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Doodle Sat 07-May-22 20:00:08

To quote Anniebach - This thread is for the support, understanding and sharing of all mental health problems.

Doodle Sat 07-May-22 20:01:41

Hi all. Another 1000 posts. Time for a new thread.
Welcome all who feel in need of some support.

HowVeryDareYou Sat 07-May-22 20:28:00

Anniebach I find busy days are better. My husband doesn't really talk - he actually says he doesn't like conversation! I really need to get some hobbies. Apart from reading and crosswords/brain-training puzzles, I don't do anything much. The stroke affected the parts of the brain that deal with concentration and memory. Have your technical problems been resolved? x

Doodle My brother went to see someone he used to know when he was a carer - he, his wife and I all worked for the same care agency some years ago. How are you today? x

SweetpeaSue, ScaredyCat, *EllieAnne, everyone on here - how are you all today?

I've got lots of ironing to do again, but keep putting it off (I'll do it in the morning). Hope everyone has a restful night x

Sweetpeasue Sun 08-May-22 02:35:06

Hi Friends. Guess it's Good Morning actually. Figured I might sneak back while it's dark. I'm missing you all. Thinking of you. Was going to ramble but best keep it brief. Hope you're all OK and have a reasonable day today. Wishing you all one bright moment out of what may be a bog standard ordinary day for you all. Xx

Anniebach Sun 08-May-22 12:36:47

Hi all x

Yes, a new thread, 12000 posts , the first thread didn’t have a

Doodle has said ‘welcome to all’ . No one is judged, no mental health problem is dismissed here. We support and
share .

HVDY have you ‘done’ your family tree ? It leads to other things, I learned about ‘the poor law’, workhouses, health
treatment before the N.H.S. The start of birth, marriages and
Deaths in 1837. So much for anyone who likes history.

Sweetpeasue seeing the time you posted you didn’t have a
good nights sleep x

I received a letter yesterday, to continue with the dietician I
have to make an appointment at a location, as it will be at the
surgery then NO, it’s next to the bridge.

How is everyone ?

Carillion1 Sun 08-May-22 14:00:39

Annie, Doodle and all dear friends. ???

HowVeryDareYou Sun 08-May-22 16:42:26

SweetpeaSue You were awake in the middle of the night, then. Oh dear, you must be exhausted x

Anniebach My late uncle did the family tree on my mum's side. My brother got so far doing my dad's side, but drew a blank when it was found that our grandad had grown up in an orphanage, his name had been changed, and records hadn't been kept (the orphanage had been demolished years ago) They expect you to go to see the dietician? So many appointments are now done over the 'phone, so why can't that be? x

I hope everyone is ok today x

Anniebach Sun 08-May-22 18:07:49

Carillion hugs x

HVDY it’s understandable that one needs to be seen by a
dietician, how do they know your weight, height, if your anorexic, certainly not by telephone x

CoffeeFirst Sun 08-May-22 18:12:37

Hi all,
My lovely daughter (now 23) is struggling with her mental health. She has a diagnosis of ASD and ADD. My son is 29 and lives away so don’t get to see him so much.

Support offered and welcome, thank you for listening ?

Anniebach Sun 08-May-22 18:27:08

Welcome CoffeeFirst it’s so painful watching and listening to
a child with mental health problems, if I may ask ? Is your
daughter getting support and are you getting support ?

Do share your thoughts, feelings here, it can help to be able to
express these, we care x

Joce345 Sun 08-May-22 18:37:12

Welcome CoffeeFirst...
hello everyone, lovely day hear today.
I have been a bit more positive today. Do hope and pray it last if only for a little while.
Hope everyone’s having a good day.
Hugs and prayers.?

CoffeeFirst Sun 08-May-22 18:41:13

Hi Anniebach, thank you for the welcome, very kind of you.

Yes my daughter is currently receiving support. It is a slow process but myself and her dad are committed to doing our best to help her. She is now receiving PIP which has helped.
I probably need some additional support myself and am looking into this. My mum is local and does what she can but my dad has recently being diagnosed with dementia.

CoffeeFirst Sun 08-May-22 18:42:20

Thank you Joce. I too wish everyone a lovely evening ?. Sending positive thoughts ?

Jan16 Sun 08-May-22 18:55:17

Evening. Haven’t posted on here for a long time but just wondered if anyone had any information about seeing a Social Prescriber?

Scaredycat Sun 08-May-22 19:12:00

HVDY- I know what you mean about busy days - they certainly help me . I guess we like having a purpose to our days!!
Glad you went out yesterday and as you say your brother must have been ok if he was out . Your SiL,must have been pleased
to see you though especially as you had chocolate too!! It’s good to have a nice sister in law - you must be sad she isn’t well.
Hope you,ve had a good day today x
Doodle- yes we do love the sea . I think I love it so much as I was born at the seaside and lived there for my first 3;years. I remember being on the beach a lot with my Mum.
Our photography group meets once a month but as we have 2 different subjects each time it means that there is always something to look for and also try to be inventive.
Your park with the stream sounds lovely. Hope you are feeling less troubled todayxx
SweetPeaSue- so glad to see your post but from the look of the time you posted you were not sleeping well. Hope today you have been more comfortablexxx
Annie- Not more Tech problems!!! Those gremlins are working overtime.
More frustration with the dietician- does nobody at your surgery understand how you feel? Could they not do a face time or something similar consultation - or just a phone one.
It will take time for you to make the transition to “normal” food but if you don’t get the help it makes it so difficult doesn’t it.xx
Carillon- thank you.

Today was another AF challenge!! I try so hard to not be scared but it’s tired me out today.

Love to allxx

Scaredycat Sun 08-May-22 19:16:12

Sorry I posted before looking!!
Welcome Coffee first and hello Joce so,good to hear you feeling a bit brighter xx
Hello too to Jan16

Doodle Sun 08-May-22 19:41:23

Hello all. Glad you found the new thread. I was last to post in the old one so rather than leave people looking in vain I thought I’d better start a new one.
HVDY I’m sorry your DH doesn’t chat much. Like Ellie Anne that must make you lonely at times.
Could you fin a hobby that involves others like a knitting circle or reading group? Perhaps U3A have something to offer that you would like.
Sweetpeasue you were up early this morning. Hope you are ok. Please keep posting when you feel you can. We want to hear from you.
Annie 12,000 posts that’s amazing. I’m sorry your appointment is near the bridge. Do these people have no sense or compassion. Could you re arrange somewhere else?
Carillion you are so kind. Love to you and yours.
Coffeefirst welcome. A family member also has ASD so I sympathise so much with you and your DD. Has she been diagnosed recently or is this longstanding? Have you looked at the National Autistic Society for help or looked to see what support is available in your local area. The fact that you and your DH are committed to helping her and being there for her is such a good thing.
Joce nice to hear from you too. Hope you and yours are keeping ok.
Hello Jan sorry don’t know much about Social Prescribing but I believe you can self refer. Have you Googled to see what is available locally. Hope you find the help you need.
Scaredycat there is something about the sea that is magic.
I could sit and watch the waves for hours I find it so soothing.
I like the idea of your photography group. DH used to belong to a very social one but then a lot of new people joined and it became more competitive and political so he left,
Thank you for your kind thoughts.
Your AF must be hard to live with. It’s one of those things that is hard to ignore. Hope it wears off soon and you are ok.
Take care dear gang. x

Ellie Anne Sun 08-May-22 22:46:00

Welcome coffee first.
I also have a daughter with mental health problems and it’s a constant worry. I’m glad your husband is supportive.
Got an appointment with nurse tomorrow about my chest pain but feel a fraud as I’ve not had it since I made the appointment several weeks ago but will go anyway!

Doodle Sun 08-May-22 23:04:20

Ellie Anne worth getting checked out. It will put your mind at rest anyway. Are you involved in any church activities this week?

Ellie Anne Mon 09-May-22 08:16:57

Yes doodle I help at a group for over 50s tomorrow. Our oldest people are in 90s. They have tea and home baking then a short talk and quiz then there are various activities- art , table tennis, board games, jigsaws and crafts. Or just sitting chatting. I serve teas do dishes etc.

Anniebach Mon 09-May-22 08:22:57

Hi all x


Do keep the appointment x

Be back later, having breakfast

CoffeeFirst Mon 09-May-22 10:21:28

Hi All,

Another sunny day so getting my washing out whilst can!

Doodle - Daughter was diagnosed only two years ago so still trying to get to grips. Yes, we’ve been in touch with the National Autistic Society and are receiving help and advice.
I’m taking one step at a time…

Ellie Anne - sorry to hear you can relate to what I say, yes it’s not easy is it. Please get checked out as regards the chest pain …just in case it returns. I think I’ve had similar as my heart seems to beat faster and I find it hard to relax. It does seems to come and go. I know it probably relates to my worrying and stress about things. My husband says not to worry as it’s things out of my control, but easier said than done.

I’m just going to get myself a nice cup of coffee before I put yet more washing in…have a lovely day ladies…??

Doodle Mon 09-May-22 11:00:43

Sad day for us here. Our close neighbour died suddenly yesterday. All very shocked and sad for her husband.
Ellie Anne that sounds a nice idea for people. Does it happen often? Do you enjoy helping at such gatherings? I only ask because a neighbour got involved in helping at Age Concern and felt a bit put upon at times.
Annie hope you have a good day.
Coffeefirst if your DD wasn’t diagnosed until recently she has coped reasonably well in life so far. At her age she could now be more able to understand the reasons for her difficulties. All people with ASD are different and have different problems but I hope your daughter gets good help and advice. Having your support will be such a benefit.
Yes trying not to worry is easier said than done. You are right your racing heart could well be stress related. Many of us in this thread can empathise with those feelings.
Hope you get your washing dry.
Hope all are ok today,

Sweetpeasue Mon 09-May-22 13:06:07

Welcome Coffeefirst So sorry to hear of your daughter with mental health problems. I must be extremely upsetting to cope with yourself and for your daughter too. I know there are others on here who understand themselves how hard this is and I'm sure you will receive empathy here.
Doodle So very sorry about your neighbour. We moved here 30 yrs ago and our neighbours were here before us. A couple of years ago this happened very suddenly to one of them and his wife had to be taken into care Home. It was such a shock. We feel that things will stay the same around us and friends will be there forever. It can be stunning when this sort of thing happens on the doorstep. I am sorry.
Scaredycat Do hope the AT is behaving today, must be a horrible experience and worrying. Take care of yourself. Perhaps a calmint trip to the sea. I so share that love of the seas . Constantly changing yet somehow just constant.
Joce Like you plodding on. Hope you are OK.
EllieAnne Thinking of you. With everyone else in your keeping that appt for chest pains.
Anniebach Hoping you managed that breakfast without any bad affects and no more techy gremlins today. Would it be possible to have that dietician's appt in a different place at all. It's too much to expect of them and very cruel. I feel upset for you. You always seem to have another struggle to face.
HVDY Hope you're OK today and you had a nice meet up with son at weekend.
Sorry if I've missed anyone. Wishing you all well.

Sweetpeasue Mon 09-May-22 13:07:57

Scaredycat meant to be trip to sea but you could take mints too.
So many errors, apologies

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