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MawtheMerrier Sun 05-Feb-23 14:47:47

I have recently restarted taking statins for high cholesterol. I stopped them before because they seemed to coincide with an outbreak of thrush which I had never had before and I had read somewhere of a link with one’s internal ph balance.

Then a week ago I thought I’d really better go back to them and have noticed increasing cramps in my hands which can seize up and need massaging back into use and some truly excruciating episodes of inner thigh cramps- above the knee to the groin- which are as bad as anything I have experienced for a long time.
I have upped my magnesium tablets (which always helped with leg cramps in the past) but also feel increased weariness in my legs in general.
Am I perhaps imagining this, looking for a problem? Recent research decreed there was no link between muscle issues and statins - well so “they” say.
So do I take my chance given that statins can decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke (but not to a massive degree) or put up with these bouts of crippling pain?
I do feel wearier and have less energy than I remember - but that’s probably just age.
I would be interested to hear other opinions and reactions if any.

Curtaintwitcher Mon 06-Feb-23 14:50:35

I have been having an annual blood test, as is standard practise for older patients. A couple of years ago, I was told that my cholesterol was too high and I would have to take statins. There was no questions about lifestyle or diet. I refused and , although my doctor keeps trying to persuade me, I shall continue to refuse.
The drug companies want as many people as possible to take regular medication, whether or not it is the best choice for them.

SparklyGrandma Mon 06-Feb-23 14:57:33

I have tried server all but the leg pains were a bad side affect. It’s no good if your mobility is affected that’s no good for stroke prevention either?

Iam64 Mon 06-Feb-23 19:07:00


So sorry to hear about your husband Iam64. I am slim, I exercise regularly and I eat healthily. I was surprised that my cholesterol was high and I have wondered about coming off them now that it is reduced. However my mum had high cholesterol. She also had a triple heart bypass and then vascular dementia. She also spent 7 years of her life in care. I will follow medical advice to reduce my risks.

Thank you.

I’m slim, walk lots and when my cholesterol was first high according to my rheumatologist, at 5.7 that was acceptable for what she called ‘normal people, not for her patients
My mums was 8.7, going on the anti cholesterol diet brought it to 8. Some of it is genetic- take the drugs 😉

Fleurpepper Mon 06-Feb-23 19:14:37


I have tried server all but the leg pains were a bad side affect. It’s no good if your mobility is affected that’s no good for stroke prevention either?

Did you have the liver enzymes checked to know if it was the statins? Simple to do.

Glorianny Mon 06-Feb-23 21:07:32

I was told I should take statins because my cholesterol level was high. But part of my high- just over 5- is caused by a high level of good cholesterol . I'm exercising, changing my diet and trying to lose a little weight. My health otherwise is excellent and my female relatives lived mostly into their 90s,. So I think I'll just carry on until my next check up.I can't see how a level of 5.4 made up of 2.4 good and 3 bad is the same as a level of 5.4 made up of 1 good and 4 bad.

saltnshake Mon 06-Feb-23 21:41:20

My brother has taken statins for years with no side effects so I was expecting the same results when I was prescribed statins. No such luck, I had aching muscles and brain fog. I tried four different statins with same results. I now take Ezetimbe instead of statins. I have had no problems with this. If you are having problems ask your doctor if you can try this. It works on cholesterol in a different way and isn't quite as effective as statins but it does the job well enough for me. My cardiologist is quite happy for me to use Ezetimbe instead of statins.

Grantanow Mon 13-Feb-23 09:26:29

I've been taking statins for over 10 years with no ill effects. They save lives. My GP told me that most aches and pains are not related to statins. She said patients on statins occasionally experience pain but only in relation to the large muscles.

annodomini Mon 13-Feb-23 09:57:36

I have been taking statins for at least 15 years with no obvious ill effects. I asked my GP if I could reduce the dosage and he agreed. I take a low dose and always at night.