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Blood thinners how has it changed your life

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BB22 Sat 23-Apr-22 10:30:52

Hi everyone first time on here hope all having a good weekend hope subject not to serious I suffer from intermittent arterial fibrillation the doctor wants me to take blood thinners because I’m now 66 it has completely knocked me for six big mistake I looked on tinternet if anyone taking them how are you finding things would appreciate any advice 🙏

dragonfly46 Sat 23-Apr-22 10:33:31

I too had AF once and am now on anti-coagulants. They haven't changed my life at all. I do carry a card around which says I am on them but apart from that nothing. I found the side effects from the beta blockers worse and had to take 4 different ones before I found one which suited.

BB22 Sat 23-Apr-22 10:40:48

Thanks dragonfly46 they’ve changed my beta blocker too for the better I hope I’d been on atenolol for nearly 20 years I’m even worried about brushing my teeth

snowberryZ Sat 23-Apr-22 10:45:21

I briefly took them for a suspected blood clot.
I remember accidentally catching my hand on some brambles and my had bled like stuck pig for ages.
Frightened the life out of me. But the bleeding did stop after a while

ptarmigan Sat 23-Apr-22 10:46:39

I was also diagnosed with intermittent AFib about 6 months ago. Like yourself, I was a bit worried about taking anticoagulants but am pleased to say that there have been no side effects. I carry a card with the name of the medication in case of an accident.

Greenfinch Sat 23-Apr-22 11:07:39

I have taken Warfarin for about 10 years and have had no problems. The bleeding from cuts is not significantly different from before. In fact I cut my hand badly during lockdown while opening a can of beans but it did not bleed profusely. I did have a problem once with a huge unexplained bruise but it proved to be insignificant. My only problem is with painkillers. I have been advised to only to take paracetamol which does nothing for my back pain. Warfarin has not changed my life in any way. I am very grateful for it.

Greenfinch Sat 23-Apr-22 11:10:11

I meant to say that in my case the bleeding from cuts is no worse though I was warned it might be otherwise.

Marydoll Sat 23-Apr-22 11:11:56

At 66, I have been on blood thinners for a number of years. Not changed my life, but saved it! My heart attacks didnt finish me off, thanks to them!
Cuts do bleed more, injection sites bleed more, I am covered in bruises, its a small price to pay.

Deedaa Sat 23-Apr-22 11:13:40

I have just been put on anti coagulents after 9 days in hospital with a pulmonary embolism. I've got a clinic appointment in a couple of weeks to discuss it. My husband was on them for a long time because of his AF and had no problems at all apart from the time he forgot to remind a phlebotomist he was taking them!

Greenfinch Sat 23-Apr-22 11:19:57

Sorry to hear you have been in hospital Deedaa .I do hope you are on the mend now.

dustyangel Sat 23-Apr-22 11:21:45

Sorry to hear you’ve been in hospital Deedaa. flowers

dustyangel Sat 23-Apr-22 11:23:17

Crossed posts Greenfinch 👋

Jane43 Sat 23-Apr-22 11:37:47

My husband has been on a blood thinner for about three years. He was asked if he wanted to go on Warfarin or Rivaroxaban. Since he had bad things about Warfarin he chose the latter but last year his podiatrist told him there is no antidote for it, if he had been told that he may have opted for Warfarin. He does find he gets cold, particularly his hands and feet and he does get a sore nose but this may be because of the Beta Blocker he takes for his tachycardia.

henetha Sat 23-Apr-22 11:45:04

I've been taking Clopidogrel for over three years since having a mini-stroke. And I have moderate AF. So far no problems, I have not overly bled or anything. But I do try to be a bit careful, just in case.
I do feel the cold more than the average person though.

NotSpaghetti Sat 23-Apr-22 11:45:32

I have been taking mine only a month and it has altered my sense of taste. I was told to report it via the online yellow card system and invited to discuss options with the clinical pharmacist at my surgery.

Mine isn't technically a "thinner" it's an anticoagulant. Edoxaban. I am grateful that I I don't need all the monitoring needed with warfarin. One of my sons take Rivaroxaban with no ill effects.
Sometimes a body takes a few weeks to adjust.

I'd call your surgery and ask if they have a clinical pharmacist you can talk to. Ours was really helpful.

Marydoll Sat 23-Apr-22 11:46:34

I take Clopidogrel, as I have unstable angina. Other meds are not suitable for me, including beta blockers. I have a history of drug allergies, but surprisingly this one is OK.
I have no complaints or far.
I always weigh up the positives and negatives of new meds, before agreeing to take them.

BlueBelle Sat 23-Apr-22 11:52:51

Nearly killed my friend as unknown to her she has been bleeding from her stomach for a few years

BB22 Sat 23-Apr-22 12:26:20

Thank you for all your comments they have been a great help I spoke to a doctor today @Not Spaghetti he said to weight up the pros and con most definitely blood thinners do save lives feeling less anxious now hope every one enjoys their weekend

Deedaa Sat 23-Apr-22 12:47:31

Greenfinch and dustyangel certainly feeling a lot better than I did! They think about 6 weeks to get back to normal.

LadyGracie Sat 23-Apr-22 12:59:47

DH has been on warfarin for nearly 20 with no problems, he does his own testing and adjusts his dosages accordingly.

Sallywally1 Mon 25-Apr-22 08:10:03

My 32 year old son has to take warfarin for a replacement valve. It is still early days and he is still having fairly frequent blood tests. This bothers him but hopefully these will get less in the future. Apart from that he is ok.

Can anyone tell me how often the bloods have to be taken once things have settled down?

Farmor15 Mon 25-Apr-22 09:02:34

I've been on Apixipan due to intermittent AF. Like others, I carry a card. I do bleed a bit more from cuts and scratches, though I try to be careful. Also bruise more easily.
I actually feel more relaxed when I get episodes of AF as I know the blood thinner reduces the risk of stroke.

Luckygirl3 Mon 25-Apr-22 09:14:40

Rivaroxaban for many years due to AF. No problems, except my piles bleed slightly more than before. I have a medic alert bracelet.

My OH was a doctor and was clear that the benefits outweighed the risks.

Chestnut Mon 25-Apr-22 09:37:02

I was taking Clopigogrel for some years but recently cut my finger chopping carrots and it bled profusely for a day and a half. Frightened the life out of me as it wouldn't stop. I told the doctor I was scared in case I ever had a more serious accident and she put me on aspirin instead.

Chestnut Mon 25-Apr-22 09:37:31

Sorry, Clopidogrel.