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My life on the table

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Anrol Sat 18-May-19 10:28:48

We are going away to CP in Suffolk with AS & his family for a few days next week. Consequently the house has piles of things ready to take & transfer to the car. I’ve just eaten my breakfast on the semi cluttered dining table. As I looked up it occurred to me the items pushed to one corner of the table portrayed bits and pieces of my character and interests; a vase of pale coloured roses, another vase of fake daffodils, my telescope in the corner, a dress with a spool of cotton on the top waiting for mending, a piece of pottery which has been drying in the sunshine from the window, a pair of gardening gloves & secateurs, a cut up pear & banana, a half drunk cup of tea (how many times do I do this) & a very old map book of England. I was wondering what few items would portray you?

Squiffy Sat 18-May-19 10:51:31

a half drunk cup of tea has just reminded me that I have one of those at the moment, but mine’s gone cold! 🙄🤣 A frequent occurrence here!

paddyann Sat 18-May-19 13:17:31

A book ,biography or recent history.CD's a good bottle of wine baking tins and ingredients, cookery books , piles of old photographs and some new ones of GC.My SNP badge and the Saltire I carry in marches .Usually wedding magazines as I like to keep up with the trends even though we're about to retire from photography.I too have half drunk cup of tea .I can find mine anywhere in the house as I carry it around with me and then forget where I left it

Gonegirl Sat 18-May-19 16:14:03

On my dining table at the moment there is a pile of airing waiting to be put away. The hand-held bit of my Dyson. A couple of cake tins. And a Seasalt catalogue. Sums my life up pretty well.

jacq10 Sat 18-May-19 16:45:08

On my dining table at the moment (with my lovely china cake stand pushed to one side!) is a packet of kinetic sand, basket of coloured pencils, drawing pad, small whiteboard, paper cut outs which look like snowflakes but I'm assured they are not - so await after school pick-up on Monday when I will told what he is making, Star of the Week Certificate from school (photocopies of which were made for Mum and Dad but I was told by himself I had to have the original for kitchen wall!) and a "Human Torso Anatomy Kit". There was an earlier pick-up than we expected so, of course, Granny said "leave everything and I'll tidy it"! And I will do now that I have cleared the floor. Happy days!!!

Cherrytree59 Sat 18-May-19 18:26:37

I'm afraid our table Sums up the life of my DH life not me.
Laptop,printer photography magazine binoculars, bird ID book. Paperwork, pen, diary, photos (of mammoths) printed awaiting grandsonsdson, cup of coffee and biscuit crumbs grr

I think 'my life' is in the conservatory.
Larger jars of sea shell and pretty stones, large fir cones found on walks with my wee grandsons, a vase of large interesting or colourful feathers found whilst out and about.
A wooden heart with a message on made my sister.
All these are not on a table, but on the ledge around the conservatory.
My table is a small glass one with a colourful peacock design with just enough room for my coffee cup and kindle

seacliff Sat 18-May-19 18:39:46

My table right now - Masons Mandalay china jug and ginger jar. They were part of a donation to Cats Protection, so I'm trying to sell them online to get the best price. I have been photographing them at all angles in a good light.

A big heap of faux flowers/grasses. I'm fed up of them, so they are en route to a storage cupboard, when I find a suitable box. They may come out in winter.

A collection of peacock feathers and a dish of birdseed for when PC calls. A bowl of apples. A heap of books intended for charity shop. I did just find an almost full cup of coffee, so I heated it in microwave!

tanith Sat 18-May-19 18:43:04

On my kitchen table at the moment are my binoculars as I spy on the bird table, a pocket guide to 🇬🇮 Gibraltar as I’m visiting my son & family next week, today’s newspaper with half done soduko, a bag of used stamps, and an apple pie that I baked for my neighbour he cuts my front lawn every fortnight.

gillybob Sat 18-May-19 18:45:10

What a nice thread Anrol smile

In the middle of my dining table at the moment :

A vase of fresh flowers with a wooden bunny left over from Easter stuck in, a galvanised crab , small stony cove Yankee candle a wooden holder all stood on an oversize painted platter.

On the edge is a much thumbed copy of ideal home magazine.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 18-May-19 19:06:48

My dining table is in a room that only gets visited for meals, so I can’t do that but I can say that surrounding me and the sofa are the two books I’m reading at the moment on the side table, on the floor is a pram blanket I’m knitting for the food bank, down the side is Good Housekeeping, the Guardian and David Austen catalogue I am constantly looking at. Empty glass of wine by books. In a wooden bowl DH made are my sunglasses, a pot of face cream and some nail varnish. Photo of grandsons And the remotes for the tv.

Seems a bit cluttered now I come to take stock😳

grannyactivist Sat 18-May-19 19:38:37

I obviously have no visible life! In the centre of the dining table is a trio of mini milk bottles containing orange and yellow gerberas. On my coffee table is a beautiful handmade (by my son) pottery plate holding tealights.

My house is always 'visitor ready', so my 'life' is constantly being tidied away into my bedroom - the only room exempt from casual visitors - and that is a different story! There you will find an, as yet unpacked, overflowing suitcase from our recent trip to a Greek Island*; a great many books, including a guide to a course I'm currently running; a pile of paperwork relating to my job with homeless people; a chart ready for me to fill in with family history data - and a very large pot plant that reproaches me with its need for re-potting every time I look at it.
* I have actually been home for a week. blush

MamaCaz Sat 18-May-19 19:46:32

On the kitchen table right now: a baby's soft activity toy, the product band off a skein of wool, a sheet of A4 paper with some Russian vocabulary and some tapestry instructions scribbled on it, and an empty gin bottle.
It is only missing some gardening-related item to reveal almost everything about me 😊

annep1 Sat 18-May-19 23:09:38

My life is divided between my desk and dining table. At the minute dining table is covered in newspaper with garden ornaments that I am painting and varnishing and also two parcels for grandchildren. Birthday present for 20 yr old and the other a surprise selction of sweets/chocolate etc for the 4 and 8 yr old gs.
My desk has notebook where I am writing childhood memories for siblings. An embroidery project and a painting in progress for a dear friend. Some filing and my tin whistles, which I love playing..

BBbevan Sun 19-May-19 02:30:58

On my kitchen table this evening. List just begun for next weeks shopping. List of stuff DH needs from B&Q. Present and card to be posted next week for DS 's new job. Two birthday cards also to be posted. Large bowl of fruit, to one side ,and bowls and plates ready for tomorrow's breakfast.
The dinning room table has a pile of library books and a cyclamen.

BradfordLass72 Sun 19-May-19 03:23:10

My life must be very bleak. My table is totally empty. As is the dresser, although the shelves in my kitchen contain, at the moment, a Mother's Day card.

a half drunk cup of tea

To paraphrase HG2G

'It's unpleasantly like being drunk.'
'What's unpleasant about being drunk?'
'Ask a cup of tea'

Lyndiloo Sun 19-May-19 03:26:51

Oh lawd! Put things away, you lazy lumps!

I cannot bear to see my table littered with rubbish. Or any other surface, come to that.

downtoearth Sun 19-May-19 06:56:44

Small table near my chair,has a pile of magazines,some read some unfinished,a pile of library books to be read,some tea light candles,a smelly candle,a mini yankee candle,all unused due to paper clutter,a blood pressure monitor,underneath is a box of photos and an album,to sort at a later date,tea all drunk and mugs in dishwasher

starbird Sun 19-May-19 07:24:30

I don’t have a dining table but in what passes as a work/hobby shelf/area by my chair and in reach of it, I have a half drunk cup of tea (cold), glasses case with reading glasses, emery board, tissues, kindle, two half read paperbacks, U3A Third Age Matters magazine, work computer and briefcase containg paperwork to do before I go in on Wednesday, my laptop and paperwork for preparation of the annual membership report for the auditor of my local U3A, (I am using ipad), picture of grandson, mobile phone, landline, tv remote, a resistance band which I sometimes remember to put round my knees or ankles to exercise with, and a blood pressure monitor.

annep1 Sun 19-May-19 07:34:59

What a nice thread Anrol. I think it would be nice to have a thread where people wrote a little bit about themselves when joining.

NanKate Sun 19-May-19 07:45:05

My things are on the windowsill in the bay window next to my chair and footstool.

Book, pens, two small ornaments made by my DGSs, IPad, notebook where I write down all the tv programmes/series recommended in the weekend papers, earphones, box of tissues, emery board and usually a strong cup of coffee.

TwiceAsNice Sun 19-May-19 07:47:06

On the dining table at far end of room is a bowl of fruit and a T shirt from online shopping waiting to be sent back ( wrong colour) and a present to give to daughter. On 2 side tables near sitting area is a pot plant, , 2 turquoise decorative dishes, a mirror circle with a selection of candles on top, another candle , the television remotes, a pencil case, and my glasses on the second table near where I sit and my knitting always nearby

Katyj Sun 19-May-19 07:58:55

On my table at the moment.A surveyors report( Not favourable, so trying to forget about it ) A home made easter card from dgc waiting to go upstairs in the treasure box. A new fitted sheet, still in wrapper, ready for new bed being delivered tomorrow. A letter reminding me of my mammogram appointment.My handbag, and a bowl of fruit.Sums up my life perfectly at the moment.

etheltbags1 Sun 19-May-19 08:29:17

On my table is a pile of books waiting to be read, a pile of work related stuff, wool and a card circle for prom Poms. My laptop and yes an unfinished coffee cup. What sums up my life is the sofa, a pile of garden magazines, remotes, throws garden gloves and an unwashed sock. That's me to a tee, rather do my garden than stow away work stuff or wash the socks.

DanniRae Sun 19-May-19 08:31:04

On my table: A bowl of fruit....a stand for hanging up cutlery.....and salt and pepper grinders. I have just wiped up all the spilt rice etc from yesterday evening's Indian takeaway. My 2 daughters and I had a girl's night in with said takeaway and 4 hours of the Eurovision Song Contest! grin

Greyduster Sun 19-May-19 08:31:27

On my dining table: a vintage green glass dish with nectarines in it; they go together so beautifully I am going to paint them. A pad of watercolour paper, my camera waiting to have some photos downloaded to my iPad, a rugging tool I bought on Thursday, an appointment letter - and DH asking “When are you going to put all this stuff away?”