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Monday. Maidenly Miss Marydoll’s Marvellous, Mysterious and Mischievous Maths Teasers.

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Marydoll Mon 18-May-20 09:31:11

A dire fate awaits you if you dare to post the answers on this thread‼

Good morning class, I hope you are all well. A fishy 🐡problem, nothing taxing today, I hope! grin
PM me your answers, if you wish an 🍎

Puzzler61 Mon 18-May-20 09:50:13

Good morning Miss Marydoll I’m sending you a late birthday pressie for speedy delivery - it’s a parcel of warm sunshine - from the Midlands as you said it was cold at yours yesterday.

Puzzler61 Mon 18-May-20 09:51:03

I’ll go brush my teeth and then get on with the Maths . 🌞

Callistemon Mon 18-May-20 10:02:18

Good morning Miss and classmates
Oh, classmate

Well, this is a conundrum for sure.

Puzzler61 Mon 18-May-20 10:04:35

I’m back Callistemon, gawd mawnin.
Poor 🐟 🐠?

Doodle Mon 18-May-20 10:07:18

Cor Miss I knot two layte toda. Wer pants got two.
Ello callistemon an puzzler ave you duns yous wurk yet.
Iz goin to twy know. 😊

Puzzler61 Mon 18-May-20 10:12:20

Lo’ Doodle .
I fink so. I pee emmed Miss.

Bathsheba Mon 18-May-20 10:15:16

Mawnin awl! Ive pee emmd yoo my arnsa Miss.

Pantglas2 Mon 18-May-20 10:27:12

Mournin orl! Jes bin to chippee to orda chipsnmushee pees to go wiv the fish that Miss is treetin us too twdae - ow kynd she is to er pwpills😀

Bathsheba Mon 18-May-20 10:33:22

Weldun Pants, fishanchips, yummy! Karn wate fore dinna brake! Don won mushee pees tho, jus lotz ov marto sorse.

FarNorth Mon 18-May-20 10:36:48

Can fish drown?

Marydoll Mon 18-May-20 10:45:22

Good morning clever clogs.
Thank you, I had a very pleasant weekend, so much better than last weekend!

Doodle 🍎, Callistemon 🍎, Bathsheba, 🍎 Pantglas 🍎 and Far North.

Here is another one to keep you busy.

Tom and Bob have a total of 49 toys. If Bob has 5 more toys than Tom, how many toys does each one have?

Bathsheba Mon 18-May-20 10:46:08

Thas wot I wunderd two FarNorth, so I lukd it up an thay kan! But reelee itz maw lik sufferkashun.

Bathsheba Mon 18-May-20 10:51:02

Miss that woz eezy peezy lemmunskweezy! Fanks fore my appul, it woz deelishus, luvvly an joosee!

Doodle Mon 18-May-20 10:53:29

bathsheba I luv musheepeas, Cani av yours an yous can av sum my chips.
pants yous is supa cleber to fink of that. I sew loking fowid to lunch.
Wez wil av to put willa’s in v uven in the mestic cyence rom two kep worm til she get ere. 😋

Puzzler61 Mon 18-May-20 10:57:11

Oh oh, I didn’t get an 🍎 🤔

Puzzler61 Mon 18-May-20 10:58:29

I’ll av’ annuva twy . 🐠

Doodle Mon 18-May-20 11:03:42

Cor iz on fyre twoda I dun v secun won two 😀 I getin weally ungwy now.
farnorth ello. Duz yous lik 🐟 an 🍟 two?

Pantglas2 Mon 18-May-20 11:04:32

Ooh Doodle I ope ewe isn keepin yore pet 🐛 in the Mestic Siens rwm!

Ifn we ave a Specshun they mite cloze us down an wot wud beecum of us wiv no ejucayshun? We wudn be pliabl wud we?

Marydoll Mon 18-May-20 12:01:07

Q1 Puzzler 🍎

Q2 Puzzler 🍏, Doodle 🍏, Pantglas 🍏

Puzzler61 Mon 18-May-20 12:07:44

Thanks Miss. I’m goin’ to sav my apuls til afta chipsanmushee pees.

Callistemon Mon 18-May-20 12:14:40

Bob has too menny toys, that's my final answer

Feelingmyage55 Mon 18-May-20 12:40:26

I have pmed my attempt at an answer. What a quiet week after last week’s shenanigans.
Too quiet
Let’s play consequences while Miss is at lunch. I have to see Daniel at 1.45 and make soup before that.
I’ll start
I made up a picnic and went out in the car. I parked beside ......

Marydoll Mon 18-May-20 13:15:10

Good afternoon, class.

Q1. Depute head, Mrs Charleygirl 🍎 Feelingmyage 🍎, Squiffy 🍎

Q2. Feelingmyage,🍏 Dragonfly 🍏

I too have a date with Daniel, 😍I will be back later.

Puzzler61 Mon 18-May-20 13:17:25

........ a young man with windswept hair in an open top sports car with a large black dog.
He said .........