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Macaroni pie - does anyone else make this?

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Witzend Sun 08-May-22 10:54:10

I first came across it on holiday, where it was a buffet staple. Basically macaroni cheese, only with eggs and baked in the oven.
Delish, and great for a buffet, since it slices into squares.

I’ve just put one in the oven, since dd and family arriving later for early dinner - SiL is craving a roast so doing his favourite lamb, but dd and Gdd1 are largely veggie.

Macaroni pie and a big crumble now both in the oven - and I’m still I’m my dressing gown! Once showered and dressed I will get on with peeling a mountain of potatoes - 2 elder Gdcs are eating like horses and growing like weeds at the moment.

Zoejory Sun 08-May-22 11:00:53

That sounds delicious. Always had a soft spot for macaroni cheese.

V3ra Sun 08-May-22 11:02:44

We found this was on every buffet table in Barbados. My husband loved it, which is bizarre as he won't eat macaroni cheese as we know it 🤷
I didn't know about it being baked including eggs so I'll look into this.
Have a great day!

Witzend Sun 08-May-22 11:14:58

That’s where we first found it too, V3ra!

If anyone would like the recipe, happy to pass on. Very easy but you do have to grate a lot of cheese!

Shelflife Sun 08-May-22 11:20:19

Sounds good to me Witzend . Please do let us have your recipe and method. Would love to try it.

Blondiescot Sun 08-May-22 11:22:25

Oh, I thought you meant a macaroni pie like we get here in Scotland. It's basically the same kind of pie shell you get with a Scotch pie, but filled with macaroni cheese! Delicious - and we're lucky enough to have a great little bakery near us whose macaroni pies were recently voted the best in Scotland.

JaneJudge Sun 08-May-22 11:23:04

Could you post a photo please ? smile

Blondiescot Sun 08-May-22 11:28:50

I'm not sure if you meant me or the OP, JaneJudge, but here is a Scottish macaroni pie anyway...

volver Sun 08-May-22 11:33:05

I love a Scottish macaroni pie...

Aveline Sun 08-May-22 11:37:32

On that Stanley Tucci programme on food in Italy they featured something like that. I can't remember the name though. There was a huge pie with pastry round macaroni cheese and also a savoury rice filled one. They are classic dishes of one of the regions. Very time consuming to make properly apparently. I didn't fancy them much. Just too carby somehow. I'll try to find a pic.

jaylucy Sun 08-May-22 11:39:01

I had it once when I was staying with a friend in Holland.
Her mum had made it and it was lovely while warm, but revolting as it got colder!
I had only previously had macaroni as a pudding (made the same way as rice pudding) .
My friend's mum had also managed to decorate the kitchen with tomato puree after the tube exploded ! The stuff was everywhere!

Kim19 Sun 08-May-22 11:39:49

Yes, two MPs here in my fridge right now. Salivate every time I look at them.

Aveline Sun 08-May-22 11:40:03

Here's one I found on the internet. It's called a timballo. What a palaver getting all the tubes lined up so neatly

volver Sun 08-May-22 11:40:27

With Stanley Tucci thrown in. What's not to like?

Redhead56 Sun 08-May-22 11:47:14

Recipes please the pies look delicious!

Blossoming Sun 08-May-22 11:48:29

By a happy coincidence I read an interesting article about macaroni pies a few days ago! It mentions versions from Trinidad and Barbados. I like the sound of the Bajan version with peppers.

Here’s a link to the article complete with basic recipe.

Ailidh Sun 08-May-22 12:19:20

Macaroni baked with eggs and the cheese is how my mother always made it. I knew no other until I went to a domestic science class and they showed me the white sauce way. It's OK - but it's not like mama made!!

I've found it useful for suppers when vegetarians are present - it's good, hearty food, a nice salad goes well with it, even slabs of garlic bread too, if you're a carb monster like me.....

Witzend Sun 08-May-22 12:51:02

For anyone who wants it:

My recipe is in Imperial, but 4 oz = roughly 100g.

16 oz short macaroni, or other pasta - I often use penne.
16 oz grated cheese - I use good strong Cheddar
16 fl oz milk (I use semi skimmed)
3 eggs
Salt, pepper (white if you don’t want a speckled pie), English mustard

Grease a large shallow ish baking dish.
Preheat oven to 180C, 160 fan.

Grate the cheese - a cylinder grater makes this a lot easier - I hate box graters!

Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil, sling in the pasta and cook as per packet instructions.

Drain well and while it’s still hot, in a big bowl or pan combine pasta with cheese, mix well.

Beat eggs, add to milk, mix well, add salt, pepper and a good dollop of English mustard (about a heaped tsp), add all to the cheese and pasta, mix well.

Pile into baking dish, bake for about an hour. I cover the top with foil to stop it going too crispy.

Leave to rest for 15 mins before cutting into squares.
I’ve often made it well in advance and heated gently through, but it can be served at room temp.

A coleslaw type thing of white cabbage, onion, carrot, celery and apple, with just enough mayonnaise to hold it together, goes perfectly with this.

Blondiescot Sun 08-May-22 13:04:02

That sounds lovely!

Sara1954 Sun 08-May-22 13:24:52

Macaroni cheese is my favourite meal, so I’ll definitely be trying this.
Roughly, how many would your recipe serve?

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 08-May-22 13:27:23

Thanks Witzend and thanks also for the pie pics. I had never heard macaroni pie. I’m always on the lookout for new vegetarian dishes, my daughter in law is vegetarian, husband and son real meat eaters, I will eat whatever’s going.

Blossoming Sun 08-May-22 13:28:22

That sounds good Witzend and so easy too! I can only use one hand when cooking so recipes like this are great for me. Thank you smile

BlueBelle Sun 08-May-22 13:29:44

Trying my hardest to stay off too many carbohydrates as they are my main delight especially if the involve cheese….. however I d appreciate the recipe asi ve got a granddaughter and friend staying for a week next month and no idea what they both like 16 year old girls tend to pick at air in my experience

Jaxjacky Sun 08-May-22 13:54:44

Thanks for the recipe Witzend good for our grandchildren, one is vegetarian, one just loves macaroni cheese. He discovered mac n cheese pasties in a shop earlier today, happy child.

Aveline Sun 08-May-22 15:00:46

You want to stop the top going crispy?! But that's the best bit!