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" Saturday jobs", did you have one? And what about your chidren/ grandchildren?

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Daddima Wed 20-Apr-16 13:25:15

I began working in a local drapery ( remember them?) when I was 15, for which I received 12/6 ( Woolworth's paid 15/-) I think all my friends had "Saturday jobs" also.

My brothers both had jobs as delivery boys ( bike with basket on the front) for local shops from about 13 years old, and this was after having worked on farms since they were about 8 years old.

My own sons also had jobs since they were about 15, but I don't think it's so common nowadays. Am I wrong?

Waveney Wed 20-Apr-16 13:34:11

I had a Saturday job in Boots ( when they were Boots Pure Drug Co.). I got 19/6 a week, 5/- of which always went on a single from the record department upstairs. To my surprise when my state pension calculation came through last year a tiny amount came from that time!
My children had part time jobs variously in MacDonalds, a garden centre and several clothes shops.

shysal Wed 20-Apr-16 13:44:25

I delivered newspapers daily, from the age of 14 to 18. As a consequence, I am still an early riser! Both DDs had Saturday jobs, one at a hairdresser's, the other at Blenheim Palace tea rooms.
15 and 16 yr old DGCs know they should be looking for jobs, but despite me making enquiries for them, it seems they can't be a*sed! They haven't even prepared a CV! GS1 has the chance of a £2,500 trip to New York next year, but his Mum being on benefits and Dad 4 months behind with child maintenance means there is little chance of raising the money without him taking a job. I refuse to help if he doesn't. I have 6 GCs and would want to be fair to them all, so there is no way I can contribute much.

Charleygirl Wed 20-Apr-16 13:54:31

I was at boarding school so a Saturday job was out. I did work in a hospital shop for a month during the summer holidays and earned £2 a week.

I do not see teenagers delivering newspapers here anymore- it is one of the shop workers/owners in his car.

Cherrytree59 Wed 20-Apr-16 14:12:29

Daddima think that might be the case from what friends say.
I wanted to go on at school cruise on the Nevasa (sister ship to the Uganda anybody remember them?)
My parents said I could go, but had to pay for it myself ( savings scheme at school)
Next day my dad my Dad said that the local wool and haberdashery wanted a saturday girl.
Along with my £2.50 wages I had a pair of new tights every saturday as did all the ladies working at the shop.
I then had a holiday job working in the hairdressers. I was also was a model for the improvers so free hair cuts perms etc.
Both my DC had holiday/saturday jobs
My DS worked in tropical fish shop.
DD worked in a kennels.
She brought a beautiful little Staffie home called Rosie. Who had been left at kennels as result of a divorce.

gettingonabit Wed 20-Apr-16 14:48:11

I had a Saturday job collecting paper money. I got paid £1,

I also worked for a caterer washing up. It was knackering.

I don't see teenagers working at all nowadays. Pity.

mumofmadboys Wed 20-Apr-16 15:01:04

I worked in a cafe, a shoe shop, M and S and a cinema at various times during school and uni holidays. I learnt a lot from it and four of my five children had jobs while still at school. I think it does youngsters good and there is plenty to learn in these situations.

Tizliz Wed 20-Apr-16 15:18:01

I worked in the library. I had to work for a year for no pay until a paid job came up. Think I got just over a £1. Worked there all summer holidays as well. Wanted to become a librarian - what happened ? grin

My grandson has a Saturday job, in Maplins and my grand-daughter has a paper round (after school not early mornings).

Grannyknot Wed 20-Apr-16 16:14:04

I had a fab Saturday job - giftwrapping in a local gift-and-homewares shop. My boyfriend worked there with me, happy teenage days. To this day I love wrapping gifts and parcels.

Ana Wed 20-Apr-16 16:15:44

I worked as a Saturday girl in a new Tesco shop which had opened nearby.

It was awful, there was nothing much to do except sweep up and they played Hawaiian-style music on a loop all day long! I think I got £1 a day too, or it could have been 15/-.

chloe1984 Wed 20-Apr-16 16:24:28

I worked from 8.30am to 6pm on a Saturday in a local chemists first job of the day was to sweep the floor then make the tea I was paid 18/6d but did get a discount on my Dad's Trugel. Loved nearly every minute of it but my feet used to ache and ache. Both my DDs had Saturday jobs in local supermarkets.

MiniMouse Wed 20-Apr-16 16:51:50

Cherrytree59 Did you get your trip on the Nevasa? A few of us from my school went - it was a massive shock having to carry and drag our suitcases etc down into the bowels of the ship! The dormitories were 'basic' to say the least! Made us realise how spoilt we were!

I had a Saturday shop in Woolies - best part of the job was when a friend used to sneak a few cashew nuts or squares of fudge to share blush

Greyduster Wed 20-Apr-16 16:55:22

I didn't have a Saturday job. I tried delivering papers for a bit until a dog bit my hand and then tore the pocket off my blazer! Both my children had Saturday jobs - DD worked at Sainsbury's in the sixth form and then during the university holidays. DS did bar work and silver service waiting while he was at college.

ninathenana Wed 20-Apr-16 17:01:35

I worked in Woolies for while then at a seaside cafe weekends and all summer. That's where I met 'G' who is still (45yrs later) my best friend. It wasn't like work, we used to have such a laugh. Free lunch and the owner paid our bus fare on top of wages.
D had a paper round then worked at a caravan park in the café.

ginny Wed 20-Apr-16 18:01:48

I worked on Saturdays at a old fashioned bakers. To this day I have never tasted such delicious bread. I started at 7 am and finished at noon. I got £1 and a bacon roll when I arrived. All three of my DDs had Saturday jobs. 2 worked at riding stables and the other in House of Fraser. DGS are too young as yet but I'm fairly sure they will be encouraged find a little job when the time comes.

Auntieflo Wed 20-Apr-16 18:09:49

I had a job in a drapers and ladies lingerie shop. OMG the pink directoire knickers grin. Think I earned around 16 shillings and stayed there for a year or so. My sons had paper rounds, and DS2 also tried the local dog rescue, shovelling s..t. DD helped her Dad on his market stall, and was brilliant, saving up for her bike. If one of the boys was unwell, I would do their paper round, and loved the quiet, early mornings and the birdsong.

Marelli Wed 20-Apr-16 18:24:00

Cherrytree, my DH went out to Malaya in 1960 (Malayan Emergency) on the Nevasa. It was a troop ship then.
I had a Saturday morning job at the little grocery shop in the village. I must've been about 13, I think. I did deliveries on my bike, and served in the shop, also weighing out potatoes, flour, loose butter, cheese etc. What has just dawned on me, is that I cannot remember now, where the sink was to wash my hands....perhaps I didn't wash them! shock!

Marelli Wed 20-Apr-16 18:24:59

I received six shillings for about 5 hours work, if I remember correctly. hmm

tiggypiro Wed 20-Apr-16 18:49:21

My first Saturday job (13 yrs old) was in a local bakers café. It was not a very good place as any cakes left from one week were still there the next - I used to mark the bottom of some to prove it and put off my friends buying them ! I was paid 13/6. I then had a job in the 'Steak bar' of a hotel where things were not much better. A steak dropped on the floor after cooking was given to the next customer. Ant tips were put in a jug and then shared out by the 'cook' who seemed to take 75% for herself and the rest between myself and a Spanish waiter. Her takings went down somewhat when the waiter and I developed our own fairer system which she was not party to ! At the same hotel I was told off for cutting cucumber too thick for sandwiches. It had to be 'see-through' and only in one layer otherwise the manager said she couldn't make a profit ! I think I got 15/- there.
DD and DS both delivered the local weekly newspaper and then took any job going - washing-up, waiting on tables, baby-sitting and packing dog biscuits etc. During one holiday DD had 3 jobs - kitchen work in one place, bar work in another and babysitting in between !

Thingmajig Wed 20-Apr-16 19:40:47

I had a Saturday job as a library assistant. It was a bit boring and not something I could have done for a proper job but my friend who started there with me actually worked there forever!
DD worked in the local corner shop while she was at school and then Spar and Game during her uni days.

granjura Wed 20-Apr-16 19:46:23

Worked at the local Coop, cleaning, shelf-filling, etc, during my 3 years in Lycée (6th form- but 3 years) - Saturday morning + once a week after school. Paid for my new skis and boots, my moped and petrol- and a bit of fun at week-ends (bottle of plonks with friends).

cornergran Wed 20-Apr-16 19:55:38

Woolies on a Saturday for me. So excited to have my own money. Mum encouraged , OK told, me to save a third, contribute a third for 'board' and I had the other third to spend. Used the same system once I began full time work. Looking back it was a sensible system. I wonder how that advice would be received now? Our sons both had part time jobs while at school and college, with paper delivery, cash collection and in local shops, we adapted the system for them but saved their 'board' contribution to give them extra cash at Uni.

jusnoneed Wed 20-Apr-16 19:57:34

I worked Saturdays ( and some evenings) from the age of 14 until I left school in the public house where my Mum worked. They used to have wedding receptions and parties - sometimes two or three each weekend, which they did catering for. I used to help prep food and lay up the rooms and when old enough waited on tables in the restaurant dining room. I have worked in the hospitality industry off and on since then, including my parents own pub and as bar manager in a social club.
Both my boys did paper rounds as soon as they were old enough, and the youngest worked in Sainsburys after school/Saturdays.
I think it helps get the work ethic started asap, neither of my lads have been out of work for more than a couple weeks since leaving school. Far too many get money handed out to them for no effort these days.

Teetime Wed 20-Apr-16 20:01:53

Many different jobs mostly seasonal washing hair and sweeping up, waitressing, hot dog stand person, ice cream stand more waitressing and various catering jobs. No my GCs have never taken weekend jobs - its seems more difficult now to get a job so many rules and regs to fulfil. DH did loads of jobs too farmwork, paper boy, catering jobs and last of all the horrible person on the Watlzers on Walton Pier who stood on the back and made it go round faster while he looked up your skirt!

Newquay Wed 20-Apr-16 20:46:28

I worked in a local fish and chip shop cafe which I hated and didn't last long aged about 14. At 15 I started work in Woolworths straight from Grammar school on Friday evening and all day Sat. I was promised £1-to my shock I got 19s 9d as 3d was deducted they said "you know for your pension and stuff". When my state pension is now referred to as a benefit it makes my blood boil!
DDs worked in local M&S at weekends while in the sixth form.
DGDs do housekeeping at local hospital and local hotel too.
I used to save my money; it seems to me they waste theirs and don't savesad