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I never signed up for this!

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Anya Tue 09-Aug-16 08:00:56

Nobody tells you, when you become a grandparent that you always inherit their b****y pets too hmm

All our families are away this week together, somewhere. But does this mean a week of peaceful bliss for us grandparents left behind?

No way! We now have the two granddogs staying with us, so in addition to our two that's four dogs to walk, feed, pooperscoop. The 'baby' a 6 month old daschund puppy howls at night and first thing in the morning, so we're up at the crack of dawn.

Then there's the visits to the guninea pigs at one end of town and the chickens at the other. One of the two chickens was poorly yesterday so we took it to the vet at great expense but the blasted thing went and died anyway.

So we've had to chase around to find a similar one and replace it in the run hoping my granddaughter (who loved her chicken) won't notice it has white tail feathers instead of being all brown. Luckily the surviving chicken didn't seem to notice either and didn't peck it to death, thanks to my vinegar technique.

I'm a total physical and mental wreck hmm

DaphneBroon Tue 09-Aug-16 08:05:40

With Grace being of advanced years (as I believe one of your dogs is (?) Anya) we get let off that particular hook, although Basil is a very sweet dog and come the day, I could probably manage him, but not my sister-in-law's rumbustious Lakeland.

Swanny Tue 09-Aug-16 08:06:58

I'm exhausted just reading that list Anya smile Do hope you get a rest when they all come back, or will you be on child-minding duties? What did you do with the dead chicken? roastchicken grin

Anya Tue 09-Aug-16 08:13:04

Yes, have to admit DB our old fellow is not amused at the antics of the puppy in particular and has put her in her place quite sharply.

Swanny like an idiot I've invited both families round for a BBQ on their return (Friday) and have agreed to have the GDs overnight that night too. The chicken is in our green compost bin. Didn't dare leave it at their house in case it was found.

ninathenana Tue 09-Aug-16 08:14:44

Oh heck, I'd not be happy to have all that dumped on my plate Anya

Lillie Tue 09-Aug-16 08:18:14

What, ninathenana!! Dead chicken on your plate?! grin

Greenfinch Tue 09-Aug-16 08:20:15

Oh Anya,that is worse than having the grandchildren,isnt it? I do sympathise with the dead chicken incident.
We are having to visit my daughter's 5 miles away twice a day to feed the two cats who are a nightmare to get in at the end of the day.Besides this there are fish,frogs and hedgehogs to feed.Gets us up early anyway.๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

NanaandGrampy Tue 09-Aug-16 08:34:59

Oh no that's my worst nightmare - a dead pet in my care !

Many years ago we had some black fish ( I forget what sort) in an aquarium ( our youngest DDs pride and joy). We went on our hols leaving DD1s friend to pop in and feed them. On our return DD2 rushed in to see her fish . We could hear her from the rushed in and she was jumping up and down with excitement ...her black fish were now golden !!!!!

She thought it was magic. It was many years before it came up- in conversation and we had to confess the black ones had died and the friend had hurriedly replaced them with new ones smile.

I hope your granddaughter doesn't notice the difference Anya !!

Anya Tue 09-Aug-16 08:35:00

I'm glad it's not just me then Greenfinch do you feed frog confused

Lillie Tue 09-Aug-16 08:45:25

Trouble is, it's so expensive putting pets in kennels, that you're saving them a lot of money. We went away for 15 nights in July and our dog boarding fees were nearly ยฃ500 on top of the cost of our holiday.

I don't mind the additional pets who come to stay, it's the ones like you say you have to visit and then find the silly cats are living next door for most of the time! Oh yes, and I hate setting the alarm when I go in and out of someone else's house

Jane10 Tue 09-Aug-16 08:52:47

I love our grandcat so much that I don't mind looking after him. The trouble is that he now associates me with his family being away so that he'll hardly let me speak to him when they're around. Somehow its all my fault! A lot less trouble than some of you others are dealing with though. Dead chicken! Yikes!

merlotgran Tue 09-Aug-16 08:58:05

I know how you feel, Anya. When DD and her sons moved on to the farm two years ago I heard her exclaim with glee, 'No more expensive kennel fees unless we all go away together' (fat chance)

So last week, when the DGSs were away with their dad, she decided to 'pop off' and see friends.

Her two chihuahuas are as good as gold but I feel miffed because there's no reciprocation. WE still have to fork out on kennels if we go away because DD is at work all day and our terriers are not used to being shut in the house for hours at a time.

I do hope you get away with Chickengate!!

Greenfinch Tue 09-Aug-16 08:59:26

The frogs are the minute variety that live in a fish tank and their food is bought from an aquarium. They were a second best birthday present for DGD1 who really wanted a rat !

ninathenana Tue 09-Aug-16 10:29:02

Lillie well if it was fresh and roasted.........roastchicken
Why not grin

Nelliemoser Tue 09-Aug-16 10:54:19

Anya are you intending to bury the dead chicken before they all return.
"But indeed, if you find him not within
this month, you shall nose him as you go up the
stairs into the lobby."
This is chicken gate.
Do you always find it hard to say no?

Anya Tue 09-Aug-16 10:59:58

Greenfinch that's fascinating. The things you learn on GN!

Chickengate! Love that grin

Love the Hamlet quote too Nellie and DH says that next time we will say NO....I will though be asking for a reciprocal arrangement.

vissos Tue 09-Aug-16 11:49:13

@Anya Chickens often get white tail feathers as they age wink

micmc47 Tue 09-Aug-16 11:58:11

Take a deep breath and try saying : "No". You've your own life to lead, and although it's important to be there for your rellies when there's a real need, you shouldn't end up as their convenient, cheap option when there are other solutions which need not inconvenince you...

Barbsid Tue 09-Aug-16 12:53:12

Have my DGD budgie for two weeks now into the second week and he is a lot thinner then he was. Bribed him with millet spray, fruitti sticks and his morning toast so now eating but not a sound out of him, can not wait for them to come home worrying me to bits

Lentilweaver Tue 09-Aug-16 12:57:29

do tell me about the vinegar trick

path20 Tue 09-Aug-16 13:02:39

We always looked after our granddaughter's hamster whilst she was away. Always worried it would 'pop off' before she came back.
One year we were left with eyedrops to administer. Thank goodness it didn't bite.

barbaralynne Tue 09-Aug-16 13:04:31

Currently we are the only ones in our family with a pet - we have a dog. But our eldest GS is going to get a crested gecko for his birthday next month. I've told our daughter there is no way we are going to be looking after it when they go away! A corn snake was also discussed..... even worse!

Tegan Tue 09-Aug-16 13:40:44

Driving over to feed DD's guinea pigs the other day I had to remember if I was going to the next village [DD's]to feed the piggies or the village after that [ex husbands]to feed his four feral cats. Next time she goes away I'm going to buy an indoor cage for them and they can live in my living room for a week and watch tv with me. Of course, like everyone else, my dog goes into kennels when we go away [which is hardly ever these days as I hate leaving her in kennels]. The upside is that I seem to have developed a nice relationship with the piggies, probably because I've been feeding them kale which I don't think they've had before. Although some sites say to feed it every day but another says only once a week, so I hope I haven't killed them.

K8tie Tue 09-Aug-16 14:21:38

Yes Anya please tell us about the vinegar trick!

embo32 Tue 09-Aug-16 14:37:15

If you're going to moan, just say no. They will no doubt get friends or neighbours to help out instead.