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In praise of tea...

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GagaJo Tue 28-Feb-23 09:12:04

Ordinary old black tea, with milk.

I've drunk it after giving birth, when getting a cancer diagnosis, post-op, when hungover, to get rid of headaches (2 cups, in the quiet of morning) and when feeling nauseas to settle my stomach.

The only time I've gone off tea was sadly on chemo, but even then, I just switched over to Earl Grey. The perfumed taste disguised the chemo metallic tang.

I've taken my own supply of Yorkshire Tea to Spain, Switzerland, the US and even, ironically, took my tea to China. A little taste of home when homesick.

GagaJo Tue 28-Feb-23 09:12:42


Germanshepherdsmum Tue 28-Feb-23 09:16:13

I don’t like tea now. I used to drink it all the time. Coffee only these days.

GagaJo Tue 28-Feb-23 09:18:01

Why did you go off tea, do you know, GSM?

Joseanne Tue 28-Feb-23 09:20:00

It's weird how our tea is such a good present to take to folks abroad. It's always well received. Loads of gift boxes of tea in airport duty free lounges and in the ferry shops.

GagaJo Tue 28-Feb-23 09:21:08

I loved getting tea as a gift in China. I also like good quality Chinese green tea, loose leaved, with the leaves left in the cup. Not the green tea we get here though mostly.

Chocolatelovinggran Tue 28-Feb-23 09:22:39

Ooh yes, GagaJo - the drink of champions, for sure.

Iam64 Tue 28-Feb-23 09:24:18

I love my first cuppa in the
Morning and that 4pm pick me up.
I take Yorkshire tea to Greece /

GagaJo Tue 28-Feb-23 09:27:06

I also like coffee but it is more of a snack than a drink. Whereas tea is akin to water for me. Weird that it can settle my stomach when I feel sick, with all that tannin, but it does.

Yammy Tue 28-Feb-23 09:28:24

Coffee only for me to thee days tea actually makes me nauseous. I always drank it black with a little sugar but not at all now.

foxie48 Tue 28-Feb-23 09:33:35

I also love my cups of tea first thing in the morning. OH always brings me up a tray with a proper teapot so I can have 2 cups whilst I sit in bed, catch up with the news and currently look at some recipe based Instagram. I always enjoy my afternoon cup of tea too, usually around 16.00 after giving the dog a quick trot in readiness for his supper. These times are like little landmarks in my day, just ordinary builder's tea with milk and no sugar.

JackyB Tue 28-Feb-23 09:37:17

My parents were always trying to be one better, but the tea we drank was always working class. Milk in first and well steeped in the pot.

I don't like Earl Grey or anything messed with like that. However, living in Germany, I have learned to drink various infusions on different occasions. I have also been known to order green tea after dinner.

The only place you can get a decent cup of tea here is in an Indian restaurant and we don't have any of those for miles. And don't talk to me about hotels! There are usually several teas on offer for breakfast but they all taste like dishwater.

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 28-Feb-23 09:38:19


Why did you go off tea, do you know, GSM?

Strangely, it seems to stem from when my Mum died. I would always have tea and homemade cake when I popped in to see her. Odd, isn’t? A little ritual that came to a sudden and unexpected end 23 years ago on 4 March.

Aldom Tue 28-Feb-23 09:39:55

All my life I've enjoyed a cup of Yorkshire Tea, with a dash of milk.
Then about seven years ago a friend introduced me to Red Bush. I liked it almost immediately and soon found that I no longer enjoyed ordinary tea.
Even the smell of tea is unpleasant to me now. I don't understand why this happened. Was it caused by the change of drink or did my taste buds change? The advantage of Red Bush is that it is naturally decaffeinated. It tastes good with or without milk.
brew smile

NannyJan53 Tue 28-Feb-23 09:42:25

Went off tea when it made me sick when pregnant. DS is 47 now and I have never drunk tea since, just tastes horrible to me know. Drink only 2 cups of coffee a day now.

NotAGran55 Tue 28-Feb-23 09:48:38

I haven’t drunk tea since I discovered coffee as a teenager and became an addict.

Grannybags Tue 28-Feb-23 09:49:21

My first cup in the morning has to be Yorkshire tea, then Redbush for the rest of the day. Always take both teas with us where ever we travel.

LadyGracie Tue 28-Feb-23 09:54:15

Strong black tea for me with no sugar, mint tea before bed.

GagaJo Tue 28-Feb-23 09:57:27



Why did you go off tea, do you know, GSM?

Strangely, it seems to stem from when my Mum died. I would always have tea and homemade cake when I popped in to see her. Odd, isn’t? A little ritual that came to a sudden and unexpected end 23 years ago on 4 March.

Ahh, makes sense. My granny made the best cup of tea. Nothing fancy. Yes, she used a pot, but not expensive tea. Just an art, I think.

A happy memory, if a little bittersweet.


henetha Tue 28-Feb-23 10:06:25

I can't get going in the morning without a large mug of tea.
It's Tetley at the moment, because it was on offer somewhere.
The only time I could not drink tea was during pregnancy.
I'm indifferent to coffee, can take it or leave it.

Greyduster Tue 28-Feb-23 10:07:48

I’m not a big tea drinker, but like a cup of Tick Tock Rooibos, black with no milk. Never been able to drink milk in tea, though I have it in coffee and drink it on its own. In tea it makes me sick. I cut my hand in a domestic science lesson at school and the teacher made me a cup of milky tea “for shock”. I told her that it made me sick. She made me drink it anyway. Silly woman🙄. I also like black tea cold and often leave some in the fridge that I can drink through the day.

Callistemon21 Tue 28-Feb-23 10:08:40

Oh yes, tea. Good Yorkshire tea with milk.

I've gone off coffee at various times when pregnant or unwell, but never tea.

If I go out in the afternoon to a meeting and have a cup of insipid tea, I always come home and make another proper cuppa.

Musicgirl Tue 28-Feb-23 10:11:07

Tea is my favourite drink. I would rather have tea or coffee than a glass of wine. In fact, I’m not really a fan of cold drinks in general. Black tea with a little milk and no sugar. If I am on my own, I will just dunk the tea bag in a mug of boiled water but I much prefer it from a teapot. My trusty M & S Harvest teapot makes the best tea ever. In fact, it would be a good skill to relearn for many people who are affected by the rising prices all around us as one teabag in a pot makes two mugs of tea and two will make four mugs. Much more cost effective over time.
If I am using a mug it has to be bone china to get the best effect. I actually prefer the old fashioned cup and saucer but don’t often indulge. If I am feeling really decadent, I will make a pot of loose tea. The tea itself is important. My favourites are Assam or Twining’s extra strong English Breakfast tea.

dragonfly46 Tue 28-Feb-23 10:13:08

I hate tea with milk so tend to drink herbal teas especially green tea first thing.
I started this when we lived in the Netherlands where you are given a glass of hot water and a teabag!

AreWeThereYet Tue 28-Feb-23 10:13:31

Weirdly tea puts me to sleep - if I have a night when I can't sleep I get up and make a cup of tea and I'm asleep before I finish it. It's probably a comfort thing.