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pompa Thu 25-Sep-14 18:16:55

There are nay adverts that bug me, but my current top of the list is the Knor stock pots one, he asks "is this beef local" the reply "Yes, it comes just 70 mile away" is ridiculous. We live on the East Coast, 70 miles could include France/Holland etc. For anyone living in the Midlands it would include much of England. My local Tesco can at least get meat/veg from the same county.

What gets your goat?

Liz46 Thu 25-Sep-14 18:27:33

Ronnie Corbett in the Wiltshire Farm Food advert. I wouldn't buy any of their food just because of the awful, patronising adverts.

papaoscar Thu 25-Sep-14 18:31:36

Those ludicrous meerkats just put me off anything they are pitching about, and leave me reaching for my blunderbuss. And why do they think its funny to have them speaking in a Russian/English accent. I think some of these ad people must be well and truly off their trolleys.

Flowerofthewest Thu 25-Sep-14 22:15:09

That drippy woman on a diet advert. Her voice really grates on me, I have to turn sound down. She ends with someone pinching a 'diet' crisp. Oooh THAT VOICE.

absentgrandma Thu 25-Sep-14 22:30:46

All of the above but anything to do with smug women packing their suitcases and banging on about holiday insurance and going off to Venice 'with the girls'... 'Beefy' Botham trying to convince us he uses a a ridiculously expensive gizmo for his feet...... and Micheal Parkinson droning on about 'leaving something for the grandkids after you've gone'. Poppycock! They'll have what I decide to leave them if there's anyhting left when I fall of me perch, thank you very much Mr P !

I think I ought to switch off afternoon tv. OH snoozes through it all, but you just wait till I try to sneak the remote to turn it on to stand-bywink

rubylady Fri 26-Sep-14 05:06:18

Len Goodman on Farmfoods. Like he uses them!

NfkDumpling Fri 26-Sep-14 07:09:38


Hate those twins.

The trouble is it's one of the few adverts where I can actually remember what it's for!

pompa Fri 26-Sep-14 07:29:01

I find the Parkinson one on the verge of fraudulent, such a popular, trusted personality endorsing a very dodgy product, ok it's legal, but not (in my opinion) moral.

Liz46 Fri 26-Sep-14 07:32:53

Yes pompa, he seems such a lovely man and then he advertises something like that. I find that hard to understand. Surely he doesn't need the money so much.

Liz46 Fri 26-Sep-14 07:35:02

I do laugh at some of the Aldi adverts. They are a breath of fresh air - absolute nonsense. (Sorry, slightly off subject)

grumppa Fri 26-Sep-14 07:39:57

So the ones we really dislike are the ones directed at Grans. One does wonder about the research undertaken by the advertisers and their agencies.

shysal Fri 26-Sep-14 08:38:56

I hate the shouty double glazing ones. The comments about Michael Parkinson also apply to June Whitfield, surely they don't need the money! I do, however, watch the meerkat one blush, but it doesn't encourage me to compare the market (.com).

Nonnie Fri 26-Sep-14 09:11:48

I seem to have missed most of those, are they on in the daytime? I do actually know someone who has a meerkat toy from that lot.

There is masses of research on what makes an ad work and sometimes it is the fact that they irritate. The fact that we have a thread about it is testament to that.

The Branson ones irritate me but then I do remember what they are about so perhaps they work?

Ariadne Fri 26-Sep-14 09:19:32

I didn't know any of those either! In fact, last time we watched something not recorded on ITV, there were adverts I had never seen, and it says a lot about them when I say I can't remember one of them. (Because we are out / away a lot, we record most things, so just fast froward through the adverts)

BlueBelle Fri 26-Sep-14 09:22:54

I truly cant stand 99% of adverts but do like the meekats I never know what any about because I completely blank out when they are on but the one that grates probably the most is that Joan Collins thing about mars bars or whatever..... you become such a diva uggggggg

Marmight Fri 26-Sep-14 09:33:58

Most adverts annoy me and I ignore them but I do love the meerkats and their Russian/English accents. They make me laugh, and I almost believe they are real blush

Culag Fri 26-Sep-14 09:37:36

One of the advantages of living alone is that I can turn off the sound on the TV when the adverts come on. I shall have to be careful though because when my father used to do this it would annoy me because he would forget to turn it back on again and watch the programme with no sound!

merlotgran Fri 26-Sep-14 09:51:42

I worked for this man for three weeks about twelve years ago. He had a country pile near Peterborough and needed somebody to live in and host parties for friends and clients. My biggest regret is that I missed meeting Nelson Mandela by three weeks as they were close friends.

I lived in a cottage in the grounds and went everywhere in an electric milk float kind of vehicle because car engine noise was banned near the house!

glammanana Fri 26-Sep-14 12:32:57

merlotgran How facinating and such a pity you missed meeting the great man.
I don't like any of the "cleaning adverts" which show dirty toilets with horrible green slimy creatures running around the rim and adverts for kitchen cleaners which show all manner of "before & after" views,who lets their kitchens get in such a mess in the first place and they are always shown at meal time urrrgh.

sussexpoet Fri 26-Sep-14 12:40:38

I particularly loathe the Silvikrin shampoo ads where the models smirk and preen - they remind of the very early TV ads which were just too patronising for words. But most of all, how I long to see somebody wipe their on the bloody Andrex puppy!

shabby Fri 26-Sep-14 13:27:17

absentgrandma we have two remotes - his and hers. Works a treat unless we are both trying to use the mute button at the same time.!!

glammanana Fri 26-Sep-14 13:55:31

shabby well done you grin I solved the problem by having my own TV in the bedroom where I don't allow football/sports/car programmes to be viewed and the remote is hidden from any male members of my family.

granjura Fri 26-Sep-14 17:07:02

I absolutely hate and espise the way our grandchildren are bombarded with adverts for toys from September or earlier onwards for Christmas. It's horrible- and in fact many should be attacked under the Trade's Description act- as of course the stunts performed by many of the toys just cannot be done with said toy in real life. Hate, hate it, hate it- and so glad that where I live they are illegal. But as grandchildren live in the UK ...

rosequartz Fri 26-Sep-14 17:38:47

Hate the Knorr stock cube or pot whatever adverts with Marco Pierre White cooking for 'the ladies', they are all saying mmmmmm as if they didn't know how to cook before they tasted his food - and he is SO patronising!

I mostly remember the ones I like and ignore the others. An advert doesn't necessarily encourage me to buy the product though.

papaoscar Fri 26-Sep-14 17:58:04

Cill-it Bang! Why, oh, why did he shout so much?