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my kids and grandchildren are an 9 hour flight away

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Nanz Sun 02-Jun-19 21:35:57

Both our kids live a 9 and11 hour flight from us. Our daughter keeps in touch three or four times a week our son the odd video every few weeks. We were such a close family until our daughter emigrated and her brother followed. Does anyone else have all their offspring so far away? If so any tips on coping with not seeing them?

Avor2 Sun 02-Jun-19 21:46:35

One son lives in Portugal the other is thinking of moving to Australia (?) The son in Portugal has been there for 16 years and has a lovely family and life and we get there as often as we can, 2 1/2 hours on the plane is ok but if our other son goes to Australia that is so far away and DH isn;t getting any younger bless him and doesn't travel well so probably wont get there, we chat on facetime etc., which is lovely but I really would love them to be nearer to us. You do get used to it but it doesn't mean it is how you would like it to be. Sending love and hope you can come to terms with it.

Carus Sun 02-Jun-19 22:01:33

My son and daughter-in-Law and lovely grandsons aged 3 and 6 live an eight hour flight and four hour car journey away, they FaceTime me every Sunday without fail. I visit twice a year and we keep in touch through FaceTime. I lost my husband four years ago and my son and dil know how much this means to me. FaceTime is marvellous as we can all see one another and the little ones don’t forget what granny looks like.
Although there is a seven hour time difference we have sorted that out. If you don’t have FaceTime maybe you could Skype.