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On labour ward. This is stressful!

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Flaxseed Thu 31-Aug-17 02:24:57

DD was admitted last night after a check for decreased foetal movements revealed high blood pressure at 38 weeks.
She only moved to her first home last week so her hospital bag was at mine.
I brought it up to hospital and now can't bring myself to leave her.
She has cannulas, a catheter, bp monitoring, foetal monitoring, and regular medication.
I work here (not a Midwife) so it's good to see familiar faces but I am not used to being 'on the other side' and it's so scary.
Just looking for a hand hold really confused

fiorentina51 Thu 31-Aug-17 03:17:57

I went through this a few years back. Giving you a virtual hand to hold and a 💐

MawBroon Thu 31-Aug-17 03:56:52

🤝is this showing up as a handhold?
By now all may be well or an emergency C section may be on the cards, but here's my hand.
Hoping to hear reassuring news in the morning flowers not forgetting an NHS brew

Flaxseed Thu 31-Aug-17 04:15:23

Thanks for the handholds.
She keeps vomiting.
We've seen the consultant and her BP has stabilised so they will induce her soon.
She's exhausted. God knows how she will find the energy to go through labour!
I wish they would just section her but its major surgery so I think they are putting it off for as long as they can.

DameJudyClench Thu 31-Aug-17 04:52:54

How awful for you OP. When it's your child in distress, even once they become an adult, you just wish you could make the pain go away or swap places with them. The NHS were wonderful when I was seriously ill, and I'm sure she'll get the best care possible. Holding your hand and giving you a virtual hug xx

Liz46 Thu 31-Aug-17 05:42:56

Try to think ahead to that lovely moment when you will hold your grandchild for the first time.

You may be needed in the next weeks, if only to shop, cook and clean so you'd better catch up on your sleep!

Jane10 Thu 31-Aug-17 06:34:39

Good luck. Please keep us informed. I'm sure you'll look back on today and smile one day -after all it'll be your grandchilds birthday!

seacliff Thu 31-Aug-17 06:49:44

Hope all is OK, very scary time. She must be so glad you're with her. Very best wishes.

Imperfect27 Thu 31-Aug-17 06:52:13

Thoughts are with you and your daughter. What an ordeal and waiting and watching is so hard. Xx

Flaxseed Thu 31-Aug-17 07:12:56

Just seen the Dr.
Her kidney function is not great so it's looking like she'll be having a c section this morning when the day staff come on.
I booked my annual leave for two weeks after the due date and can't bring it forward shock
DD1 has two weeks off now though so she can help out.

I need to take emergency leave today so I can be with DD2. Plus I can't be working 'on the other side' as it wouldn't be right and I'd be a wreck!

We had agreed I would go home soon so DD and partner could experience what was supposed to be this magical time together!
Now they are both scared and want me here until they know if it's a trip to theatre or not!
Bless her, she's like a vulnerable child again in one way, but brave and strong in another.

NfkDumpling Thu 31-Aug-17 07:23:28

((((Hugs)))). Hope all goes well, it's a really nerve wracking time especially as you're expected to be the Strong One. Try to get a bit of zzzz when she goes to theatre. You must be knackered too.

grannyqueenie Thu 31-Aug-17 07:27:52

What a night you must be exhausted, hope your daughter has her cs soon and all goes well xx

Imperfect27 Thu 31-Aug-17 07:34:42

So good that you are there and you will be transmitting more strength than you realise. Power to you and the new mum to be xxx

cornergran Thu 31-Aug-17 07:44:01

Love to you all. Nearly there now. So pleased you can be there to support them.

Tea and cake Thu 31-Aug-17 07:49:15

She is 38 weeks so all should be well. I know only / too well just how stressful it can be and how helpless you feel. Not long to go now though. Stay strong. Your presence will be so valuable to her xx

Anya Thu 31-Aug-17 08:05:24

Waiting for the good news, do let us know when it's all over and baby's here xx

mumofmadboys Thu 31-Aug-17 08:23:24

I have had several CS and made good recoveries. I had spinal anaesthetic for them so good to be awake and quicker recovery I'm sure your DD will be fine. At least CS's stop your pelvic floor being battered so much!

Lillie Thu 31-Aug-17 08:35:15

It's a worrying time for you, but the difficult part will soon be over and then the joys will begin.
I had both CSs and vaginal deliveries and can honestly say there wasn't much to choose between the actual experiences once I was holding a healthy baby in my arms.
My husband took a week off work after the CSs and from then on I managed without help which wasn't that easy. Your fortnight off work will therefore come at a good time.

Auntieflo Thu 31-Aug-17 08:47:21

Just adding my best wishes to you and your DD. Hope everything goes well today flowers brew and lots of {{{hugs}}}

Jane10 Thu 31-Aug-17 08:48:23

This time tomorrow... sunshine

Luckygirl Thu 31-Aug-17 08:57:41

Something very similar happened when my first GC was born. She had a CS and the product of that little drama is now a strapping 14 year old. Your DD is in the right place and everyone is doing the right things; and I have no doubt they will have that baby out very quickly and the anxious wait will be over.

My DD looked really awful when I arrived at the hospital - bloated like a Michelin man and covered from head to toe in a rash that was related to the pre-eclampsia. Her dreadful state was due to a barmy community midwife who had taken her BP at home and declared that the machine must be wrong as it could not be that high. Needless to say it was. But there was a very happy ending to all of this and she went on to have 2 more.

Try not to worry. I know their hopes of a normal happy delivery will have been thwarted, but better to have the problem identified and all the right steps taken. Have a hand hold!

Flaxseed Thu 31-Aug-17 08:59:27

Wow! Thank you everyone!
She's in theatre now and I'm shaking!
So many of my friends have called in to say hi and tell me they will look after my girl.

Tea and cake Thu 31-Aug-17 09:04:01

Nearly there!

Luckygirl Thu 31-Aug-17 09:05:00

She will be fine - and it is quick. I remember sitting outside the theatre when DD was in for her CS - I tried to think of other things! CS is so common now and my DD recovered very quickly. Nearly there now!

nanaK54 Thu 31-Aug-17 09:37:15

A virtual 'hand hold' from me too
Won't be long now.......