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Nonnie Mon 03-Sep-18 15:42:52

Does anyone have a cure? Tried over the counter meds but they make me feel awful next day. Tried warm milk and various things before bed but they don't work. I have a bedtime routine, I don't have a TV in the bedroom and don't look at PC or phone before bed. I feel very tired so don't see the point in getting up and doing something to tire myself out. I never nap in the daytime and suffer the same if I have had a quiet day, a busy day or a physically demanding day. When I finally get to sleep, sometimes as late as 5 am, I sleep soundly, it is getting to sleep that is the problem. After about 5 days of this I finally get a good night's sleep but then it all starts again.

HildaW Mon 03-Sep-18 16:22:51

Nonnie....oh am with you on this. I had thought the worst was over, we had been through several grim years and I had got so much better regular hours, no tech, window open reading something dull for a while etc. But its back!
Last night I was worn out physically, had taken dog for a walk and completed the usual bedtime routine. Sleep alluded me and I staggered down stairs after midnight to spend three hours quietly reading and watching a very gentle film. Back in bed at 3.30 was still mulling over all sorts of nonsense....anyway you know only too well.
I'd love to be able to pass on a secret cure but sorry not able. A glass of wine with supper sometimes helps but its not a route I want to go down regularly, and it might just be coincidence!
I shall try again tonight! Good luck.

janeainsworth Mon 03-Sep-18 16:30:23

I have to make a conscious effort to relax myself physically and mentally and rid my mind of all the niggling things, big and small, that are going on in there.
Much easier said than done and sometimes it works, often it doesn’t.
The amount of alcohol or caffeine I have appears to make no difference.
Sympathy nonnie.

gillybob Mon 03-Sep-18 16:32:42

I agree with JaneA. I don't drink coffee at all but my lack of sleep makes not difference whether i have had alcohol or not. I can fall asleep quite easily but tend to wake up after only a few hours with my mind playing O/T.

Nonnie Mon 03-Sep-18 16:34:43

Sorry that both of you have the same problem. Not sure it helps you to know you are not alone.

I stop the coffee at lunch time and don't often drink so that is clearly no the issue.

The trouble is that I am so tired during the day that I am completely unmotivated to get on with my life. I find I am only doing what is necessary and nothing more. If I carry on like this I will end up a couch potato.

MissAdventure Mon 03-Sep-18 16:34:51

There is a thread around somewhere about CBD oil somewhere, and the people who tried it reported that their sleeping had been much better since using it.
I was going to get some, but still haven't got round to it.

grannyqueenie Mon 03-Sep-18 16:35:19

I feel for you nonnie my sleep pattern’s been erratic for years, especially immediately post menopause. It really frustrates me and like you no real rhyme nor reason to when it happens. Sometimes can’t get off to sleep other times wake at silly o’clock and then can’t get back to sleep again. Have to say I do resort to an antihistamine tablet when I’m desperate. Have also found an eye mask helps at times. My mum was a poor sleeper and it became quite an obsession for her, I’m determined not to do the same and let rule my life but as I get older I am finding harder to cope with such a small amount of sleep. Good luck!

HildaW Mon 03-Sep-18 17:06:24

Yes its a vicious circle... I know exercise helps but when you do not have the energy to hoover you do not have the energy to do a few exercises......hey ho!

paddyann Mon 03-Sep-18 17:21:54

Try the Paul Mckenna book and cd ,I can Make You Sleep ,worked for me .

kathsue Mon 03-Sep-18 17:23:59

Try mindfulness or breathing/relaxation exercises.
I know it sounds trite but the more you worry about not sleeping the worse it gets. If you can think to yourself ok I'm not sleeping but I'm lying here relaxed and my body is resting. I might be tired tomorrow but I will survive.
Then try to visualise a nice place or event or a journey.

TerriBull Mon 03-Sep-18 17:32:28

I sympathise I too have great difficulty sleeping now, since the menopause took hold. I remember how well I slept once, I'd love to be able to be like that again. Don't have coffee pm have tried herbal sleep inducing tablets from the health shop, something called "sleepy" a lavender body cream from Lush, a pillow spray from Marks, all to no avail. Lack of good quality sleep does affect my daytime energy levels which aren't great to add to the under active thyroid and continuing menopausal symptoms. I guess I sleep sometimes, those are the mornings when I can't remember being awake most of the night, but other nights I know I'm awake. My husband tells me I only think I'm awake, so I've made a point of saying on occasions when he gets up to go to the loo, "I'm still awake seeee!"

Fennel Mon 03-Sep-18 20:05:03

I have problems sleeping some nights, not others. If I do have a good night's sleep I feel so upbeat the next day. and vice versa. Tried melatonin, no good.
One of my problems is restless leg. The other needing to go to the toilet.
Otherwise when desperate I take a piriton (or two).

JudyJudy12 Mon 03-Sep-18 20:17:23

I have used Paul Mckenna programmes, they are brilliant, havent used the sleep one.

Have you tried not going to bed until the early hours to take the pressure off of trying to sleep,if there is nothing you need to get up for it doesnt matter when you sleep. I have always been a night owl and much prefer to go to bed about 3am and get up about 10am.

Cherrytree59 Mon 03-Sep-18 20:38:43

Guided sleep meditation (not music)
I listen via u-tube on my tablet using one earbud, dont want to disturb the sleeping beauty next to mehmm

Not sure if I'm allowed to say who I listen to?confused

NanKate Mon 03-Sep-18 21:05:06

I am a stronger believer in mindfulness meditation, in fact I meditate every day for at least 30 minutes.

When I can’t sleep I go onto YouTube (free) and type in guided meditation. The one I particularly like at present is called ‘Sleep meditation - release worry. Guided meditation hypnosis etc’ by Jason Stephenson.

It takes a few weeks to get into accepting meditation as a part of your life. I sometimes just request Tibetan singing bowls which relax me, other times sounds of nature or the rain forest. There are so many free meditations out there. They tend to be by Americans. Some voices I don’t like, so I skip those. There are a whole selection by The Honest Guys. You just have to search to find what suits you.

You can also download an app called Calm and for a month you can access lots of relaxing stories, meditations etc. They then say if you want more you need to pay.

Hope that helps.

Cherrytree59 Mon 03-Sep-18 21:09:31

Nankate Thank you!
I wanted to say Jason Stevenson smile

MissAdventure Mon 03-Sep-18 21:10:26

I listen to him, too.

NanKate Mon 03-Sep-18 22:02:13

Snap. If 3 of us listen to him that is a great endorsement. 👍👍👍

MissAdventure Mon 03-Sep-18 22:03:35

Not really. I haven't had a decent sleep since last year!
He does have a nice voice though; I always think that at least I'm relaxing.

Cherrytree59 Mon 03-Sep-18 22:20:38

Nankate and MissAdventure
Have you tried Chakra Sleep with Jason Stevenson?

Melanieeastanglia Mon 03-Sep-18 23:14:08

I suppose you've tried things like a hot bath before bed.

Sometimes what I do is lie in bed with my eyes closed and, no matter what, I do not move. Even if I am awake and bored lying in one position, I stay there. Eventually I drop off to sleep.

Making the room as dark as possible is a help, I find.

Allegretto Mon 03-Sep-18 23:24:27

I go through the alphabet, thinking of capital cities or places I’ve been or sweeties or biscuits or writers........ This usually works for me. I might have tossed and turned for hours but I rarely get very far when I distract myself by searching through the alphabet for some category.

NanKate Tue 04-Sep-18 07:35:43

No I haven’t Cherrytree but thanks for the suggestion.

Missfoodlove Tue 04-Sep-18 08:48:52

I use This Works pillow spray. It really does work! Read the reviews.
I spray my pillow and do a few deep breathing exercises and drop off until my bladder wakes me up😩

annep Tue 04-Sep-18 08:59:11

Having tried most things, I tend like everyone else to favour meditation, calming music etc. If I dont sleep, relaxation techniques minimise the negative effects next day. Haven't heard of Jason Stevenson. And Paul McKenna sounds good too.
I remember once taking a magnesium supplement for about two weeks and my sleep improved dramatically at the same time. Perhaps there was a link.