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Ngaio1 Tue 08-Dec-20 23:10:00

There are many ads at the moment for water dental flossers. Has anyone experience of them, please? Wondering if they are as good as promoted or a waste of money.

LadyBella Tue 08-Dec-20 23:16:15

I love mine. The secret is to put warm water in it. Do not use cold water. Then put it inside your mouth and close up your lips to an extent and lean over the basin - otherwise the water squirts everywhere. You will need to get used to it so keep going with it. I now don't need to use interdens brushes which have always been difficult to use. I wouldn't be without my flosser now. My dentist remarked that my dental hygiene was good since I've been using mine.

Lucretzia Tue 08-Dec-20 23:20:19

I got one for my daughter last Christmas

She loves it.

missblueeyes Tue 08-Dec-20 23:22:14

I work in a head and neck cancer ward and for patients who have had radiotherapy for oral/neck cancers, common side effects includes damage to salivary glands which results in the patient having a very dry mouth . water pik/flossers have been used by these patients to moisten the mouth or help with eating dryfoods and a lot of patients wouldn't be without them . saliva also helps clean your teeth so patients would actually carry these with them to clean teeth to prevent tooth decay. other than this im not sure how beneficial they are .

Chestnut Tue 08-Dec-20 23:45:57

I've been using one for about a year and it's brilliant. You'd be surprised how many food particles it flushes out from between your teeth. Your mouth feels really clean even before brushing!
Fill the tank with warm water, lean over the basin and place the end under your top lip before switching on. The end is then passed from gap to gap until the tank is empty. Never switch it on before placing it under your top lip or you will have water flying everywhere. Finish with brushing and your mouth will never have felt so clean!

GrandmaKT Tue 08-Dec-20 23:55:11

I've just started using one. I have a tooth with a root canal filling that is playing up and I am trying to hang onto it as long as possible. The dentist suggested a water pic as there is a deep gap between this tooth and the one in front that is difficult to clean.
The first time I used it I was surprised by how vigorous it is! If you inadvertently get your tongue in the way it really hurts! So I turned it down to 'gentle' setting (mine has 3 settings) while I got used to it. I'm enjoying using it now, as others have said, it really does get into the nooks and crannies. The tooth is hanging on so far...!

geekesse Wed 09-Dec-20 00:03:25

They are brilliant". Get one!

J52 Wed 09-Dec-20 00:30:47

Another vote for getting one. I’ve had mine several years and it’s brilliant. Get a rechargeable one, the charge lasts ages.
Heed the warnings about starting it in your mouth, at the beginning I had several extra showers!

travelsafar Wed 09-Dec-20 08:35:22

Funny this topic has appeared as my sister was telling only the other day she has bought one of these and it is fantastic. She says the cost will cover, hopefully, expensive dental cleans and prevent further receding of gums in the future. She also said her teeth have never felt so clean. I think i will also be investing in one after reading posts on GN. smile

Sunlover Wed 09-Dec-20 08:39:27

I’d been looking at buying one for some time and reading this thread has prompted me into ordering one. Will report back once I’ve tried it.

JackyB Wed 09-Dec-20 08:45:15

I love mine, too. It is great for the bigger and inaccessible gaps I have, as I have a bridge and a root implant.

It also gives your gums a nice massage into the bargain.

It is also good for cleaning awkward corners, nooks and crannies.

Franbern Wed 09-Dec-20 08:52:09

Thanks for this thread, I have been considering getting one of these and actually have one in 'my basket'on Amazon, but not yet ordered. Think I will do so now.
I note from here that it should be used BEFORE brushing, I thought it was after.

J52 Wed 09-Dec-20 09:17:39

Superdrug had them on offer a couple of weeks ago, maybe worth checking them out.

J52 Wed 09-Dec-20 09:19:34

Ye use before brushing, you’ll be amazed what lurks between the teeth!
It’s recommended that after using toothpaste that you don’t dilute it with anything else.

JackyB Wed 09-Dec-20 09:34:40

You sweep the floor before you wipe it, so it makes sense to remove the crumbs before cleaning your teeth. You don't want to polish the crumbs.

(I say "crumbs" but that's a polite word for it!)

NanTheWiser Wed 09-Dec-20 16:07:31

I’ve used one for years. Originally the Waterpik, which broke after a few years, I then replaced it with another, which only lasted for a few months. So I then got a “knock-off” at about half the price, which is still going, although the on-off switch sticks sometimes.
I think the larger models which plug into the shaver socket are more powerful, as the rechargeable ones have a rather large handset to accommodate the tank, and can be a bit awkward to hold.
They are excellent at removing food debris from between the teeth, but I don’t think they remove the sticky plaque that forms on the teeth, for which you need to use the TeePee brushes.
As already mentioned, you must use warm water, and the knack of closing your lips over the nozzle to prevent getting soaked! And start on a low setting, gradually increasing the setting until you can tolerate a higher setting.

Juliet27 Wed 09-Dec-20 16:54:44

Funny that this has appeared just a few days after I’ve bought one. I’m pleased with it and confirm some of the comments here about turning it off before removing from your mouth...I’ve ended up showering the mirror and my face. Also, it does sting on the tongue. It has actually revealed a problem in a tooth I was concerned about so I shall get it sorted quickly.

MaggieTulliver Wed 09-Dec-20 17:35:29

I bought one because my teeth are so close together that flossing is a nightmare. I love my Water Pic and my teeth look and feel great.

travelsafar Thu 10-Dec-20 09:16:18

Ordered mine yesterday from Amazon so will report back once i have got it and used it. We will all be going into the New Year with Gleaming 'Nashers' hopefully!!! smile

InnocentBystander Thu 10-Dec-20 16:45:40


I bought one because my teeth are so close together that flossing is a nightmare. I love my Water Pic and my teeth look and feel great.

I have that problem too. My teeth touch or nearly touch at the crown and have a slight gap at the gum, so flossing is impossible. The 'string' is damaged by being passed between the tops and cannot easily be removed afterwards. The Wisdom interdental brushes work well for me (according to my dentist) and as they are rubbery 'bristles' on a flexible plastic core, they are less likely to damage the teeth that the ones that have a twisted wire core. The water pic ads set off my alarm bells as being more bull excrement than useful implement, so to have so many good reviews by 'proper' users is encouraging. So many items on the market are for selling, not using that I am hyper cynical. Thank you ladies!

LondonMzFitz Fri 11-Dec-20 09:33:22

Literally put one in my Amazon basket yesterday then hesitated. Off to click that buy button now!

kwest Fri 11-Dec-20 09:36:45

I've never heard of them before reading this today,

dragonfly46 Fri 11-Dec-20 09:38:33

I had one but find the interdental brushes much more efficient and my dentist recommends them - the brushes not the flossers.

Charleygirl5 Fri 11-Dec-20 09:39:34

I also ordered one yesterday- it should be arriving tomorrow. I even got a tenner off it so it only cost me £19 something. A bargain. There is such a selection from which to choose- I found that difficult.

Happygirl79 Fri 11-Dec-20 09:39:46

I highly recommend the waterpik flosser. I've used this for 7 years now and now on to my 3rd flosser. Couldn't be without it. My dentist always comments how extremely clean my mouth is. I always use interdent brushes too plus an electric tooth brush