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Fete des grands-mères

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Mamie Tue 06-Mar-12 09:29:16

Last Sunday was the day of the grandmother in France; most of my neighbours seemed to have family visits, cakes and flowers. Not sure I approve of heavily commercial special days, but this seemed quite nice. What do other people think?

wotsamashedupjingl Tue 06-Mar-12 09:40:04

Bring it on!

Why not?

I bet I'm the only person on here saying that though. grin wink

greenmossgiel Tue 06-Mar-12 09:43:56

Nice if it's not commercialised and the grandchildren can make a special day for their grandmothers. Old-fashioned things like perhaps taking flowers (although that can be a rip-off, too if you're not careful!) I think it's a lovely idea, though, because as we know - grandma's love is unconditional (and we do love those grandchildren so very, very much). smile

grannyactivist Tue 06-Mar-12 10:06:38

I think that Mothering Sunday incorporates grandmothers, so don't feel the need for a special day. smile

greenmossgiel Tue 06-Mar-12 10:16:03

You're quite right there, grannyactivist! I didn't have my 'thinking head' on when I replied to the OP. Mothering Sunday is a real and recognised day (of old), rather than the Americanised version (buy, buy, buy)! I think I remember, as a child, going to church on Mothering Sunday. The children went up to the vicar, and he gave us bunches of snowdrops which we then took home to our mothers. I must only have been about 5 or 6, I think. smile

absentgrana Tue 06-Mar-12 11:08:13

Mothering Sunday is a festival to celebrate Mother Church; Mother's Day is a sentimental nineteenth century invention to celebrate motherhood that has been hijacked by card manufacturers, florists and even people who make and sell teddy bears. Frankly, you can keep both.

wotsamashedupjingl Tue 06-Mar-12 12:13:12

We couldn't have it at this time of year though. Too much cake, what with Mothering Sunday and Easter! shock

absentgrana Tue 06-Mar-12 12:30:13

Doesn't Mothering Sunday fall within Lent – so cake should be off the menu wotsa?

susiecb Tue 06-Mar-12 12:30:20

My DHs view Mothering Sunday as their day. One always sends flowers the other doesnt - be nicer to see them really. My Step son doesn't send anything.

GoldenGran Tue 06-Mar-12 13:00:36

Mamie great idea. I usually get a card and small bunch of flowers on mother's Day, because my 6yr old DG insists on it! She makes the card, and makes her Mother sign it! Adorable smile

Annobel Tue 06-Mar-12 13:10:15

I usually receive a gift of some kind - last year one family sent me a voucher for a local beauty salon. This time I am summoned to visit; they are moving house on the Friday so I am arriving on the Saturday. I hope they will have somewhere, apart from the floor or the shed, for me to sleep.

wotsamashedupjingl Tue 06-Mar-12 13:28:38

Simnel cake is traditional for Mothering Sunday absentgrana. Cake only off the menu if you choose to give it up I suppose. I don't! smile

absentgrana Tue 06-Mar-12 13:48:48

Simnel cake is more traditional for Easter – the eleven marzipan balls represent the loyal apostles. Fats and eggs are traditionally used up on Shrove Tuesday – hence the pancakes – and then not eaten again until Easter Sunday. Fatless, eggless cake doesn't sound very appealing. [ugh emoticon]

wotsamashedupjingl Tue 06-Mar-12 14:04:56

Yes. That's one tradition. Another one is the servant girls being allowed home to see their mums on M S and to bake a fruit cake to take with them.

Take yer pick. hmm

wotsamashedupjingl Tue 06-Mar-12 14:06:06

We will be having Pizza Hut special on our Mothering Sunday. That's a tradition too.

tanith Tue 06-Mar-12 14:33:47

The kids and grands will visit and bring flowers and choccies but honestly I could take it or leave it, I'm happy for them to visit anytime rather than on a specific day that makes other people money.. I don't think we need a grandmothers day as its all incorporated with Mothers Day.

Annobel Tue 06-Mar-12 14:35:23

I think we shall be having lunch at the GCs' favourite Chinese Restaurant as i don't think my DS will have managed to get a new cooker installed in his new kitchen. (notice whose kitchen it is in that household!)

gracesmum Tue 06-Mar-12 14:35:37

You get "let off" Lent on Mothering Sunday which is also known as "Refreshment Sunday", the idea being a little break to keep you going with the abstinence up to Easter. I'm all for "refreshment". winewine
Mothering Sunday/Mothers' Day does raise one problem once you are a mother of tinies though - who does what for whom? Couples have 3 mothers to take into consideration Mum and 2 Grans and if they all live a distance away, well, it can cause divided loyalties. DD (eldest) said today that she is at her wits' end re the next few weeks - there are the birthdays this weekend, so party Sat night and family lunch the next day and then (God knows why) they have the builders moving in on Monday and work starts on reconfiguring their kitchen/dining area/everyday living room. Mothers' Day is the following Sunday so they can't host. SIL wondered if they should do something for other gran and me, but I think what they need is a nice quiet Sunday for themselves well away from the kitchen chaos, just them and the boys. Other gran has a daughter living nearby so is "catered for", I will be in London meeting youngest for lunch then going to She Stoops To Conquer at the National (Christmas present to DH and self) But like the "who goes to whom for Christmas " debate many of us have experienced - why the pressure? Send me a bunch of thanks and ring me up to say hello and I am happy. (I also used to be incandescent at the inflated florists' prices when our Ds were little)

jeni Tue 06-Mar-12 15:21:37

I'll be lucky if I get any thing from eithersad
But I don't really mind.

Granb Tue 06-Mar-12 15:31:03

I used to love the home made pressies that boys gave - and is something that they continued over the years. Thing is youngest son now has 9 month old - think he should start his own tradition with his own family. Agree with Gracesmum - just give me a ring and talk to me and I am happy. Although this year will be on way home from skiing holiday so possibly could call in and see him. As for oldest son.... well only two months since they lost baby ...DIL is still mum tho'. Think will probably spend the day in tears thinking about her - cannot imagine how hard it is going to be for her.

Mamie Tue 06-Mar-12 15:34:33

Interesting responses - obviously the French think you do need separate Mothers and Grandmothers days! None of it is at all commercial, just a visit and some flowers with a special meal. Cards are quite hard to find (nice cards almost impossible) and I am often the only person to send birthday cards to my French friends even for the "big" birthdays. I can see that grandmothers are included in Mothering Sunday, but I think it is only right that the children think first about their mother, not their grandmothers on that day.

wotsamashedupjingl Tue 06-Mar-12 15:50:33

I don't think a Grandmothers' Day would go down well in this country. There is not enough liking or respect for older people. I think the French probably have a different attitude.

absentgrana Tue 06-Mar-12 15:58:26

Spot on wotsa. You are absolutely right.

Mamie Tue 06-Mar-12 16:57:15

I don't think I agree with that. I think there is a negative attitude to older people in the press and from some people, but I wouldn't think it extends to people's own grandmothers. Having said that, yes I think the French have stronger family ties based on proximity and/or attachment to their roots in a particular bit of the country. They say Parisians will say that they are from Normandy, Brittany etc even when they have lived in Paris for years and years. Some would say more cynically, that people turn up regularly to have a look at the family home as in France you cannot disinherit your children!

harrigran Tue 06-Mar-12 21:32:18

I do agree wotsam I have been in restaurants in France on Mothers day and they are treated like Queens. One restaurant I was in came round and gave every lady a red rose.
I am a mother so I do not need to be given cards as a grandmother too. Last year I got a gift from DD on mothers day in England and one from Belgium on their day too, nice when your DC live abroad.