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Doodle Sat 07-May-22 20:00:08

To quote Anniebach - This thread is for the support, understanding and sharing of all mental health problems.

Ellie Anne Mon 09-May-22 13:26:33

Doodle it is on every Tuesday from September to June. I do enjoy helping. I’m not an up front person but happy to work away in the background.
Coffee first my daughter was diagnosed 20 years ago with severe clinical depression and has been on medication ever since. She manages to hold down a responsible job part time and though she still has problems I am thankful that she is ok most of the time.
Your daughter has love and support. That’s the most important thing.

Anniebach Mon 09-May-22 13:27:39

Doodle so sorry to learn about your neighbour, you have had
a shock , take care x

Coffeefirst I worry about things completely out of my control, today my Mini Tornado (youngest grandchild) is
driving back to Wales from Manchester, I will worry until I
receive her text - ‘I’m home’.

Friends, I have sorted out my appointment with the dietician,
telephoned, explained I couldn’t attend at any location because
of wheelchair, the reply was ‘it is necessary that you attend, we did telephone consultations because of Covid’, i thanked her
asked to be taken off the list and would they explain the reason
to my GP because it wasn’t my choice.

Have a telephone appointment 9th June .

How is everyone?

Ellie Anne Mon 09-May-22 14:23:03

Done it again! Must have deleted post. Doodle it runs every Tuesday from September to June. I enjoy helping in the background but not an up front person.
Coffee first my daughter was diagnosed 20 years ago with severe clinical depression. Still on lots of medication but holds down a responsible job. She has ups and downs and unfortunately is too far away for me to be much help. Just love and support your daughter xx

HowVeryDareYou Mon 09-May-22 18:24:10

CoffeeFirst Welcome. It's hard to watch our AC have problems, isn't it. I think we all worry about them, no matter how grown-up they are. You must worry about your dad, too.

Doodle I emailed E3A, waiting to hear back. Sorry to hear about your neighbour.

EllieAnne Good luck with your appointment tomorrow.

Anniebach Couldn't the dietician have visited you at home?

ScaredyCat Are you on tablets for the AF?

I hope everyone has had a decent day. It was lovely to go out for lunch with Son2 yesterday, then a walk around a park (we're luck to have lots of nice parks). GD1 is being a worry - she's been getting into trouble at school recently, behaving very much out of character. The mother has been telling our GDs that the reason their dad (our Son1) doesn't live with them is because of THEM. So nasty. It's because of her. She just can't help herself.

Hope everyone has a peaceful evening. x

Scaredycat Mon 09-May-22 19:32:49

EllieAnne- hope you had your appt today. It’s best not to ignore any kind of chest pain although so often it is brought on by anxiety and stress. Hope you enjoyed your time helping at the over 50,s. - so kind of you to help others.
SweetPea Sue- hope you slept better last night. So good to hear from you.
Doodle- so sorry to hear about your neighbour it must have been a shock. We become very fond of those who live around us. Sudden death is always so hard to deal with for those left behind - sounds like you live in a caring community so hopefully her husband will have support.
Annie- hope you’ve heard from MT by now. It’s so worrying when our young family members are out driving isn’t it.
Well done with getting a phone consultation I just can’t believe how long you have to wait. Are you managing to eat a few different things now?
HVDY- what a mean spirited person that Mother is - how does she think that makes her children feel. You must feel so hurt for them and your son.
Yes thank you I do have medication and blood thinners for AF but some days it is worse than others and anxiety creeps in. How is your friend after her ablation?
Coffee first- does your daughter live near you so you can see her regularly? It must be very worrying for you but it’s good she is now getting some help to deal with her condition. Make sure you and your DH get to have some rest and relaxation too.
Nonnie- hope you are okxx
Love to allxxxx

Ellie Anne Mon 09-May-22 21:26:56

The nurse I saw doesn’t think it is cardiac related but I have to have an ecg and blood tests.

HowVeryDareYou Mon 09-May-22 21:38:41

ScaredyCat The mother of the GDs has always been like it - she's a horrible person. She'll lose those kids when they're older because they'll get to realise what's she's like. My friend is doing very well after her ablation. She's driving again and feeling fine. I imagine the AF would be made worse by anxiety, am I right? x

EllieAnne Sorry, just realised it was today you were seeing the nurse. Try not to worry too much (easier said than done). The doctors will be trying to rule out certain conditions.

I hope everyone has a good night's rest tonight x

Ellie Anne Mon 09-May-22 23:00:07

Thank you hvdy. I’m not worried. Other things are worrying me far more.

Doodle Mon 09-May-22 23:19:28

Sweetpeasue thank you for your kind comments. We are very much a little community here. Hopefully everyone will rally round.
Ellie Anne it must be of great benefit to the people you help in the over 50s group. Nice to feel that you are contributing something. I’m sure it is much appreciated. Like you, I’m more of a background person.
I hope your daughter is getting on ok at the moment,
Having an ECG and bloods is a good thing just to confirm you are ok.
Thank you Annie. Oh yes I’m the same too. I worry about all sorts. I like to know when family get home. Glad MT texts you so you can relax after.
Well done in sorting out the dietician. Glad you’ve got an appointment.
HVDY how interesting. Let me know how you get on.
Oh what a dreadful thing for your DIL to tell her children. Why do people feel the need to use children like that when they separate. I hope your son can convince them that is not the case. He spends so much time with them I hope they realise how much he loves them. Hope your DGD is ok.
Glad you had a nice lunch with your son and your friend is doing well.
Scaredycat yes we do live with a nice bunch. We are lucky.
Do you take medication for AF every day or only if you feel it coming on? I hope you manage to get proper sleep at night.
We had a lovely walk this afternoon. It was so warm I even took my coat off ?
Hope all the gang past and present are plodding on ok.

HowVeryDareYou Tue 10-May-22 18:33:02

How has everyone been today? It's been windy but really warm here. I stripped the bed, got 2 lots of washing dry on the line, went to Aqua Aerobics. It's my wedding anniversary, 42 years. We were meant to have been going to an Indian restaurant tonight but DH has been off work (and yesterday) with a cold and a bad cough, so I made a stir-fry instead. Just drinking a Bailey's - type thing that's rum and strawberry cream. x

Scaredycat Tue 10-May-22 18:54:36

Doodle- yes it was nice yesterday glad you had a walk in the sun. Love it when you don’t have to wear a coat.
I do take daily medication for AF And don’t sleep too badly thank you.It depends if I wake up in the night with AF and then start the Whatifferies!! It often starts in the first hour of waking in the morning too.
How is your DH doing - hope his legs are not too uncomfortable when walking.
EllieAnne- sorry you still have so many worries. Hope the appointment went well yesterday.
HVDY- Happy Anniversary!! What a shame you haven’t had your Indian meal - perhaps you can have it when your DH feels better. Your drink sounds yummy - Cheersxxx
Wishing all the gang a pleasant evening and peaceful sleepxx

Doodle Tue 10-May-22 19:41:16

Been busy with housework today and then spent an hour doing my jigsaw. Nice walk. Very warm outside.
HVDY congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Shame you missed your night out. Hope your DH feels better soon and you can go for your meal. We spent one of our wedding anniversary’s in hospital. DH had a TIA a couple of days before. We celebrated with a cup of coffee and biscuit in the ward. ?
Scaredycat I went out with just a fleece tonight but even that was too much. So nice to have warmer weather.
I’m glad your meds keep things under control but I imagine if you are stressed or anxious about anything that could trigger the AF.
Annie and the rest of the gang Hope you are all ok.

Sweetpeasue Wed 11-May-22 04:47:34

I'm so scared. My bowel has been destroyed. I had the courage to go to A&E in the end, 3 times and they did nothing. It was left and left. I the last couple of weeks I've not been able to go hardly at all. The bowel seems to have lost all motility to do its work. I still wait for appt but it will be too late. Because its not functioning I darent eat as its not passing. I'd already lost a stone because of my sickness with the pain. I came on here with anxiety because of the last medical fiasco. I'm now in another one and have lost 'friends' and I fear my sanity. I am so alone. There doesn't seem to be help anywhere. I don't know what to do. And still the other pain is not being investigated. I'm sorry for reappearing and being so gloomy. I just don't have anywhere to turn. There is nothing I can think of that will help. I'm so sorry. The NHS is broken. I'm broken. I have nothing to give. I'm rock bottom. And I've no pride or dignity. Now I'll post and be sorry.

loopyloo Wed 11-May-22 09:12:59

Sweet pea.
Did you ring for an ambulance? Where are you now?
Concerned ,wishing we could help!

Ellie Anne Wed 11-May-22 09:15:16

Oh sweet pea that is awful. Looks like you have been up all night. I wish I could think of something helpful to say.
Could you contact your mp or get someone to do it for you?
I’m so upset for you but feel useless.

Anniebach Wed 11-May-22 09:18:45

Hi all x

This is Mental Health Awareness Week

Sorry I couldn’t join you yesterday , lot going on

Be back later

HowVeryDareYou Wed 11-May-22 09:19:28

SweetpeaSue What do hospital doctors/your GP attribute to your bowel problems? I know that on Monday you said your GP advised having more fibre. Has that made any difference? (although I suspect it would take more than a couple of days to have an effect). You previously said that scans etc showed no blockage, and that tests showed no inflammatory disease such as Diverticulitis, Crohn's, etc. Unlikely to be Endometriosis, you said. Could you possibly have Lazy Bowel Syndrome? During my 20-odd years of working as a carer, I'd seen that in some patients.

I really hope you manage to get some solution soon, but I think that whilst you're waiting for the appointment, there are some things you could do Could you keep a food diary, writing everything down? I understand you not wanting to eat, but I fear that will only exacerbate the problem. I'm sorry you're still have all this. xx

HowVeryDareYou Wed 11-May-22 09:22:33

It's pouring with rain this morning. sad. DH is still off work (going back tomorrow). I'm going to Zumba at 10. Back later x

Sweetpeasue Wed 11-May-22 10:21:18

Oh dear. Just typed a message and it's all gone. Can I do nothing right!
I'm so sorry for worrying everyone.
Loopyloo Please be reassured, I'm not alone and have DH. Its so kind of you to care.
Likewise*EllieAnne * Thankyou. You are such a kind person. My sister also thought contacting MP might help. I've no fight left at present moment and DH is fairly quiet.
Anniebach Hope you're OK
HVDY You may be partly right about that. I'm not sure if there's something that has caused that (apart from complete bloody neglect). The scan didn't show mechanical blockage but I think other types don't show up on scans. The other searing pain I get, I don't believe is Endometriosis but there are no further investigations being done. I'm losing weight rapidly and losing patience. Actually I think I'm almost becoming apathetic.
I couldn't help posting. I really do feel so alone. Where are the Dr's that understand how to listen to someone and not carry out set agendas?
Just lying on sofa with hot water bottle after taking Oramorph. More settled and hopefully more sensible. I can't tell you what blessing it is to have you all. I just am not acting rationally by posting and upsetting you all. Xx

Doodle Wed 11-May-22 11:47:39

Sweetpeasue of course you should post here. No need to feel sorry or worry. I send you love and prayers. I know the NHS is not doing well but this is ridiculous.
Two things you could try is getting your DH to phone your Gp surgery and to tell them he is worried about you not eating and wants someone to visit. Get him to tell them he wants his concerns recorded on your medical record.
Also try contacting NHS England at the link below (if you are not in England there will be a similar thing for where you are)
I am so so sorry you are feeling like this. You have friends here and we care. I know it takes energy to fight and you don’t want to complain but this is frankly wrong. Please let us know how you get on.
loopyloo what a nice post.
Hi Annie hope you are ok. Catch up later.
HVDY yes you are right. Sweetpeasue you do need to eat.
I had terrible pain after my hysterectomy from bowel and I also didn’t eat couldn’t face anything. GP told me I needed to eat to get my bowel functioning so I had boiled rice. Could you try something like that or rice pudding?
Yes a good idea about food diary too.
Enjoy Zumba. Glad DH is well enough to go to work tomorrow.
Sweetpeasue this is a special thread unlike others. When you feel stressed and anxious you can post here. We may be upset for you but that is not a reason not to post. It’s what we do here.
Take care x

Sweetpeasue Wed 11-May-22 13:22:07

Doodle I thank you sincerely and all of you caring BD people. It's amazing just how some kind words have sparked a bit of life in me.
I don't think I've the stomach for formal complaints to NHS England at present, especially after the last time but I take note about putting on record when you're unhappy about a certain issue. When I can get an appt with the more reg GP I will be asking her to tell me what will be happening about further investigation into certain pain. No one would come out for home visit in my circumstances yet Doodle. Indeed at our surgery they won't do f 2 f appts at all, apart from absolutely necessary circumstances. This has not happened for yrs before the Pandemic. We need to change surgeries. So much is wrong. The rice is good suggestion(something that could be easily prepared, DH is OK for toast and that's it).
My Gastroenterologist appt in 2 weeks. I know I'm not the only person suffering under all these constrictions on Dr's time and consultation backlog waiting lists. Some of the waiting will result in rapid deteriation of peoples health and in some cases could do irreversible harm. I call that neglect, albeit not wilful.

It is a special thread Doodle.
Hope everyone has a decent day.

Anniebach Wed 11-May-22 13:35:14

HVDY belated congratulations on your wedding anniversaryx

Ellie Anne i am concerned, you said you have other worries,
do share if you wish to, you are living such an unhappy life,
sending you a cwtch x

Scaredycat oh those whatiferies, they do tend to come after
a nights sleep, you have done so much since you first joined
Black Dog, you are a ⭐️, do hold onto the achievements you have done, hugs x

sweetpeasue this thread is for mental health problems regardless of the cause, you are depressed and anxious.
You say ‘other types don’t show up on scans’ , you have said you google for info, is this how you know about ‘these other
types’ ? You have to eat my love, I speak as someone who had
an eating disorder many years ago, do write down everything
you eat and drink and the physical reactions x

Doodle sending love and hugs x

CoffeeFirst1 Wed 11-May-22 15:16:12

Hello everyone!
Hope you are all ok. We’ve had rain..rain..rain but I’m just looking out now and can see it’s drying up a bit..thank goodness.

Mr CF is around the house and getting under my feet a bit!
There, got that out of the way…moan over!

HVDY - thank you for your acknowledgment of me. It’s very kind of you.

Sweetp - just to let you know I’m thinking of you and hope you are ok. Anyone is free to put anything on here, look at my moaning, haha.

Hope everyone else is ok will catch up later.

CoffeeFirst1 Wed 11-May-22 15:33:45

Ellie Anne - sorry to hear your daughter suffers with severe clinical depression. That can’t be easy for her, especially holding down a part time job. I’m pleased to hear she’s ok most of the time though.
Yes our daughter gets plenty of love and support, like you say so important.

CoffeeFirst1 Wed 11-May-22 15:34:39

Apologies for disjointed messages, found it difficult to read and reply.

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