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Leesa Mon 27-Mar-17 15:51:48

Leggings are a wonderful invention and I love wearing them with dresses or long tops.
However I cannot seem to find nice ones.They either are good quality and loose,wrinkled and baggy....or see-through with cheap feeling fabric!
I like them to cling to the leg but not so I can barely get my foot through the leg.
Can people please tell me where one can buy nice ones?

Teetime Mon 27-Mar-17 16:17:36

M & S ones are very good fit well, wash well and are a good price but I would also add that my nail lady swears by Sainsburys ones.

tanith Mon 27-Mar-17 16:48:20

I buy mine in different colours in Sainsbury, they last ages are nice and think and not see through and they do wash well .

Badenkate Mon 27-Mar-17 17:14:40

I've found the Sainsbury's ones good quality as well.

Iam64 Mon 27-Mar-17 18:04:21

Yes, I've just bought some black ones from Sainsbury's, they're good quality and inexpensive.

Welshwife Mon 27-Mar-17 18:09:02

Are we talking footless ones or those like thick tights?
I found a two pairs of black footless ones in Peacock for about £10 but also wanted some navy and bought one pair for £6 - they are just so much better - quality and more comfortable - amazing really - you would not think they were from the same store but of course may not have been same manufacturer. I have found Sainsbury ones to be good too - I mainly buy footless ones and I don't think they tend to have the wrinkling issues as some others do.

PamelaJ1 Mon 27-Mar-17 18:13:44

One of my clients has a really nice pair, they were from M&S

Nanabilly Mon 27-Mar-17 18:15:07

I get mind from next . They do 3\4 length and full length.
Good quality and wash and wear well with no bobbling .

Coolgran65 Mon 27-Mar-17 18:28:10

Mine are a mix of Asda and M & S.
M & S probably have the edge smile

BlueBelle Mon 27-Mar-17 18:28:36

I got some really nice ones from Matalan today not thin fit nice no wrinkles or bag Ines

hildajenniJ Mon 27-Mar-17 20:50:53

I bought two pairs of Cudl Duds leggings, one black and one navy, to wear with my dresses and tunics. They are warm and soft, fit well, and wash really well.
is the link to the Amazon site.
I bought the fleece wear leggings and love them.

rosesarered Mon 27-Mar-17 20:52:53

Have never fancied wearing leggings, but most of the world seems to! 😆

hildajenniJ Mon 27-Mar-17 20:55:04

Oops, sorry. I don't know what went around with that link.

Let's try again.

DanniRae Mon 27-Mar-17 21:28:59

I too get mine from Sainsburys and M and S.

M0nica Tue 28-Mar-17 06:35:28

Another recommendation for Sainsburys

Purpledaffodil Tue 28-Mar-17 06:45:47

Another M and S fan here as I am tall and they do long length. Also love their treggings which are thicker and warmer for winter.

DanniRae Tue 28-Mar-17 08:27:34

Also like to say that not only are Sainsburys good for leggings I buy a lot of my other clothes there too. Their stuff is well made, my kind of style and very reasonable.

GrammaH Tue 28-Mar-17 09:57:33

I've had good ones from H & M ☺

joyceb Tue 28-Mar-17 10:15:25

All great recommendations, however at a tiddly 5ft, I find it difficult to find suitable length leggings. The 3/4 length from Next sound promising for a full length (on me) option - unless anyone else has managed to solve this problem.

blueberry1 Tue 28-Mar-17 10:26:44

Sainsbury's Tu luxury leggings get my vote.

AliBeeee Tue 28-Mar-17 10:43:07

My problem is that I cant seem to work out what footwear to wear with leggings/jeggings that don't look ridiculous (though I usually think other folk look okay). I can only wear flat comfy shoes, boots or sandals due to foot problems. I am 5'6" tall and wear a size 6 or 7 shoe. Any hints?

Funnygran Tue 28-Mar-17 10:50:16

hildajenniJ those leggings look great, can't think why I have never heard of them before. I too have some good ones from Sainsbury's. I also have a thinner [email protected] pair which fit well and are good under summer tunics. But the tunic has to be long as they do show the flab! I am always amused that adverts for leggings (including the photo with the article on here yesterday) show them worn with high heels. Worst fashion faux pas imaginable to my mind.

supersonic Tue 28-Mar-17 10:54:29

If you want sturdy leggings.. Bon marche...( yes.. I know.. not always good)... but they do ponte treggings for £18. This might sound expensive but they wash and wash and I've had mine for ages.. no bagginess and the fabric is thick. Really worth the money.

ksteele Tue 28-Mar-17 11:00:15

I - at 5 foot!- like M & S size 12 Short. Although only for yoga; I just don't seem to be tall enough to carry them off with dresses or tunics.

Maccyt1955 Tue 28-Mar-17 11:28:20

If you are happy to pay more then Winser London do amazing leggings. They are made of good quality material, and don't stretch and sag. As I say, very pricey, but for price per wear, they don't wear out, and so pay for themselves very soon. If you are short like me, you may need to take them up.