't remember the reason now though - sorry.

FannyCornforth Sat 11-Sep-21 12:47:40

Oh! Thank you Sodapop
They do put them in dog food though. I wonder if they need to be cooked?

Riverwalk Sat 11-Sep-21 12:58:34

How about a pie sandwich - gravy on the side!