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I’ve lost my sister

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Smurf52 Mon 04-Oct-21 15:58:16

Two nights ago my younger sister passed away in her sleep aged 66. She had hypersensitivity pneumonitis, a lung condition. The likely cause was the sanding down of the original wood flooring of their Edwardian house many years ago. In those days they used formaldehyde and other substances to lay them.

Sadly she was refused a lung transplant due to her age. She was a very fit and vivacious person who did yoga etc and didn’t look her age (see pic taken last year before she had breathing difficulties and had to be on oxygen. She used to volunteer in South America to aid stranded turtles to get back to their natural habitat amongst other things.

I know they have to have a cut off age as there are children and younger people needing transplants but she wasn’t a little old lady near the end of her time, far from it. She had a lot more life to live. I wish they could have just seen her as a person and not her age. Excuse my rant but she was a dearly loved sister.

Hithere Mon 04-Oct-21 16:02:15

Truly sorry for your loss

tanith Mon 04-Oct-21 16:02:28

My condolences how very sad she was beautiful. ?

luluaugust Mon 04-Oct-21 16:02:48

I am so sorry and send my heartfelt condolences to you and the family. flowers

grandMattie Mon 04-Oct-21 16:04:14

I’m so, so sorry. May you find peace and tranquillity in your pain and sorrow.

JaneJudge Mon 04-Oct-21 16:04:47

God I'm so sorry sad it is the worst loss ever. She looks lovely and fun. Please look after yourself x

crazyH Mon 04-Oct-21 16:08:22

So sorry for your loss. She certainly was a beautiful woman, who didn’t look her age. flowers

Shandy57 Mon 04-Oct-21 16:12:16

My deepest condolences, how very sad for you all.

BlueBelle Mon 04-Oct-21 16:14:32

This is very sad she certainly doesn’t look her age and such a simple thing to have caused the problem
Hugs and thoughts go out to you

jeanio Mon 04-Oct-21 16:17:08

I.m so sorry to hear this. I am in a similar position as my younger sister 74 has been in hospital for over three months and no one has been able to see her. She has a similar condition and is getting weaker and weaker. We may be able to see her soon as there is nothing else they can do for her. I will have lost my three sisters if this happens. My thoughts are with you.

Blossoming Mon 04-Oct-21 16:18:31

How awful, I am so very sorry for your loss. What a wonderful lady to have as a sister.

Elusivebutterfly Mon 04-Oct-21 16:20:23

I'm sorry for your loss.

LauraNorder Mon 04-Oct-21 16:26:59

I’m sorry Smurf, that is so sad. She looks beautiful and it sounds as though she led a lovely life doing good and exciting things.
Try not to be angry, try instead to dwell on the good things and the best memories.
flowers for you
You too Jeanio flowers

Kate1949 Mon 04-Oct-21 16:27:48

So sorry flowers She looks lovely. I have sisters and can only imagine what you're going through.

Josianne Mon 04-Oct-21 16:29:16

So very sad. flowers

Squiffy Mon 04-Oct-21 16:32:55

So terribly sad ?

rafichagran Mon 04-Oct-21 16:36:54

Sorry for your loss, what a beautiful woman. flowers

VioletSky Mon 04-Oct-21 16:37:29

So very sorry for your loss

Cherrytree59 Mon 04-Oct-21 16:39:41

I am so sorry my condolences to you and your family.thanks

You had lovely sister Smurf

I understand your 'rant' although I think you were quite rightly just expressing your feelings.

Grammaretto Mon 04-Oct-21 16:42:29

That is so sad Smurf you must feel it terribly. What a beautiful person and so full of life.
I know how you feel about the cruel age cutoff too.
Hugs for you and for Jeanio.

Sparklefizz Mon 04-Oct-21 16:43:30

I'm so sorry Smurf, for the loss of your beautiful sister. Life isn't fair, is it, and so painful. flowers

Sparklefizz Mon 04-Oct-21 16:44:03

Jeanio My thoughts are with you. flowers

lavenderzen Mon 04-Oct-21 16:46:04

So sorry to read this Smurf. Sending hugs and flowers.

silverlining48 Mon 04-Oct-21 16:49:11

Smurf am sending condolences and a hug. I understand why you are so upset , your sister looks so well in the photo, what a dreadful shock.
We have done the same with our Edwardian flooring. Had no idea formaldehyde was used in those days.

TillyTrotter Mon 04-Oct-21 16:53:32

So sorry for the premature loss of your beautiful, vivacious sister Smurf52. ?