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Cropped wide leg trousers

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sarahcyn Thu 27-Aug-20 08:27:03

Any fashion gurus here?
Is it ok to wear cropped, wide leg trousers with boots? Is there another way they look “right” in colder weather?
I’ve been wearing white trainers with cropped/wide leg trousers through the summer but it’s getting chillier soon. My legs are chunky, pale and veined and nobody wants to see them, especially in winter. But tights with trainers is weird. And what about cropped trousers with black tights? Does that look right?

Esspee Thu 27-Aug-20 08:30:58

I feel cropped trousers are very much a summer thing.
Once it gets colder long trousers look (and feel) more sensible.
But then that is simply my opinion.

EllanVannin Thu 27-Aug-20 08:38:53

I'm not a fan of cropped trousers, they always look half-mast to me. They accentuate big feet too.

pollyperkins Thu 27-Aug-20 08:39:26

I agree with Espee. Long trousers inthe winter

Blinko Thu 27-Aug-20 08:42:25

Leggings, short skirt and boots for me in the Winter. Wide leg crops, nope, not for me.

Lucca Thu 27-Aug-20 08:45:27

I’d prefer culottes I think, with boots. I like cropped trousers in summer but not wide legged I must admit.

Urmstongran Thu 27-Aug-20 08:50:04

I think cropped wide leg trousers are the worst look. I’ve never seen anyone who wears them looking good - whatever the combo with them.

MerylStreep Thu 27-Aug-20 08:58:30

is there another way they look right
They've never looked right, and never will. Awful look.

crazyH Thu 27-Aug-20 09:00:43

Not for me - my legs are skinny ...

DanniRae Thu 27-Aug-20 09:02:32

I think that cropped wide legged trousers are a no no - any time of year! shock

sarahcyn Thu 27-Aug-20 09:03:26

Urmstongran thanks, that makes me feel great.

sarahcyn Thu 27-Aug-20 09:04:26

Clearly I’m the worst dressed gran in the world.

TwiceAsNice Thu 27-Aug-20 09:04:34

Not for winter. They look awful except with bare legs. I have to confess I would only wear sandals with them too rather than anything closed up. That’s just me though people must dress as they like .

eazybee Thu 27-Aug-20 09:10:04

I think cropped, and long, wide leg trousers, are best left to the very tall, very slim and very young people without hips, tummies and bottoms. Just my opinion.

annsixty Thu 27-Aug-20 09:24:17

How strange I find it that as older people we are urged to be ourselves , wear and look how and what we like and ignore the censure of others, and now en masse, criticise someone who is doing just that.
sarahcyn just try several looks for yourself, preferably with the red and purple of the poet whose name escapes me,and good luck.

Alexa Thu 27-Aug-20 09:25:41

I like wide legged trousers with warm long underpants in clod weather.

My feeling about any cropped trousers is they are a warm weather mood. I suppose narrow ones could be tucked into boots but then why not wear breeches?

If the trousers are so wide legged they are divided skirts or these courgette garments I forget the proper word for them. I think long boots would be nice but not of course with the grament tucked in.

Alexa Thu 27-Aug-20 09:26:40


sarahcyn Thu 27-Aug-20 09:30:46



Courgettes was better.

I’m going to try them with boots.
Thanks @annsixty for your kind encouragement

grannycakes Thu 27-Aug-20 09:37:51

I wear culottes with knee high boots in winter and white trainers in summer

Urmstongran Thu 27-Aug-20 09:39:47

My sincere apologies sarahcyn. I truly did not intend to be mean.

jaylucy Thu 27-Aug-20 09:39:51

If trying boots, please just knee length ones! Or thick tights and slim (not clumpy) ankle boots might be a go?
Personally, cropped trousers of any description should be binned - but then I have short fat stumpy legs that would look silly with anything that wasn't at least ankle length!

sarahcyn Thu 27-Aug-20 09:58:41

Accepted @urmstongran! I was pretty taken aback by how fast my innocuous query got slapped down on several sides! I did ask for it I guess and all’s fair in love and fashion grin

sarahcyn Thu 27-Aug-20 10:00:47

Jaylucy I am emboldened by your advice, as I have a whole shelf of knee high boots.

Lisagran Thu 27-Aug-20 10:05:00

I have black cropped wide trousers which I wore quite a bit last winter, with knee high black boots. I’m not tall and willowy by any means (5’7” / size 14), but they looked ok. Looked best with a shortish jacket. I could find a pic, but having seen some of the comments on here, I probably won’t grin

Blossoming Thu 27-Aug-20 10:12:53

Knee high boots and opaque tights in my opinion.