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Anyone had their 3rd jab yet?

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Luckygirl Tue 12-Oct-21 18:34:09

Just wondering how you got called in this time.....

Riverwalk Tue 12-Oct-21 18:40:16

I had the booster about two weeks ago - was contacted by text and made the booking online for the next day.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 12-Oct-21 18:41:47

No still waiting

nanaK54 Tue 12-Oct-21 18:42:41

My MIL and my sister both received NHS letters, MIL was able to have her booster at GP surgery, my sister booked on-line for a large vaccination centre

Blossoming Tue 12-Oct-21 18:45:36

Getting it tomorrow, message from my surgery via the MyGP app. I have an online NHS account for various hospital stuff.

BlueBelle Tue 12-Oct-21 18:49:43

If you wait until your 6 months is up you can go through 119 and book online my 6 months is up in a coup,e of weeks then
I ll book it

LondonMzFitz Tue 12-Oct-21 18:52:05

Text from my GP three weeks ago and gave 4 places to go for the third booster - three said no appointments available and the fourth is two bus rides away. I had a mini stroke two weeks ago so need to wait until the Stroke clinic clear me to drive, hopefully next week, then I'll be off there like a shot!

Aldom Tue 12-Oct-21 18:58:06

I received an email inviting me to book online for my Booster. Luckily a local pharmacy is doing Boosters and I had mine as arranged at 11.25 on Friday morning. At the same time people were queuing for the flu jab. An assistant regularly walked along the queue to ask if anyone had an appointment for the Booster. Those who did went into a shorter queue. I was offered the flu vaccination and accepted. Pleased to say that I feel fine, absolutely no side effects whatsoever. The criteria for the invitation is you must be six months post second Covid vaccination.

JaneJudge Tue 12-Oct-21 18:59:06

my mum is having hers the end of the month but had her first two early

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 12-Oct-21 19:27:17

Well, OH and I had our booster and flu jab this afternoon. One in each arm. So far, no side effects!

shysal Tue 12-Oct-21 19:27:29

I had mine last week. I had an email and text from NHS inviting me, but was also invited to GP surgery when I attended for flu jab so chose to go there as most convenient. No side effects I am pleased to say.

lemsip Tue 12-Oct-21 19:35:31

I was emailed by Covid 19 email invititation telling me I could now go online and book my booster ...I booked it at Boots Pharmacy and had it today. So far so good.

Baggs Tue 12-Oct-21 19:59:23

Booked for Saturday, through work, NHS Highland.

Margiknot Tue 12-Oct-21 20:25:22

I received a text and a few days later a letter ( I work in the nhs but am also ECV so was vaccinated fairly early ) I got my booster at a local pharmaceutical company. It was just over 6 months from my second vaccine dose. I received a second letter explaining that most people vaccinated in the first groups ( groups 1-9) would be offered a Covid booster at least 6 months after their 2nd dose. I presume this means my disabled young AS will also be offered a booster in a few months time. Today I have sent off some blood to check for antibodies- ( for the Zoe study) which should be interesting.

lemongrove Tue 12-Oct-21 20:27:57

We both had texts from our surgery to go and get ours, had the flu jab at the same time.

love0c Tue 12-Oct-21 20:55:22

No and I don't intend to.

MrsEggy Tue 12-Oct-21 21:02:25

Had an invitation to go to a centre about 5 miles away, but was shopping down the road and saw the vaccination centre was open, so I walked in and had the jab there and then, no paperwork, no waiting.

Jaxjacky Tue 12-Oct-21 21:06:15

Mine’s not due until next month.

Lizzie72 Tue 12-Oct-21 21:26:11


No and I don't intend to.

Not having the booster? Have you had the first two jabs?

Luckygirl Tue 12-Oct-21 22:06:28

Lizzie72 - sometimes it is better not to ask!!!

I might ring 119 soon as mine is due this month and I have changed address and GP surgery - my notes have not yet arrived at the new surgery, despite it being 5 months since I moved house.

Kim19 Tue 12-Oct-21 22:23:34

I had letter with appointment stated therein. I went today and was asked if I wanted one jab or both and, if one, which one. The clinic was not running as smoothly as my previous one and, when I enquired as to the problem, I was told they were also accommodating walk-ins. Now, there's an appointment system for you!

BigBertha1 Tue 12-Oct-21 22:26:23

DH had his last week thankfully. I was 2 weeks after him before so I expect mine will come. He received a text to go to local vaccine centre just down the road. No side effects whatsoever.

Grammaretto Wed 13-Oct-21 06:30:54

I had 2 letters from NHS Scotland inviting me for a flu and covid booster on successive Saturdays.
I had the flu jag but was 5 days short of 6 months for the booster so that's a treat for Saturday.
Sending out personal letters is all very nice but not in the spirit of cutting back on paper and admin costs.

vegansrock Wed 13-Oct-21 07:08:45

I had mine 3 weeks ago 2 days after they started doing them , had texts from 2 different hospitals inviting me to book, but it hasn’t appeared on my NHS passport yet.,

Dorsetcupcake61 Wed 13-Oct-21 07:30:52

I'm waiting to hear, I had my second jab on the 29th April so I'm hoping to hear in the next week or so. Thank you for the information Bluebelle about 119,I will make a note 9f it .