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If we feel ill .... ?

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ExD Sun 12-Apr-20 22:03:39

If we feel ill (sore throat, cough, temperature etc) and we're alone, surviving on internet deliveries, what do we do if we feel ill? Who do we tell?
We know we're supposed to take paracetamol and drink water ..... and if we get worse to go to bed.
Then what?

annep1 Sun 12-Apr-20 22:06:15

Good question. Anyone?

NfkDumpling Sun 12-Apr-20 22:13:26

Ring 111.

BlueBelle Sun 12-Apr-20 22:16:40

Yep ring 111 if you have breathing problems or a high temperature

Barmeyoldbat Sun 12-Apr-20 22:20:27

I have been thinking the same but for my daughter, living on her own with a learning disability and care coming in. If she is ill what then, its a nightmare.

Pikachu Sun 12-Apr-20 22:45:57

Or, if you have real problems breathing ring 999

grannyactivist Sun 12-Apr-20 22:51:40

I have an acquaintance who lives alone and she became unwell very quickly when she caught the virus. She didn't know she was supposed to ring 111, so rang 999. The ambulance and the police (no idea why) both attended and she was taken straight to hospital where she has now been for almost two weeks. She obviously did the right thing as she has been very, very ill.

So, if in doubt and feeling unbearably poorly, ring an ambulance I think.

Callistemon Sun 12-Apr-20 22:52:36

Keep your mobile with you all the time.

That's a good idea anyway in case anything else happens, a fall or an accident.

SueDonim Sun 12-Apr-20 22:55:25

This worries me for my mum, in her 90’s and living alone. She’s normally self-sufficient but if you’re ill and can’t manage the stairs etc what do you do? sad

Katyj Mon 13-Apr-20 06:41:04

SueDonim. Has your mum got a emergency call button,my mum lives alone but wears her emergency pendant around her neck at all times.

BlueSky Mon 13-Apr-20 07:23:14

Yes I think you can call 111 anytime for advice. If you have breathing difficulties then it's 999.

Yogadatti Mon 13-Apr-20 09:59:38

Well of course if you are Boris Johnson you will have doctors running around after you and get taken to hospital.....anyone else wondered how many lives would be saved if people were taken to hospital earlier.? My belief is that many are probably not going into hospital early enough and therefore dying .

Septimia Mon 13-Apr-20 10:05:30

Yes, I've wondered if the stage at which you shout for help and go to hospital makes a difference. Are any statistics being collected on that?

Callistemon Mon 13-Apr-20 10:07:50

Well, actually, he didn't go to hospital and carried on working when it was clear he was ill.

I'm no Boris fan but some posts are appalling.

Yogadatti your post is offensive to imply that doctors would 'run round' after Boris more than any other patient in ICU.

Some posts are a disgrace and an insult to our NHS staff, particularly those doctors and nurses working in ICU all over the country.

Ifeelvery angry but it's my own fault for reading such twisted opinions.

quizqueen Mon 13-Apr-20 10:14:01

Would you have preferred our country to be leaderless then, Yogadatti! From what I have read, it seems Boris stayed working in Downing Street much longer than he should have while suffering from this disease and to the detriment of his own health, doing so for the likes of people such as yourself.

grandMattie Mon 13-Apr-20 10:40:30

I agree completely *Callistemon". Some posts are deeply biaised. If Boris had doctors'running around him all the time, why did he go into an ordinary ward, with ordinary people? He would surely have gone to a private hosoital, or at least had a private room!

Lclaytonuk555 Mon 13-Apr-20 10:50:57

Just listened to breakfast tv and a doctor interviewed on there said that all GPS are still available for phone or video appointments - even over the bank holidays.

Callistemon Mon 13-Apr-20 10:55:10

My GP was never available at weekends and Bank Holidays so I'd be amazed if one of them is now.

CleoPanda Mon 13-Apr-20 10:56:46

I’m pretty sure Boris had exactly the same care as a every other seriously ill patient.
Having said that, you’d expect the leader of the country to be considered pretty important and get extra special treatment?
As he didn’t , and didn’t expect to, and didn’t want to, it demonstrates the great advantages of living in a democracy.
Our NHS treats all their patients as fellow human beings in peril. Full stop.

Cambia Mon 13-Apr-20 10:57:37

Why do people always have to make snide remarks? Are they not happy people? In such a bad time, let’s all help each other and banish negativity.

annep1 Mon 13-Apr-20 10:57:42

My son and partner both with symptoms and having asthma rang 111. They were advised to self isolate. Their breathing was very bad. They were quite ill.. Thankfully they are recovering but breathing still affected two weeks later. Luckily someone close to leave food and drinks at the door. They just struggled through. They weren't told to ring 999 if they got worse.

ExD Mon 13-Apr-20 11:03:32

Have you ever tried ringing 111? Many years ago when my very young grandson was holidaying with me, he became ill with diarrhoea and vomiting during a bank holiday, so I rang 111.
It took well over half an hour to get through. I don't imagine its any quicker during this crisis.
(ps I don't have a mobile phone to keep besides me, perhaps I should get one from Amazon, I believe some are very cheap)

Cp43 Mon 13-Apr-20 11:09:36

Phone your GP surgery. The receptionist will ask questions and then make you an appointment for GP to call you back later in day.

Cp43 Mon 13-Apr-20 11:10:46

111 takes too long. Ring your doctor surgery. It’ll also take ages but you’ll get a call back appointment from gp.

moorlikeit Mon 13-Apr-20 11:13:28

I do not find Yogadatti's post offensive. If you think all cases are treated in the same way, you are naive. I have read of quite a few people who were very ill and subsequently died at home who had phoned 111 and were told they were not a priority and to stay in bed until they felt better. I cannot for the life of me imagine that this would happen to any PM.
On another tack, I also firmly believe that treating people early with anti-viral medication would have greatly reduced the death toll.
This government was late in testing, late in lockdown and vitally late in providing personal protection equipment to those on the front line. Lives most certainly could have been saved if there had not been so much dithering.