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Eccentric (not X-rated) Food ? ?

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FannyCornforth Sat 11-Sep-21 10:00:43

Hello all!

As a reprieve and something of a palate cleanser from all of the steamy goings on across the forums. blush

What do you like to eat that others think is a bit weird; unhealthy; even down right common?
Strange concoctions; odd recipes (sausage meat lasagne, anyone? wink); or bizarre stuff your kids ate?

I’m something of on expert in ^Kettle Cuisine^; cup a soups (with M&S cheese twists); Pot Noodles and their cousins Supa Noodles; and more recently Idahoan Instant Mash (with the addition of Babybel cheese).
All eaten in the comfort of my bed smile

(I am aware that I have set the embarrassment bar high here.)

Thank you! x

grandtanteJE65 Sat 11-Sep-21 17:58:23

Bacon sandwiches, but a chip one will do nicely too.

Does cheese with chutney count too?

Riverwalk Sat 11-Sep-21 18:05:51


DS1 loved frozen chips straight from the freezer when he was teething.

I read this as DH - thought his wisdom teeth were playing-up!

Hetty58 Sat 11-Sep-21 18:10:01

My grandson loved frozen peas, grated carrot (had to be grated) - and cheese+jam sandwiches.

Alishka Sat 11-Sep-21 18:20:28

I've memories of shelling peas from the garden on a Sunday, sitting on the kitchen step....I had to whistle non-stop when I did them...
It's impossible to eat them when you're whistling lol

GagaJo Sat 11-Sep-21 22:36:13

Bacon sandwich with fried onions and ketchup. Had one for dinner last night.

Almost anything in the crisp line. Onion rings. Salt n vinegar sticks. Cheese puffs. Again, almost never eat them tho. Heart attack in a bag.

Sago Sat 11-Sep-21 22:41:51

Lucca sorry a typo!

I would welcome you all at my gaff.

My darling husband sneaked some Ritz crackers into the house today, so please let me make sure he has got rid of the offending items first.
Only cheesy footballs are worse than Ritz.

May7 Sat 11-Sep-21 23:00:50

Pork pie with oxtail soup poured over it was a firm favourite in our family

Callistemon Sun 12-Sep-21 00:01:21

My mother used to make cheesy baked eggs on a saucer; somehow the cheese, just on the egg white, was grilled but the egg yolk was still soft. I would eat it with a teaspoon and I wish I knew how she made it.

annsixty Sun 12-Sep-21 00:08:05

My current favourite which I have for lunch most days is sliced extra strong cheddar cheese and raisins on Hovis seeded bread, well buttered.
Food for the Gods.

Allegretto Sun 12-Sep-21 00:13:48

Apricot jam with mature cheddar cheese in a sandwich.
Lightly toasted bagel, with peanut butter and banana.
My two favourite lunches!

lemsip Sun 12-Sep-21 00:16:02

I fry an egg and drop grated cheese onto it as it fries, delicious on toast

Shelflife Sun 12-Sep-21 00:16:19

dragonfly 46, I was born and brought up in Yorkshire . My mum always served cheese with Christmas cake, I thought everyone did ! I loved the cheese with the rich cake.

Welshwife Sun 12-Sep-21 00:31:56

If I was going out for lunch with friends I always left OH a lunch ready in the fridge. It was always still there when I returned - when questioned he had always made himself a peanut butter and jam sandwich. He still sneaks one in whenever he can.
When I had the chemo I started craving Marmite on toast - something I had not eaten for years - banned because of salt content when blood pressure was high.
This is such an interesting thread - can’t quite get my head round the banana curry though.

V3ra Sun 12-Sep-21 08:34:35


I fry an egg and drop grated cheese onto it as it fries, delicious on toast

You've just reminded me I like a slice of toast with a slice of cheese on it and a fried egg on top. The cheese melts from the heat of the egg. Mmmm... ?

Sago Sun 12-Sep-21 21:58:38

Shelflife At last one I could relate to.
Yes Christmas cake and cheese are a perfect marriage, it has to be Wensleydale.

GrandmasueUK Sun 12-Sep-21 22:15:54

A slice of cold cottage pie on bread. Delicious. The only time I have tomato ketchup is on toast and I too have discovered the yummy Idahoan Mashed Potato.

JackyB Mon 13-Sep-21 03:40:33

I first heard about the cheese with Christmas cake in the James Herriot books. Makes perfect sense.

my friend’s mother used to give her a chocolate bar sandwich, she would break up what used to be called a ‘penny bar’ of chocolate and put it in the sandwich. I used to tell my mother about it but she never let me have one. My brother used to love sandwich spread That took me back! Out cat used to love those penny bars. It was one of the things we used to buy when we were given 3d to spend on sweets at the village shop.

In Germany you can actually get thin chocolate slices specifically to go on sandwiches.

nanna8 Mon 13-Sep-21 04:05:02

Yes to fruitcake with a slice of cheese- I have introduced to it all the family and a few friends. Yup- mum was from Yorkshire. Downside is it is very bad for the weight!

mokryna Mon 13-Sep-21 04:18:41

In France mothers buy chocolate to put in the baguette for le goûter when they pick up the children from school at 4.30 in the afternoon.

Callistemon Mon 13-Sep-21 11:25:27


In France mothers buy chocolate to put in the baguette for le goûter when they pick up the children from school at 4.30 in the afternoon.

I remember one of my DC arriving home from a French exchange visit with a baguette filled with dark chocolate (mostly uneaten). The French mother had given him it to eat on the way home but he didn't like it.

Witzend Tue 14-Sep-21 09:48:08

I have a very occasional craving for Pot Noodles, but rather than nip to the corner shop I have been known to boil some ordinary Sharwoods noodles in stronger than usual chicken stock (Knorr cube) with curry powder added. And very tasty they are too.

DanniRae Tue 14-Sep-21 11:51:21

A warning about peas in their pods - watch out for maggots in the peas. I used to shell the peas for my mum but checked them carefully before popping in my mouth shock

My mum used to sometimes make me tomato soup (tinned) with a boiled potato in it if I came home from school for lunch.

She also used to make me and my brother bread and milk for our breakfast. I remember my brother used to have a huge pudding basin full of it. It was lovely with sugar on the top and if we have white sliced bread now I sometimes have it before I go to bed!! blush

FannyCornforth Tue 14-Sep-21 11:59:20

DanniRea soup with a boiled potato in it! That is eccentric smile

FannyCornforth Tue 14-Sep-21 12:00:54

Bread and milk. That’s reminded me that we used to give our new born guinea pigs and their mum that in a little saucer.
I love guinea pigs ♥️

annsixty Tue 14-Sep-21 12:18:15

The bread and milk thing was always called “pobs” when I was a child and was often given to invalids and children off their food.