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Easter Eggs. Do you still buy them?

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Jodieb Thu 11-Mar-21 17:22:25

I have two GS's 20 and 18 and a GD 14. Have just bought their E/eggs. I wonder thou' do you keep on buying them? Probably the boys would prefer beer. Do you still buy them for your AGC?

shysal Thu 11-Mar-21 17:31:52

My GCs are all grown up. I have never given chocolate eggs at Easter because their parents didn't want them having too much sweet stuff. When they were young I chose presents to put inside cardboard eggs, but nowadays they are always pleased with money.

Grandma70s Thu 11-Mar-21 17:37:17

I don’t buy Easter eggs for my grandchildren now. They are 12 and 8. I leave it to the parents. If all their relations gave them chocolate eggs they would be very sick indeed.

My mother used to make my children little Easter presents involving nests and fluffy yellow chicks (toy ones). No chocolate involved.

TwiceAsNice Thu 11-Mar-21 17:55:58

I do buy eggs for my 2 granddaughters . This year they have a small egg and a chocolate dog ( they love dogs) from M&S. I also buy my daughters their favourite chocolate. They all, and my godchildren, and best friend get an Easter card from me and the godchildren get sent money

LullyDully Thu 11-Mar-21 17:56:46

We always but Easter eggs, it is our tradition. Not expensive ones, just Smarties etc. They enjoy them.
Sorry to be a pleb.

suziewoozie Thu 11-Mar-21 17:58:35

I buy one for me - always white chocolate and for the dgc ( 7 and 10)

Jane43 Thu 11-Mar-21 18:03:53

Last year I sent money to my son and DIL, if the GC have too many they give them the money if not they buy them one. I’ll probably do that again this year.

Firecracker123 Thu 11-Mar-21 18:09:25

The older ones I give Easter Egg and money and the little one an Egg and a present, it's a chance to spoil them. Gives me pleasure.

J52 Thu 11-Mar-21 18:09:30

We buy our GCs small Easter Eggs and their parents some chocolates.
We usually have an Easter Egg hunt, in the garden, sadly not this year .

Grandmabatty Thu 11-Mar-21 18:12:12

My mum ,87, still buys Easter eggs for her grandson, 34, and granddaughter,30! She would buy one for me if I didn't tell her not to and I'm 62! I'm diabetic so I definitely don't want one.

M0nica Thu 11-Mar-21 18:18:13

Yes, bought them today, chocolate bunnies for adults, eggs for each GC

Jaxjacky Thu 11-Mar-21 18:32:22

Yes, 13 and 8 years old

Susan56 Thu 11-Mar-21 18:34:00

Yes, I buy Easter Eggs for my children and grandchildren.

B9exchange Thu 11-Mar-21 18:36:52

I'm making velour bunnies for the GC on the grounds that their parents will buy them eggs. DH gets a dark chocolate one. I tend to buy bars of chocolate for the adults, as you pay so much extra for the packaging it is crazy.

EllanVannin Thu 11-Mar-21 18:39:57

Yes, I buy one each for my GGC ( 7 ) and one each for the AGC (2 )
M&S had some nice novelty ones, so I'll get some different Easter themed chocs for them next week.
D usually buys me one.

Calendargirl Thu 11-Mar-21 18:43:56

I always bought them a modest one, didn’t last year as we didn’t see them at Easter. They are now 16 and 13, don’t think I will buy any this year as the other year they still seemed to have a few eggs left quite a while after Easter.

rafichagran Thu 11-Mar-21 18:49:09

I give money to the parents and they can choose to buy them a Easter Egg or something else. So many people buy them chocolate eggs.

Oldbat1 Thu 11-Mar-21 19:46:51

Only buy 2 x 99pence buttons ones for us. GC live hundreds of miles away and don’t eat sweeties.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 11-Mar-21 20:00:14

Put money on the older GC and nieces Go Henry cards, the younger ones get a chocolate Lindt bunny and a top 🐣🐰

rubysong Thu 11-Mar-21 21:29:40

I went today to buy eggs for the DGC. DGD is allergic to peanuts and her parent look at labels and avoid anything with nuts. They all seemed to say 'may contain nuts' . Does anyone know of a nut free chocolate egg?

Jaxjacky Thu 11-Mar-21 21:46:46

rubysong kinnerton eggs are nut free

Blossoming Thu 11-Mar-21 22:26:39

Absolutely! One for Mr. B and one for me. Big Kids

rubysong Thu 11-Mar-21 22:32:21

Thank you Jaxjacky I will look out for that.

Maggiemaybe Thu 11-Mar-21 23:10:17

Yes. Galaxy and Creme Egg eggs this year for all the adults (including me!) and Lindt bunnies for the children.

Petal77 Fri 12-Mar-21 10:37:58

Still buy Easter eggs for my grown up children and son in law 42, 40 and 37 and also my two grandchildren who are 8 and 5 just our tradition and they love it, as do I, I also buy myself one to. Usually get lots of flowers from my children 😃