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Drinking a glass of water that has stood bedside overnight

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Cunco Tue 18-Feb-20 15:25:51

I was always told as a child (a long time ago) not to drink a glass of water that has stood bedside overnight. At my ripe old age now, I invariably do. I have 'googled' and found lots of reasons why it might not taste fresh or even be slightly off; but has anyone in the UK, or place of similar climate, ever been made ill by drinking this 'stale' water? I haven't and was wondering whether anyone else has.

jo1book Tue 18-Feb-20 15:32:21

I put a cover on my drink in case a spider falls into it. I suppose a drinking bottle is best.

Dec46 Tue 18-Feb-20 15:36:37

I've not been made ill by drinking it and used to keep water by my bed so that I could take a pill in the morning without having to get up first.I stopped doing that when I saw my cat happily dipping his paw in it to help himself to the water.

BlueSky Tue 18-Feb-20 15:40:14

I've never thought about it and I do take a glass of water up to bed! Well I've never had any problems and I've always done this! When abroad I do cover it in case any crawlies fall in but not in the UK.

BlueBelle Tue 18-Feb-20 15:44:27

I never drink in the night why do people take a glass of water to bed my Nan always did I can see her now carrying it upstairs

jo1book Tue 18-Feb-20 15:49:09

I am afraid I get very thirsty at night.

Cunco Tue 18-Feb-20 15:49:50

I put a glass of water by my bedside in case I need a drink in the night. I seldom do so it's there when I wake in the morning. I feel I may as well drink it as pour it down the sink. If nothing else, waste not want not and even, a step towards a conservation society? Well, maybe. 😊

SueDonim Tue 18-Feb-20 15:50:25

I sometimes take water to bed at night, if I need to take tablets for a migraine or have a tickly throat. I have heard of the ‘stale water’ thing but I’ve never heard if anyone being ill from it.

There is of course the penis beaker aspect to consider! 😳

vena11 Tue 18-Feb-20 15:57:26

I always take a glass of water and cover it with something and if I don't need it in the night I will drink it in the morning , I have never been ill with it.

Yehbutnobut Tue 18-Feb-20 16:01:26

I am quite happy to drink water that has stood overnight.

Why ever not? Of course if there was a fly or spider floating in it that’s a different matter 🕷

janeainsworth Tue 18-Feb-20 16:02:09

Bluebelle I have a glass of water on my bedside table because I invariably I wake up
& need the loo. My mouth usually feels very dry & I need a few sips of water.
Also I take thyroxine which you’re supposed to take first thing, so I keep them upstairs & use my glass of water for that too.

Marmight Tue 18-Feb-20 16:03:57

Could have done without that piece of information Sue 🙄. Quite put me off my afternoon tea. ....
I always take water to bed. If I don’t have it, I need it. I have no problem with having a glug on awakening. If there’s lots left I chuck it in the kettle for my breakfast tea.

jo1book Tue 18-Feb-20 16:08:53

Blimey, Jane, you and I could be sisters! Same meds, same trips to loo.

crazyH Tue 18-Feb-20 16:13:55

There's always a glass of water on my bedside table. My throat gets awfully dry.

janeainsworth Tue 18-Feb-20 16:14:30


janeainsworth Tue 18-Feb-20 16:15:34

That was for jo1book smile

welbeck Tue 18-Feb-20 16:16:58

i can see no problem except poss dust etc particles. put an envelope over the top of cup, or use those insulted cups with slider opening. or a bottle with top.
many people have had to drink v stale water and were glad to do so, no discernabe harm.
does it worry you.

Sparkling Tue 18-Feb-20 16:17:55

Sue, why did you need to share that information, was it firctgexwholecpopukatio aspect? Needless to say I clicked and viewed the posts, what a dirty lot! If that is a true reflection of the people that use that site, where do mums go to for company and support. Thank goodness for Gransnet.

Sparkling Tue 18-Feb-20 16:19:30

The text changed after I pressed send. It should have read, Was it for the shock aspect, ( not all that gobledygook), that Sue mentioned it.

kittylester Tue 18-Feb-20 16:27:22

Well, I thought that was funny sue.

BlueBelle Tue 18-Feb-20 16:45:42

Well it’s me that’s out of tune obviously as it seems everyone else takes water to bed I ve just never thought of having a drink in the night I usually have a wee about 4 ish but its never occurred to me to have a gulp or two I suppose it’s what you get into the habit of isn’t it

Cunco Tue 18-Feb-20 16:46:02

SueDonim I hadn't considered that risk. We should consider all aspects of health and safety, even those a little off-piste. 😊

Chewbacca Tue 18-Feb-20 16:50:32

I always have a large glass of water by my bed; I do get thirsty and my mouth gets dry. There isn't much left over in the morning for me to worry about. As for the penis beaker; I loved that thread on MN. Think it went into Classics, it was so popular!

Kittye Tue 18-Feb-20 17:06:03

I always take water to bed with me as I get very thirsty in the night. After knocking the glass over several times (usually when it was full 🙄) I bought a plastic water bottle and use that. Must say I never considered spiders having a swim when I used a glass!

anniezzz09 Tue 18-Feb-20 17:06:47

Suedonim hilarious, thank you never heard the like....

I've always thought a glass of water left by the bed overnight tastes odd and connected that to all the dust that gathers under the bed. Yuck!!

However, having started taking a bottle of water to the bedside as a means of generally drinking more water, I find I now enjoy a long drink of water first thing. Very good for the kidneys and health in general!