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GrandmainOz Fri 22-Mar-19 01:46:20

This is NOT a Brexit thread. I'm not giving my opinion on Brexit. I'm only questioning its effects. Please don't tell me your opinions. I'm not interested in arguments.
I'd just like to ask people a factual question: if their medical treatment/medication is being affected?
I'm worried about my very close friend.
He was diagnosed with a significant, at that time life limiting, condition 20 years ago (he's now 60).
After many years of worry, a new medication was trialled and it works. Jubilatation!
It got to the point where he only needed to see his GP every 3 months, and his consultant every 6 months.
He was given 6 months medication at a time and was at last free to travel and had peace of mind as the condition became virtually undetectable.
He moved out of London but found a GP with knowledge of his condition. All was well.
Fast forward to 4 mths ago. GP (Portuguese) goes back to Portugal. 3 mths ago consultant (Spanish) went back to Spain.
The only GP he could find was on the exact opposite end of his (very busy, populous) county. This journey is bad enough but could be made impossible if speculated motorway closure occurs.
He was told he could only have 1 month supply of medication from February. At his March appointment this week, that's been further cut to only 2 weeks' supply at a time.
After 10 years of getting 6 month prescriptions.
My friend's condition would quickly flare up and become potentially very serious without these drugs.
Is anyone else having problems? Have you lost your doctor, or had your supply of medication cut?
I'm so worried for my dear friend who has already been through so much.

GabriellaG54 Mon 25-Mar-19 18:22:30

The doctors gave the verdict, not I.
Read on Google about the fact that sitting around more than would be normal, (as mum did both at work and at home) can exacerbate cancer as well as a having a diet which had little variety.
I can be sure. I saw the doctors reports.

dragonfly46 Mon 25-Mar-19 18:35:16

So what you are saying Gabriella is that my breast cancer is due to life style. I have always cooked from scratch, eaten a varied diet mainly plant based, I am slim and never been overweight and spent much of my life on a bike as I did not have a car. Which part of that then has caused my cancer?

GabriellaG54 Mon 25-Mar-19 18:56:41

I did not say that my mum's cancer was caused by sitting around and a poorly varied diet. Please read before jumping to conclusions.
Exacerbated, was the word I used and bowel cancer is not breast cancer.
I made no remarks about or allusions to your or anyone else's illness(es)
I spoke of my mother and her doctors diagnosis and reports over 23 years ago.

GabriellaG54 Mon 25-Mar-19 18:58:09

Look on Google. It will confirm my remarks on the doctors findings.

icanhandthemback Mon 25-Mar-19 19:06:43

To be fair, Gonegirl, GG probably knows the genetic disposition for her family so may feel that would not be likely. Some people have a black humour so wouldn't be ashamed to put things like this on a forum.
However, my Uncle lived in the Isle of Man just the other side of the line for where it was supposed to be safe after Chernobyl. In his lane of very few houses, 8 people died of bowel cancer. All of them were people who had lived active lives as they worked on farms or other active jobs. There were obviously other factors other than genetic or sitting around.

Jalima1108 Mon 25-Mar-19 20:13:57

Chernobyl has more to answer for than we know as yet ichtb

Gonegirl Mon 25-Mar-19 21:05:52

A lot of old people have to sit for much of the day. Think care homes. Are all the residents going to get bowel cancer?I'll bet there is a lot more to it than sitting.

Gonegirl Mon 25-Mar-19 21:08:05

Not that that has anything to do with the OP.

GabriellaG54 Mon 25-Mar-19 23:08:18

At no time did I write that sitting or inactivity, caused or was/is the only contributory factor to be considered in someone who presents with symptoms of bowel cancer.
Exacerbated = made a bad problem (or feeling) worse.
It certainly didn't help that mum made her situation worse by being so inactive both before and after her ops when she was encouraged to exercise more plus her not eating properly was a problem.
Not cooking at least one hot proper meal a day and for some of her earlier life she was a smoker, albeit not when GC or we were there.
She was 5-4 and weighed 8-7 for all her adult life. Always on the go ...until dad died and then the last of us left home.
I don't think she had any pleasure left in her life. Never wanted to go anywhere or do anything. She would read, watch tv...that was it.
Family was everything but when we grew up and dad died, mum died inside.
I miss her but I couldn't help her.

GabriellaG54 Mon 25-Mar-19 23:14:24

With respect, it's a bit out of order to infer that I have a black sense of humour and why should I be ashamed to say the truth, after all, it was not my diagnosis but the reports of the hospital doctors who saw her during the last 10 years.
Surely no-one would be ashamed to say that a relative hindered their chances of recovery by not adhering to the advice given by doctors...

icanhandthemback Mon 25-Mar-19 23:45:38

Sorry GG, if you thought I was out of order...not sure I was saying YOU had a black sense of humour, just that some might find that an amusing way of putting it without meaning any disrespect either to the person they were talking about or to others on the forum. As somebody who can sometimes have that sort of sense of humour, I didn't really see it as an offensive trait so apologies if you do. sad

janeainsworth Tue 26-Mar-19 00:51:15

I don't think she had any pleasure left in her life. Never wanted to go anywhere or do anything. She would read, watch tv...that was it. Family was everything but when we grew up and dad died, mum died inside. I miss her but I couldn't help her
Gabriella flowers My mother was the same. It’s so hard to watch someone you love giving up, but that’s what she did.

POGS Tue 26-Mar-19 10:03:01

Blimey I never knew 6 months worth of medication was ever possible on the NHS.

I months Supply at our surgery but 2 if going on holiday.

My hubby takes Cardura and that has been a medication that ' over the years' has at times been in short supply so nothing to do with Brexit.

GabriellaG54 Tue 26-Mar-19 19:40:01

Thank you janeainsworth, thank you.
Mum found it hard to open-up to people. She was sent to a convent aged 7 when her parents split up and remained there for 10 years, never going home or having her parents visit ever again. That's why our family became her world. She gave us the best childhood we could ever have wished for. smile

mamamags Fri 29-Mar-19 11:22:36

I am prescribed Methotrexate once a month on my repeat prescription. I have to have a monthly blood test for this.
If, for some reason, I miss this test, then the Methotrexate is not prescribed until another blood test is provided.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why some medication has to be on a one monthly basis

NanaMacGeek Fri 29-Mar-19 14:58:54

I had a delivery of my 'switched' medication yesterday! I'm so relieved but concerned for others who are waiting to hear about their continuity of supplies. It has been a worrying time.

The alternative medication that I am using is not causing any issues but it's far too early to tell whether or not it is as effective as my previous one (which has now become too expensive for the NHS to fund).

MarkJonathan Fri 05-Apr-19 10:59:28

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