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Leftover Chicken

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Moonwatcher1904 Thu 27-Apr-23 13:45:03

I make decent cakes but not much good at using leftover stuff. Until months ago I got a couple of meals out of a leftover chicken until I realised what I was wasting so found a recipe for chicken soup. It turned out to be so easy, delicious and so easy to freeze. I have bought one for this Sunday and need to find something other than soup like a pasta bake or something like that. I don't like spicy stuff and as my shopping order is due tomorrow and I would like to know what good sauces and pasta I could use. Any recipe ideas would be most welcome. Thankyou.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 27-Apr-23 13:54:08

Chicken and mushroom/leek pie? Stir fried veg with leftover chicken? Chicken with pasta and pesto? Paella (add some prawns but perhaps not chorizo if you don’t like spicy and some lobster bisque)? A very mild curry such as korma perhaps with either your own sauce or one from a jar, add veg of choice?

Sago Thu 27-Apr-23 14:13:06

Chicken risotto, chicken and sweetcorn chowder, chicken, with courgette, onion and pesto add a dollop of crème fraiche and eat with pasta.
The possibilities are endless.

Marydoll Thu 27-Apr-23 14:28:30

I used to use a tin of condensed mushroom or chicken soup, to use up leftover chicken. So easy to make and have with pasta and rice.
We often have Chinese chicken fried rice to use up our leftivers.

kittylester Thu 27-Apr-23 14:36:39

I make soup! Lots of soup.

We always have Sunday roast cold on Monday with bubble and squeak and pickles. The rest goes in soup.

Am I the only person who doesn't like chicken and pasta?

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 27-Apr-23 14:40:30

I don’t like chicken and pasta either even though I suggested it! It’s the texture I think.

Moonwatcher1904 Thu 27-Apr-23 14:43:10

Thankyou ladies. Some great ideas here.

Salti Thu 27-Apr-23 14:57:48

If I roast a chicken we usually have more of it with the leftover vegetables and mashed potatoes made into bubble and squeak the next day. With the rest of the leftover chicken I sometimes make a white sauce with milk (thickened with cornflour) and add cooked mushrooms, seasoning and tarragon and whatever else is loitering in the fridge add chicken to it and have with any cooked dried pasta, or on toast. I make soup and if there's extra I freeze it in single portions. I make a quick curry with any mild curry sauce in a jar.
If I really don't know what to do with any leftover chicken I take it off the bones, seperate it out into bags and freeze it to use in sandwiches or a salad later.

Yammy Thu 27-Apr-23 15:19:18

If a warm day I make Chicken Ceasar salad or Coronation chicken. If not a lot of meat left Chicken wraps with lots of salad.

Norah Thu 27-Apr-23 15:51:07

We don't eat chicken. However our daughters use leftovers in tetrazzini, tacos, soup, rice bake, curry, marengo, and risottos.

Calendargirl Thu 27-Apr-23 16:23:04

I usually do a casserole with left over chicken, topped with leftover veg and gravy, topped then with left over potatoes.

Chicken a la leftovers.

Moonwatcher1904 Thu 27-Apr-23 16:27:01

I'll certainly try some of these ideas. I've got a pack of foil dishes with lids for the freezer. Always handy for a meal in the week. We have a residents meeting this evening so got a couple of frozen chicken soups thawing out for when we come back.

timetogo2016 Thu 27-Apr-23 16:29:28

When my children were at home they loved the dinner recipe with leftover chicken.
I put it in a oven proof dish,added chicken soup put mashed potatoes on top then a couple of bags of chicken crisps on the top of the mash then cooked it until i could see the mash was crispy.
I still do it on and off.

AreWeThereYet Thu 27-Apr-23 17:40:36

I do a chicken in the air fryer a couple of times a month.
If I've done a ham at about the same time I make chicken and ham pie.
Mr A always wants some coronation chicken sandwiches.
Or saute some sliced mushrooms with chopped onions and garlic, add some whisky or brandy and fry off alcohol, add some cream and cold chicken and have with rice or pasta or baked potato or in a big Yorkshire Pudding.
Or Chicken risotto.
Or Chicken curry.

Moonwatcher1904 Fri 28-Apr-23 01:28:40

Thankyou all.

Foxygloves Fri 28-Apr-23 05:55:28

Given what is happening next weekend, Coronation Chicken of course!

JackyB Fri 28-Apr-23 08:30:56

Chicken fricassee. It's like the soup, I'm suppose, but with less liquid. You can use up leftover veg in it, too. Freezes well. I recently had one with asparagus in it. Froze half and served it a couple of weeks later. Delicious!

Mushrooms go well in it, too. Add a spoonful of cream or crème fraîche when re-heating.

Don't boil chicken again for too long, or it goes all stringy. Just heat gently or microwave it. Heat through well, of course, but don't boil.

Pittcity Fri 28-Apr-23 08:38:29

I soften onions and garlic, add any leftover meat, veg and mushrooms. Quick stir fry. Then stir into cooked pasta with soft cheese (I like the one with added herbs). Season to taste. Grate cheese on top and pop in oven to brown off.

GinnyH Mon 01-May-23 11:14:02

We like Barney’s Monday Night Rice from the BBC website. It does have a little mild curry powder in it but you could miss it out.

Granmarderby10 Mon 01-May-23 11:16:19

CoronationChicken anyone? 😉

Esmay Mon 01-May-23 11:38:01

If you don't like spicy food - add a mild curry powder and a little apricot jam in Hellman's mayonnaise to make a delicious dressing on cold chicken or turkey .
Make the sauce overnight , cover and let it mature for a better flavour.
I add small pieces of dried apricots and or sultanas .
Toasted almonds can be sprinkled on top .
This goes very well with salad and baked potatoes .

I also add leftover chicken to a good thick gravy flavoured with spring onions and vegetables and when cool place it in shortcrust or flaky pastry .
I call it a Spring pie and it's nice with new minted buttered potatoes .

You could add left over chicken to a cheese sauce and bake it in pastry .

Or use it as a pasta sauce .
.Mushrooms go well with cheese .

Or add to soup .

Jay21 Mon 01-May-23 11:40:01

Chicken pasta bake. 2 cups dried pasta cooked to al dente, chopped onion, chopped chicken, 1 pepper of any colour chopped, 1 jar pasta sauce - tomato and basil if you don't like spice. I use Lloyd Grossman as it's very tasty but has become very expensive unfortunately.
Cook pasta in saucepan of boiling salted water, drain and set aside.
Fry chopped onion until softening.
Add chopped peppers (or mushrooms if you don't like peppers) and cook to soften.
Add cooked chopped chicken and mix in
Add jar of pasta sauce and cooked pasta and mix all together
Tip into baking dish and grate some parmesan over then sprinkle grated cheese all over it
Bake in oven pre warmed to 180 degrees for about 25mins until golden on top. Serve with salad and garlic bread. Any leftovers will freeze nicely in portions then just defrost and microwave or Airfry when needed.

RicePudding613794 Mon 01-May-23 11:40:25

I’ve been making this for years…it’s so tasty and is lower in calories because it uses filo pastry instead of shortcrust or puff. It’s a big hit in my house and is always my eldest son’s birthday dish request. Instead of cooking chicken thighs, I add shredded cooked chicken towards the end and warm it through before putting in pie dish and topping with the filo. I also fry a pack of sliced mushrooms along with the leeks at the start.
With the coronation coming up, I’m looking out for a really nice coronation chicken recipe to try though, and have already bought a cooked chicken and shredded it for the freezer to use next weekend.

Jaxie Mon 01-May-23 11:44:49

I make chicken pie, but with a secret ingredient which I was forced to divulge by great- niece and grandchildren who wolf it down. I’m ashamed to admit I combine left over chicken with a tin of M&S chunky chicken in white sauce. Everyone compliments me on it but I feel like a fraud.

Cagsy Mon 01-May-23 11:46:58

Coronation Chicken