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Just a little bit of praise for NHS

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nadateturbe Thu 08-Jul-21 22:13:32

Its not a discussion but I couldn't find a thread to add it too.
I rang the surgery just over 2 weeks ago - had tiny lump. Doctor saw me that afternoon. Appointment at Breast clinic within 2 weeks. Got a letter 3 days after this appointment for review 1st August. I think that is great patient care and I just wanted to share it.

BigBertha1 Thu 08-Jul-21 22:20:49

That is good and reassuring. Hoping everything is Ok for you .

Redhead56 Thu 08-Jul-21 22:26:47

Yes it is great patient care and prompt attention with a good response from the Doctor. I hope your visit to the breast clinic goes well. I have been twice but it turned out to be scar tissue. I hope it's ok for you try not to worry about it.

Infinity2 Thu 08-Jul-21 22:30:36

Hope it all goes well for you 🍀

Mollygo Thu 08-Jul-21 22:32:58

Good to hear you were seen so quickly. It’s good to hear that NHS care is still good.
My sister was also seen rapidly about a lump she discovered in May. She had CAT and MRI scans and was operated on all within 4 weeks. Hope your lump turns out to be nothing serious.

nadateturbe Thu 08-Jul-21 22:46:11

Thanks everyone. Apparently it's nothing to worry about which is why I was so impressed with the quick review date. It's good to hear your sister had such great care too Mollygo. I hope she is recovering well.
Our NHS is wonderful.

Whiff Fri 09-Jul-21 06:20:32

nadateturbe glad you have a quick review date. And hope all goes well for you.

I have nothing be praise for the NHS especially the health care I have received since moving to the north west from the west midlands. The health care I have had here is far superior to that I received in the west midlands where I lived my whole life until moving.

I have a neurological condition which gave me seizures . I have been under various neurologists for 33 years. For 32 years I suffered with them. My new GP sent to see a neurologist here he gave me 2 little tablets to take each day. Not had a seizure in over a year. It has changed my life.

I have visited different departments for other things and the care I have received is marvellous. I am on a waiting list to speak to a consultant but am happy to wait my turn as due to Covid there is a backlog.

To many people knock the NHS but would you want to live in a country without it? I know I wouldn't.

kittylester Fri 09-Jul-21 06:32:41

Thank you for starting this thread. The NHS is quite often knocked but we rarely hear about the good things.

Jaxjacky Fri 09-Jul-21 07:13:39

nadateturbe i had a similar experience earlier this year when we were in lockdown. Physical exam by GP on the Monday, day after online consultation form completed, breast clinic 8 days later. Fortunately I was fine, very reassured and impressed, very pleased you and others are ok too. Whiff amazing! 👏👏

Alizarin Fri 09-Jul-21 07:35:26

nadateturbe thank you for this thread. I have just had two hip replacements in under four months. Unbelievable in the present circumstances. Thank you NHS!

All the best for your review.

BlueSky Fri 09-Jul-21 08:34:24

True we hear about all the bad things but not about the good ones. I definitely wouldn’t want to live in a country where you have to have private medical insurance. Thank you NHS!

foxie48 Fri 09-Jul-21 08:59:32

We have an outstanding GP service. The doctors were brilliant when I had my MIL living with us, I couldn't fault the care she was given and the help the Community nurses gave to me whilst my MIL was on palliative care. I felt very well supported.

I had a heart problem just prior to Covid and I've never had any problem getting appointments to see my GP, I had the necessary hospital admission fairly promptly and when on seeing my GP she felt I needed an immediate visit to A&E the ambulance arrived within 10 minutes and I was whisked into a cubicle in A&E and seen immediately.
We have a local town fb page and occasionally someone complains about our GP surgery but there's also an immediate flood of support from the community for the service, so I'm not the only one who thinks it's excellent!
FWIW my daughter is a hospital doctor who has spent some time working in A&E and she says she saw far too many people with mental health problems and that seems to be an area that we don't resource properly so it puts a strain on other services such as A&E and the GP service.

Chardy Fri 09-Jul-21 09:08:57

Nadateturbe - fingers crossed for you.

Watched an NHS hospital chief exec on TV yesterday, talking about the backlog, and that they were thinking of weekend appointments. Family member had outpatient appointment late on a Sunday afternoon a month ago. Love the NHS.

harrigran Fri 09-Jul-21 09:10:35

Good to hear positive comments, wish we were able to access that kind of care.
I am compiling a dossier about the lack of care and consideration shown to DH.

Sparklefizz Fri 09-Jul-21 09:14:40

I have great admiration for the NHS and would hate to live where I had to pay for health care. I have friends in the US who are desperate.

However, as Whiff has said above, the care does vary in different parts of the UK. I have ongoing health problems and the care from my surgery is non-existent, but before I moved to this area things were much better.

nanna8 Fri 09-Jul-21 09:17:22

I wish we had it here. Nothing is perfect but the NHS was such a wonderful idea. Just think how things were in the days prior.

Nanawind Fri 09-Jul-21 09:23:23

November 2020 had a scheduled mammogram, diagnosed in December with breast cancer.
July 2021 after 2 operations a full 15 day corse of radiotherapy I received the all clear.
And this was in a pandemic.

Kate1949 Fri 09-Jul-21 09:47:01

My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014. The care he received was second to none. We were never kept waiting more than a few minutes after our appointment time. He had 37 consecutive days of radiotherapy. As our local hospital was overrun, they sent him to a small, private hospital near our home.
He has a check up every year and during the pandemic, the consultant rang him with his results to save him travelling to the hospital. Thankfully he is still OK. They were fantastic.

nadateturbe Fri 09-Jul-21 13:10:32

Whiff, what a relief for you. I'm sure it changed your life. Shame it took so long.
Some very positive stories but it seems that it isn't great for everyone which isn't good. The NHS is great when you access it, and I would not want to live somewhere that didn't have one. But it seems to vary in different areas. I suppose there are times when we need to complain unfortunately.
I wish you well Harrigran. I hope you manage to get better service soon. flowers

Kim19 Fri 09-Jul-21 13:22:12

Thank you for sharing this. That will be very encouraging for anyone who has a problem and is concerned when listening to the regularly repeated reminders of the NHS waiting lists and problems. I truly wish you well with the outcome of your current investigation. Good luck!

nadateturbe Fri 09-Jul-21 14:45:10

Thanks Kim19. Consultant thinks I'm fine. We were just amazed at how quick they were in spite of the pandemic.

TrendyNannie6 Fri 09-Jul-21 14:48:35

That’s very reassuring hope everything goes well for you

mokryna Fri 09-Jul-21 14:58:28

Hope all goes well for you.

grannyactivist Fri 09-Jul-21 23:38:25

My local GPS surgery is exceptionally good I think. I often have to deal with the full complement of staff; receptionists, medical secretaries, nurse prescribers etc. and of course the GPS, and I think they do the very best they can within their limitations.

Sparklefizz Sat 10-Jul-21 08:45:16

Nanawind Glad you have had the all clear and that all went well.