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Afternoon Tea and Cake or Scones

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12Michael Wed 27-Jun-18 14:57:30

Or if you prefer a coffee alternative.
Favourite Cakes
I like depending on where I am , mind you some of cafes like Bettys have a slightly different menu
My choice for cakes are Rock Cake, Lardy Cake , and sometimes a vanilla split or fresh cream doughnut

annsixty Wed 27-Jun-18 15:02:19

I like scones AND cake when I am
having a proper afternoon tea.
When it comes to Betty's, it has to be a fat rascal, when I would forgo the scone.
Proper leaf tea with a strainer on a silver stand.

kittylester Wed 27-Jun-18 15:05:46

Anything gluten free that isn't a brownie - gf is always a brownie!

Agree about the tea Ann.

ninathenana Wed 27-Jun-18 15:07:33

You can't beat a real Cornish cream tea in my opinion.

Failing that, a custard tart or custard slice.
I've never managed to actually go in a Betty's Mick. Whenever I 've been near one people have been queuing out the door and along the street sad

12Michael Wed 27-Jun-18 15:14:55

Have managed Harrogate and Otley in the past, like you say queuing is a problem , but Harrogate does offer similar places if you look.

Teetime Wed 27-Jun-18 15:31:01

Carrot Cake is my favourite but I had a very nice courgette one at Peterborough Cathedral the other day- really craving a very gooey chocolate one at the moment. I took a piece of chocolate cake at an event last weekend but it was very dry so I left it. Waste of calories

kittylester Wed 27-Jun-18 15:50:38

We Ince stopped at somewhere that did gf custard tarts, nina, which are my favourite. I had 2 in case I never saw one again. I haven't!sad

kittylester Wed 27-Jun-18 16:39:37

We once stopped! I corrected that before I posted!!!!!

Auntieflo Wed 27-Jun-18 17:07:45

At the moment, my favourite is those little Portuguese custard tarts, with a good pot of tea. One is not enough, and two would be piggy.

Eglantine21 Wed 27-Jun-18 17:12:40

Pastel de Nata, Auntiflo. My favourite too.

hildajenniJ Wed 27-Jun-18 17:27:00

You can't go past a Yorkshire curd tart, delicious. I'm not big on sponge cake or doughnuts but I do enjoy a good fruit scone with butter and jam, I'm not bothered about the cream.

cornergran Wed 27-Jun-18 17:31:12

Scone, jam and cream, as long as the gf scone doesn’t break a toe if dropped. Otherwise gf carrot cake and I love a brownie. Proper tea with tea leaves and a china cup. Lovely.

Panache Wed 27-Jun-18 17:49:17

Nice strong coffee for me please and a freshly baked scone with lots of jam and fresh cream..............(and a few indigestion tablets on the side!!!)

Whilst if making any pavlova at all, I hope you put a large placard outside.......... for I am VERY partial to some!
I would positively hate missing out.

sodapop Wed 27-Jun-18 17:51:24

I love Yorkshire curd tarts as well hilda no cream for me either, scone & jam with carrot or ginger cake - yummy.

Pittcity Wed 27-Jun-18 19:26:44

Coffee and walnut is my favourite. Wouldn't say no to anything chocolate or a proper cream tea.

Greyduster Wed 27-Jun-18 19:43:40

I’m with HildajenniJ. Yorkshire curd tart is truly delicious! I also have a weakness, though, for Portuguese custard tarts. They do lovely ones at Browns cafe in Oxford market. Or fruit cake with Wensleydale cheese, and a cup of Earl Grey.

winterwhite Wed 27-Jun-18 19:45:31

Coffee and walnut for me too. Or when appropriate parkin

Jalima1108 Wed 27-Jun-18 20:18:17

Coffee and walnut, Victoria sponge with home-made raspberry jam (no buttercream, thank you), plain scones with home-made strawberry jam and clotted cream and a custard tart (Portuguese ones sound lovely).
Followed by a chocolate éclair

A pot of tea - no sugar and semi-skimmed milk please, as I am on a diet.

My mum used to make a lovely parkin, haven't had any for years, could I take a piece home please?

Thank you Michael, very enjoyable.

Cherrytree59 Wed 27-Jun-18 20:32:27

Strong coffee (filter or Americano)
With coffee cake or ....

Ginger and lemon tea with lemon drizzle cake or ginger cake

In winter hot chocolate with chocolate cake

I like to double up on my flavourssmile

Jalima1108 Wed 27-Jun-18 20:38:52


This is virtual Cherrytree!

I think I'll add a piece of cherry and almond cake to my order please.

annsixty Wed 27-Jun-18 21:14:45

I think we are discussing apples and pears here.
I was on a full blown afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches , possibly smoked salmon, followed by scones then cake.
The sort that costs £25.
For tea and cake give me lemon drizzle any time.

hildajenniJ Wed 27-Jun-18 21:21:12

Panache, I make a legendary pavlova. I'm always requested to make one for any family celebration. I make my late MiL's recipe, with fresh cream and any fruit you like. My personal favourite it mixed fresh berries.

Cherrytree59 Wed 27-Jun-18 21:36:10

jamila virtual is good 👍
I am also on a diet
but if the offer is there...blush
mmm Cherry and almond cake

harrigran Thu 28-Jun-18 06:24:27

Afternoon tea for me would be smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches followed by a custard slice or a strawberry tart and a pot of tea.

NfkDumpling Thu 28-Jun-18 06:29:00

Oh, Harrigran, I’m with you. That sounds perfect! (Maybe some cream cheese with the sandwiches)