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Do you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed?

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Shinamae Fri 30-Apr-21 10:30:39

Despite having between seven and nine hours sleep a night(but usually getting up-once when nature calls) I do not wake up feeling refreshed I wake up totally sluggish and have to drag myself out of bed and l can’t understand it.... I do have friends that manage to leap out of bed full of the joys of spring, how I wish I were one of them....

henetha Fri 30-Apr-21 10:32:26

Same here. I sleep well, but wake up tired, stay tired all day and then to bed tired.

shysal Fri 30-Apr-21 10:37:34

I always wake early and can't wait to get out of bed! However, it is usually about 4.30 to 5am, so to avoid disturbing the neighbours I have a soak in the bath and read which also eases my RA, followed by a walk.
I would love the luxury of a lazy lie-in, but it has never happened since I did a newspaper round as a teenager.

FannyCornforth Fri 30-Apr-21 10:38:19

Good Lord. No.

Lillie Fri 30-Apr-21 10:44:40

I never know one day to the next how I will feel first thing. I just go with the flow.
A morning after a nightmare is definitely the worst. I feel shattered.
Other mornings I am full of beans.

TerriBull Fri 30-Apr-21 10:44:54

No, I wish! I generally feel dreadful, I don't sleep well anymore often awake early hours of the morning knowing I'm still pretty tired. It takes me several strong coffees to get me going, by mid morning I'm better!

TrendyNannie6 Fri 30-Apr-21 11:09:12

When I wake up in the morning I very rarely feel tired as I’ve always slept well, but I will say that since I’ve changed to really healthy eating I do feel much better within myself and much more motivated

jaylucy Fri 30-Apr-21 11:17:01

Only wish I did! I wake up at least once a night, either round about 1am or at my old getting up time (when I was working) of 5.30 am.
I usually end up taking a book downstairs , having a cuppa and reading for at least 30 minutes before going back to bed which is fine at 2 am because I can get a decent stretch of sleep, but then the 5.30 wake up means that I go into a deep sleep and wake up at about 8 feeling groggy !
Sadly my cat now thinks that 5.30 is breakfast time !

tanith Fri 30-Apr-21 11:37:10

I do sleep well and wake up refreshed it just takes my Arthritic joints about an hour to catch up.😁 No leaping out of bed but a stiff walk downstairs to make my cuppa.

Jaxjacky Fri 30-Apr-21 12:09:15

Rarely, I need at least an hour and a mug of tea to get with it, despite seven hours or so of sleep.

M0nica Fri 30-Apr-21 12:10:44


sodapop Fri 30-Apr-21 12:15:07

Seven to nine hours sleep sounds like heaven to me Shinamae I'm lucky to get more than four to five hours. Feeling tired seems like the norm now.

Blossoming Fri 30-Apr-21 12:19:48

No, getting up is a slow process 🤣 I have meds to take one hour before I get up, stretches to do before I get out of bed, more meds, then a big mug of tea while I read my messages and check the diary. I am also a world champion level sleeper, but hate feeling like I wasted my morning, so that encourages me to get a wiggle on.

JaneJudge Fri 30-Apr-21 12:29:52

I've noticed since I have been going to bed earlier and getting up earlier, I have been a lot brighter. I tend to stay up too late on the weekend though

Kim19 Fri 30-Apr-21 12:37:15

I sleep fitfully but usually have one five hour session. When wake get up arrives I'm happy as Larry and get out of bed with gusto. I'm no longer in the leaping arena but Spring certainly motivates me big time. I lie for a few moments pondering my prospective day (once I've worked out what day it is!) and then it's all systems go. Not to be over imagined as my lovely engine now runs permanently aound third gear. I'm very happy with that but it took time for me to face that fact and act accordingly. Once I'm on my feet I have a very leisurely shower, groom and dress session before venturing downstairs when I deal with the admin stuff first then it's all systems go with breakfasting, gardening, walking or whatever is the most needy part of me. If I happen to be sitting mid afternoon a catnap can happen but that's new. I think how much sleep is 'needed' is a very individual thing. If you sleep well and yet still feel tired that suggests to me that perhaps another area of your lifestyle needs investigating. Good luck. I've just learned to come to terms with my daft body.

Farmor15 Fri 30-Apr-21 12:56:23

Yes, most mornings.

dragonfly46 Fri 30-Apr-21 13:05:50

I used to be wide awake first thing but since I had chemo I feel much more sluggish even after a good nights sleep.

silverlining48 Fri 30-Apr-21 13:08:21

I actually dropped off for the first time EVER on the sofa yesterday. Sadly dh woke me up half hour later so it didn’t last long.

Never sleep well at night and wake very early feeling more tired than when I went to bed. I can lay there for another few hours, eyes closed, listening to the radio.
Am now trying to be up and dressed before 10 but can be awake anytime from 4 am so that’s still a long time spent laying in bed, feeling exhausted. It can’t be good for me.

MaizieD Fri 30-Apr-21 13:13:24

I have never, in my whole life, woken up feeling refreshed. It's just more of the same for me, really!

Ramblingrose22 Sun 02-May-21 00:22:47

I'm like you, MaizieD and always have been, although it's even worse now. Takes me ages to get going in the morning unless I move about a bit.

I've always been a night owl but am thinking of trying a new regime where I go to bed much earlier.

I am also thinking of getting a Fitbit or some kind of sleep tracker to see if I get enough REM sleep - the deepest type that is needed to refresh you. I'll start a new thread on this.

Coolgran65 Sun 02-May-21 01:08:06

My sleep was poor for many years only getting snatches of a couple of hours at a time and being up and awake a lot of the time.
Eventually I had a sleep test done and was found to have moderate sleep apnea A Cpap machine has been provided and it is wonderful. My sleep quality is wonderful.
It might be worth considering especially if you snore.
My dh is delighted that I no longer snore.

Poppyred Sun 02-May-21 01:20:02

Haven’t slept well since the menopause ..... 😌

CanadianGran Sun 02-May-21 03:18:49

Even though my sleep is interrupted with waking about 4 times every night, I do feel refreshed when I wake up, especially if I wake without an alarm clock.

But I am a bit slow to get going; coffee and magazine or newspaper for 20 minutes before I am ready to be social. Husband knows this, so stays clear.

stella1949 Sun 02-May-21 03:43:22

I get woken up by the alarm at 6-30am every weekday morning, to take my grandchildren to school. No I never feel refreshed ! I often get home at 8-30am and go back to bed for a couple of hours , not a good routine to be in but it does work for me.

Shinamae Sun 02-May-21 10:22:55

It also takes me a good couple of hours to feel really woken up. I really think I should do some sort of exercise in the morning but I am lacking motivation....