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Do you peel mushrooms?

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Baggs Sun 02-Jul-23 11:44:05

And if so, why?

Tattooedfidelma Sun 02-Jul-23 11:44:36


grandtanteJE65 Sun 02-Jul-23 11:46:23

Yes, always. I dilike the texture of the skins when I am eating mushrooms, and find it extremely difficult to be certain that no earth is still adhering to them when I am preparing them.

So for safety's sake I would always advise that you peel mushrooms carefully.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 02-Jul-23 11:46:46

No, never wash them either unless they are a variety which are particularly sandy and it’s recommended.

I have a mushroom brush for those which need the soil removing.

Elless Sun 02-Jul-23 11:47:20

Life's too short 😂 I just give them a wipe, saying that most of them don't even make the pan - I love raw mushrooms.

Siope Sun 02-Jul-23 11:47:43


Sago Sun 02-Jul-23 11:48:40

No, just wipe or brush.

NanaDana Sun 02-Jul-23 11:51:46

As the great John McEnroe, would say " "You cannot be seeeerious!!" grin

Shelflife Sun 02-Jul-23 11:56:02

Why would you peel a mushroom!!?
Never have and never will.

Norah Sun 02-Jul-23 12:02:09

No. I clean with a damp cloth.

nanna8 Sun 02-Jul-23 12:03:39

No but I wash them and make sure there is no soil on them. I used to peel the great big ones but not anymore.

Mollygo Sun 02-Jul-23 12:06:30

Some. Mostly I just wipe them.

Blondiescot Sun 02-Jul-23 12:08:01


Life's too short 😂 I just give them a wipe, saying that most of them don't even make the pan - I love raw mushrooms.

Same here. I just give them a wipe too. Never mind life being too short to stuff a mushroom (although I love stuffed mushrooms) - it's too short to peel them!

Jaxjacky Sun 02-Jul-23 12:10:06

No, never do anything with them bar picking off obvious lumps of compost.

Greenfinch Sun 02-Jul-23 12:13:14

No ,just rinse them under the tap.

Theexwife Sun 02-Jul-23 12:14:52

No, I do not wash either, they will absorb water affecting the flavour.

Kate1949 Sun 02-Jul-23 12:15:21

No. I wipe them with kitchen paper.

Kim19 Sun 02-Jul-23 12:15:37

Yes because my lovely Mum taught me it was safer to do so and that's plenty good enough for me.

lemsip Sun 02-Jul-23 12:20:44

as they are peelable I peel them!

Calendargirl Sun 02-Jul-23 12:36:15

No, not small bought ones.

I peel the large field mushrooms which actually have been picked from the field by a farmer friend, as they are sometimes a bit dirty.

Smileless2012 Sun 02-Jul-23 12:37:43

It's a no from me.

MiniMoon Sun 02-Jul-23 13:03:28

We've just had portobello mushrooms with our lunch. I never peel mushrooms of any description, I just wipe the dirt off them with damp kitchen paper.

BlueBelle Sun 02-Jul-23 13:13:32

Yes I ve always peeled them that’s how Nan used to do it
It takes two seconds because it just comes away so easily
never wash them though that takes longer

Redhead56 Sun 02-Jul-23 13:15:16

I just wipe them with kitchen paper peeling them would be wasteful.

Freya5 Sun 02-Jul-23 13:45:05

No, I don't peel mushrooms. Just wipe with kitchen roll, or brush. Skins are packed with Vit D, and other goodies we need. I just trim off stalk ends.