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I feel awful they are sending an ambulance.

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Starblaze Mon 16-Dec-19 22:51:16

I've probably only pulled something or maybe it's just terrible indigestion. I got a bit tipsy earlier and ate too much. They said they have to send an ambulance for any chest pain. I feel awful wasting their time as they said it will be a while and there must be people who need it more. Don't know what to do with myself while I wait.

elastic Mon 16-Dec-19 22:55:43

Do you have something like an exercise bike? You could a bit of fast spinning and find out one way or the other. hmm

If you are having a heart attack I am gonna feel really bad posting this.

Urmstongran Mon 16-Dec-19 22:57:55

Oh bless you. Try not to worry. Remember to take any meds you are on. Your mobile. Some money. Your keys. A book or magazine in your bag?

Practical thoughts might help distract you.

I hope all is well Stargaze x

Urmstongran Mon 16-Dec-19 22:59:12

Bugger. blaze not gaze. Silly moo.

Allegretto Mon 16-Dec-19 22:59:15

Best to be cautious. They are the professionals and if they deem it necessary to send an ambulance, judging by your symptoms, then that’s ok. Just relax while you wait. Hopefully it will indeed turn out to be nothing.

rosecarmel Mon 16-Dec-19 23:13:12

Thinking of you, hope the ambulance has arrived and you are on your way to hospital to be treated, do keep us posted once you've rested and have the energy to do so ..

Hithere Mon 16-Dec-19 23:15:08

Get better! We are here for you

Doodle Mon 16-Dec-19 23:16:13

Hope you are ok starblaze. Just try and keep calm till they come.

Yehbutnobut Mon 16-Dec-19 23:16:24

Did you ring 111 firsr?

Curlywhirly Mon 16-Dec-19 23:33:20

Better to be safe than sorry. Let the experts deal with it. If it's just indigestion, then that's a bonus. Take care.

GagaJo Mon 16-Dec-19 23:37:16

Thinking of you Starblaze. XX

welbeck Tue 17-Dec-19 00:10:24

I take it you are alone.
good luck.
we here want to support you anyway we can.
the service is there for your need as much as anybody's; they have made the assessment, leave it in their hands.
you did the right thing ringing them.

GagaJo Tue 17-Dec-19 06:42:48

Can you let us know how you are Starblaze? XX

BlueBelle Tue 17-Dec-19 07:56:31

Hope Starbase is ok ? Come back and let us know when you can

PamelaJ1 Tue 17-Dec-19 08:07:08

It’s so difficult to know what to do isn’t it.
Hope you are OK.

sunseeker Tue 17-Dec-19 08:12:05

A couple of years ago I had to call an ambulance - when they arrived I kept apologising saying I hoped I wasn't wasting their time. I will never forget the words of the paramedic "I will tell you the same thing I tell all those I see, when in doubt - give us a shout" I am sure we all hope Starblaze is soon able to report that all is well.

timetogo2016 Tue 17-Dec-19 08:17:53

Bless you Starblaze.
Your not wasting their time and it`s best to be safe than sorry.
Let us all know how you are asap please.

Urmstongran Tue 17-Dec-19 08:48:27

Hopefully you are just having a lie in at home after a very late night being assessed.

sodapop Tue 17-Dec-19 09:03:20

Always better safe than sorry Starblaze hope you are ok.

Humbertbear Tue 17-Dec-19 09:24:21

I hope you are back home safe and sound. I had chest pains last year and while I was waiting for the ambulance they told me to put 4 aspirins under my tongue.. fortunately I was ok and I hope you are too. But people reading this might like to remember the advice, I now carry aspirins in my make up bag, just in case next time it’s the real thing.

CoolioC Tue 17-Dec-19 09:40:24

Hope you are OK? Was it the booze and over indulgence of QS? Did you pick up your sock gift enroute?

we use an orange fizzy drink, cannot remember what it’s called but acts like Andrews liver salts used to. Makes you trump both ends to clear you out in the first instance.

annep1 Tue 17-Dec-19 09:46:37

Don't fèl bad. Better safe than sorry.

Aspirin advice v good. I always carry Aspirin with me and keep beside bed.

Better advice than elastic's.

Please let us know how you are.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 17-Dec-19 09:54:10

Hope you are OK starblaze

CoolioC Tue 17-Dec-19 09:56:25

ENO is the product similar to

Lisagran Tue 17-Dec-19 10:29:00

Hope you are ok Starblaze. I was in a similar position about a month ago - was seen in A +E with chest pains. They did lots of tests and said they’d refer me to the Chest clinic. Went there yesterday and had more tests. Very high BP, still have chest pain, and some concern re irregular heart beat. Echocardiogram after Christmas, then an angiogram in a couple of months. I’m worried sick, truth be told.
Anyway, best wishes to you Starblaze