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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 10-Jun-18 06:10:43

Good Morning Everyone,
Up a little earlier this morning , anyway its looking grey this morning with a freshening wind here in Brackley .

harrigran Sun 10-Jun-18 06:30:58

Good morning Michael and all to follow, promises to be a pleasant day here in the NE.
Family going to visit this afternoon so I will get to hear about the musical GD was appearing in, sorry to have missed it.

Gagagran Sun 10-Jun-18 06:49:08

Morning Mick and everyone.

We have another cloud layer hiding the sun here on the south coast but it is mild and pleasant.

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs sunshine

ginny Sun 10-Jun-18 06:54:12

Good morning.
N.Bucks has cloud cover at the moment but the forecast is for a pleasant day.
I’m up early as I’m off to a spa day with DD1. Don’t often get her to myself so really looking forward to it.
Enjoy Sunday everyone, hope the sun shines.

Marydoll Sun 10-Jun-18 06:54:23

Good morning Mick, Harri, Gaga and those to follow.
It's very muggy here in Glasgow this morning,
An unexpected day of childminding today. We are still recovering from Friday. grin.
I hope all those who are recuperating, continue to do so.
Wish everyone a pleasant Sunday.

Marydoll Sun 10-Jun-18 06:55:00

Good morning ginny! smile

ginny Sun 10-Jun-18 07:08:21

Hi Marydoll, I was beginning to feel neglected. 😄

Sar53 Sun 10-Jun-18 07:09:43

Good morning all from Essex by the sea. A cloudy start but hopefully the sun will make an appearance. I've been awake since 5'sh, a half marathon starts from the field behind our flat and there has been lots of activity, I think that may have been what woke me.
One of our grandsons is 4 today so a family birthday tea is on for later. Have a good day everyone.

NanKate Sun 10-Jun-18 07:11:53

Good Morning Mick and all that follow.

Packing our bags for a few days going up to stay with DH’s family. A few nice treats have been organised which I am looking forward to, especially as I will be meeting for the first time a good GN friend. 😀

Grey and cloudy in South Bucks.

MawBroon Sun 10-Jun-18 07:14:25

Good morning Mick and everybody.
I cannot believe how tired I was last night - much walking, Magritte and Tintin/Bande Dessinée museums, quite a lot of sitting and coffee/Belgian beer/wine drinking and a fair bit of seafood/mussels/chips/croissants eating.
Rewind, repeat.
Wishing you all a pleasant day!

Yiayia4 Sun 10-Jun-18 07:29:52

Morning all from cloudy Surrey.
Last minute packing as flying to Corfu later today.
It's a bitter sweet trip,we are going to sell our boat,to hard to handle now but have spent many happy hours sailing the Ionian islands. Have a lovely Sunday everyone.

NfkDumpling Sun 10-Jun-18 07:48:21

Morning All

Grey, still, overcast and not as warm as I’d like here in Norfolk. And I feel as if I may have a cold coming on. Bleuh!

Apart from picking up DS’s dog for his holiday while they go to Centreparcs we’ve nothing planned for today.

It sounds as if you’re having a great time Maw - pace yourself now. No overdoing it!

I shall now go and dig out our holiday snaps from the wonderful holidays we had sailing in the Ionians Yiayia. Flotilla only for us, we were tempted and came close but never took the plunge of buying our own boat out there. Wonderful days!

gillybob Sun 10-Jun-18 07:49:57

Good morning Mick and everyone. A bright and sunny morning here on the NE coast, so I will hopefully get all my jobs done in the garden.

Sounds wonderful MawBroon smile

Have a lovely Sunday everyone.

Panache Sun 10-Jun-18 07:54:10

`Morning all...................... and indeed hopefully another day enjoying the sunshine as yesterday by lunchtime that "plume" of hot weather had arrived.

Another laurel hedge trimmed so that gardener is happy!!

Wishing you all a happy and pleasant day.......... with all those recovering making further progress, remembering to take the "one day at a time" routine.

Nana3 Sun 10-Jun-18 07:54:28

Good morning, the sun is shining in Lancashire. Must make the most of it and have a day out.
Hope you all have a good day.

ffinnochio Sun 10-Jun-18 08:00:03

Good Morning to you all!
Soft breezy air and thin cloud in Dorset. A pleasant change from the muggy atmosphere of yesterday.

High praise for the NHS. Mr Finn became quite poorly yesterday. Rang NHS Direct at 10.30am .... appointment at local small injuries hospital with duty doc. at noon. Medicine and follow up provided. Home by 12.30. Impressed with the efficiency and kindness. We are of no fixed abode, been out of the country for 15 years, not yet registered with a doc. and they accessed our old info. in minutes. 👏👏

travelsafar Sun 10-Jun-18 08:01:35

Morning all, a bit grey here in Letchworth Garden City at the mmoment.Planning on cleaning the car this morning and then off to play bowls this afternoon for a few hours.

cornergran Sun 10-Jun-18 08:09:56

Morning All. Bright, sunny morning in our corner of Somerset. I wonder why do I wake when I’m still shattered? No sense to it. Pleased Mr F had good support from the NHS, nice to hear the positives. Bit of gardening (and sneezing) here today once the ironing is done. Hope Sunday is kind to everyone.

Pittcity Sun 10-Jun-18 08:29:56

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester.
Restful Sunday, which is good as I ache from playing Walking Netball yesterday.
Cooking roast pork later and browsing t'interweb for a new TV as ours has died sad

Greyduster Sun 10-Jun-18 08:33:45

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Cool and grey in South Yorkshire but it will brighten up later I hope. We are supposed to go to watch a Lads and Dad’s football match today but I am trying to think of an excuse not to go. Bad Granny!! Some gardening today for me later. Have a happy Sunday, folks.

Anniebach Sun 10-Jun-18 08:40:30

Good morning all x

ninathenana Sun 10-Jun-18 08:41:02

Morning everyone.

Warm and dull so far in Kent but the sun is expected later.
Not a lot planned, coffee and papers in the garden and see what follows.
A weekend to remember Maw

silverlining48 Sun 10-Jun-18 08:50:49

Good morning all. A breezy day but looking like the sun will be out soon. Am feeling a bit nervous as i have a day of fasting and taking the prep which i know will be unpleasant before a colonoscopy tomorrow morning.
Have a peaceful day all.

Greyduster Sun 10-Jun-18 08:59:13

Hope that goes well for you, silverlining. I’ve had a couple - the prep is worse that the procedure but soon over. Try and relax. 🤞🏻. Apparently we had an earthquake here last night. Who knew? The earth did not move for me 😉.

cornergran Sun 10-Jun-18 09:02:44

Don’t worry, silverlining, greyd is right, the prep is worse than the procedure, staff are kind and respectful and yes, it’s soon over. I actually found it interesting. Wishing you well.