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Doodle Fri 13-Oct-23 22:36:41

For the support, understanding and sharing of mental health issues.
All are welcome. We treat each other with kindness.

Sweetpeasue Thu 30-Nov-23 22:12:17

Sorry just a short post. A bit upset about PM appt. Wonder if should send a letter to Dr I saw explaining a few things I didn't say?
Take care everyone and wishing all a peaceful night.
Wyllow Hoping you have some contact with someone you trust. X

nadateturbe Thu 30-Nov-23 23:12:34

Goodness, HVDY nephew is going back to work. Maybe he thinks it will give him something to concentrate on. I wondered how he was.
You're right about ADs, they sound very helpful.
Sweetpeasue yes, if you feel it would be helpful, then write. Why should we not. And keep a copy.
I have written to consultants a few times. I don't have a problem with it. And have had replies. (Apart from the recent one I complained about).
Goodnight everyone xx

Sweetpeasue Thu 30-Nov-23 23:20:25

Thankyou Nadateturbe . I really think I should do this.
There was a lot to say in the appt. I was handed a questionnaire to fill in on arrival. I then started trembling because it in no way related to my circumstances! The questionnaire was asking about one type of pain buy I have Bowel and bladder pain

Sweetpeasue Thu 30-Nov-23 23:29:09

Sorry. I have bowel and bladder pain. The questionnaire was asking about one type of pain. It didn't relate. I immediately started trembling. This was always going to be a huge thing for me and I fell at the first hurdle. A nice nurse came out and DH asked for water to swallow my propranolol tab. I was shaking so much and needed to stop trembling.
Sorry. It feels such a mess. I wish I wasn't here to keep on battling. I honestly haven't the strength.

Wyllow3 Fri 01-Dec-23 00:06:31

Night night dear BD's ...sorry I just cant share atm but always read your days with sympathy xx

Candy6 Fri 01-Dec-23 04:32:22

Hello all, sorry I’ve not posted for a while but my busy life continues. I’ve been to see my son for a few days and now I’m away on holiday until next Tuesday. Having a nice time but it’s not a relaxing holiday but one where there’s a lot of sight seeing involved. Trust me to book a busy one! I’ve had a quick catch up and sorry for you all that are struggling and have worries. Thinking of you all. Will catch up and respond personally when I can. Love to all xx

nadateturbe Fri 01-Dec-23 08:40:12

Good morning. Nice to hear from you Candy. I know what you mean about the holiday. Perhaps if you get tired you could skip one of the tours and just relax.

nadateturbe Fri 01-Dec-23 08:54:28

Oh Sweetpeasue so sorry. What an ordeal. I hope you're feeling ok today. It's difficult to know what to do at the time. They should have been aware that the questionnaire might not fit your particular symptoms. Please do write while it's still fresh in your mind. Maybe relax today and do it tomorrow. Thats my advice anyway. And tell them how it affected you at the appointment. Don't apologise for anything. And stay strong. xx

Sweetpeasue Fri 01-Dec-23 10:42:11

I took 2 pages of notes with dates and times of seeing consultants and ,of course, the investigative hysteroscopy that turned out into a mess. Description of my pain now, bladder and bowel.
There was a Gynaecologist there with her.Thankfully not one I knew. Was in 3/4 hr. He never said 1 word but his head was mostly down the whole time. It would have been good if he'd said one word-sorry. Not his own personal fault of course but on behalf of dept. He wouldn't have been allowed to ,obviously. As I got up to go he stood up and tore off a piece of paper towel and gave it to me, even though I had my own tissue.
She said lots of nerves in pelvis and that can cause pain and affect bowel and bladder. Kept off subject of why they were disturbed. I told her I had IC before the Hysteroscopy but never needed strong painkillers for it on regular basis. She wants me to gradually up the Amitriptyline to 50 or 70 mg!!
Is going to write to GP about it and arranging an appt with someone, not sure if type of pain therapy person in their team.
I played down the amount of painkillers I was taking(cocodamol)as I didn't want her to take away the oramorph-even though I wasn't abusing it.
Until last night. I drank a quarter of the bottle with wine.Headache now. Such a fool.
I will write and say some things I left out.
She wants me to go back on Duloxetine as she said 2 weeks wasn't long enough but Psychaitrist put me back on Citalopram. What a mess. Don't know what to do.Dont see Psychiatrist till 22 nd. May just not take anything till then.
Sorry just a ramble. I need to pull myself together. Thanks for listening. X

Doodle Fri 01-Dec-23 13:29:24

Sweetpeasue. Sorry you got so upset. Questionnaires don’t always ask the right question,
Like nadateturbes’s excellent post, I think writing back and saying what you missed out and explain about the two types of pain is a good idea.
Did you tell her you were on Citalopram?
Perhaps you could ask your Gp. Say you’ve been prescribed two different drugs and which should you take? (Although thinking about it I’d stick with what the Psychiatrist prescribed as it is his area.)
Might be worth doing what she said about the amitriptyline and increasing it. Might help you cut back on the cocodamol which in turn would help the bowel.
Do write back, I think it would help to say what you really wanted to while you were there and be easier maybe if not in person. I hope you’re feeling a little more comfortable today . You’re going through a lot.
nadateturbe how have you been today? Been quiet here apart from the coughing 🤣
Candy hope you had a lovely visit to your sons. Your holiday sounds exciting. Hope you. Get to see lots of nice places. Enjoy yourself,
HVDY what surprising news of your nephew. I hope he gets on ok. Be careful out and about in the icy weather .

nadateturbe Fri 01-Dec-23 14:59:48

I hate when you come home and feel you left something out, so do tell them. Did you give them a copy of the notes?
I have no idea about ADs except they do take a while to work. Others here will know better. Perhaps as Doodle suggests go with what psychiatrist said until you see him and can discuss..
I do know many people on an M.E. forum who take high doses of amitriptyline for pain.
I hope you're OK today and have recovered from the stress a bit x
.I'm OK Doodle, thanks. Was supposed to meet aunts and cousins but not going as I'm meeting people on Sunday whom I haven't seen for ten years, so don't want to risk not making it.

HowVeryDareYou2 Fri 01-Dec-23 15:51:45

SweetpeaSue What a rigmarole. I think it's a very good idea to have all of that written down (typed is better, then you can keep a copy on your computer). Upping the dose of the Amitriptyline but reducing/stopping the CoCodamol and Oramorph would probably be a good idea - those 2 both cause constipation, which I'm sure you know, anyway. I'd be more inclined to do what the Psychiatrist has advised.

Doodle DH salted the path (which is a slope). Thanks. Can't rick me falling over, I'd be like an upturned tortoise grin. Hope you're feeling a bit better. How did your husband get on re his poor heels?

nadateturbe You've still got cousins and aunts shock. Nice that you're all till in touch. Will you be able to meet another day?

Candy6 Enjoy your holiday.

I went to see SIL at the new home - was shown to her room, where she was lying/sitting on the floor, propped up with pillows. She'd fallen and had been there for 4 hours, waiting for an ambulance! After chatting to staff and 2 Managers, and ascertaining that she could bend her knees and shuffle backwards, they agreed to get her up by using a hoist, so that was ok. It seems she's not being encouraged to try to walk about (not even with an aid), as has been assessed as not being able. Oh dear, it's a slippery slope. Anyway, she seemed happy enough when she was up and in bed.

Hope ALL BDers have a relaxing evening. x

nadateturbe Fri 01-Dec-23 16:35:10

Doodle I hope that cough eases soon.
HVDY poor lady. She's having an awful life. I'm sure you're glad you were there with her.
I'll visit my aunts before Christmas, mum's sisters, I love them, lovely ladies.
I've been asleep since my last post!

Sweetpeasue Fri 01-Dec-23 17:44:15

HVDY Your poor SIL.I understand what you mean by the slippery slope.My aunt lost her DH nearly 2yrs ago. Hr had carers 4times a day and needed hoist to get him from chair to bed until he got dementia and deteriated rapidly. No quality of life for some of these poor people.So sad.Thank goodness you have little baby GD to cheer you. Great idea to type some letters and documents on computer. I'm not a fast typer but I forget the benefits of that. What a lot of work it could have saved for me.
Doodle I'm sorry you're still coughing a lot. Hope you managed to sleep a bit last night.The coughing must wear you out aswell as the worry about DH. I understand about the need to stay well for each other. Think it's sods lore that the worrying about each other can make each others health worse at times.
Yes I'll write to the PM Dr and mention a few things. I had another thought that she might be under impression(if she has latest GP surgery info) that I'm being referred back to Urologist, though she didn't say. 2 weeks ago I had phone appt with a GP and told her I thought bladder pain might be IC still and she asked if I wanted to see him again. I wasn't sure as he thought it wasn't IC and was CPP that is affecting bladder . She(GP) sent me a text saying below is the link for me to make referral foe apt but she didn't send the link! I never rectified the matter as he was a pompous man and unlikely to change his mind. Tbh I just don't know myself now. I want them to tell* me*. Next stages (if it was IC) would be invasive bladder infusions every week or strong drugs that are known to affect sight and make hair fall out- both are not guaranteed to work. Best to stick with PM for now I expect. Thankyou Doodle you are sensible with your advice for all here and down to earth. You have so much yourself.
Nadateturbe Thankyou you are so kind and I appreciate your caring .You too have so much to cope with. My pain OK today so far. Just bad headache but my own fault. Just feeling v low. I didn't give her the notes. Never thought of it but makes sense though. Some of it was the gynaecology stuff which I wasn't sure she'd understand as everything so complicated. Hope you have a nice time on Sunday with your aunt. Yes you'll need to save your energy.

Bad headache (own fault).Had Ist physio appt for back pain today.She wanted to know when it began. More explanation required. From the 22nd Oct 2020 when my life changed.
Had little GS from school today. He was only here till 4-30 and is growing so fast. Didn't think I could do it today but managed ok.Must have gone up snakes and down ladders.
Restless and panicky. Really needed to talk to MH nurse today but he didn't ring as promised.
Just need a sleep I think.
Thankyou so much everyone for your help. Appreciate you there so much.
Hope all BDs and those not mentioned personally are OK and have a peaceful night.x

nadateturbe Fri 01-Dec-23 17:50:00

If you can manage it I would type the letter Sweetpeasue.
Glad you had gs.

Sm63 Fri 01-Dec-23 20:48:18

I hope everyone is doing ok

Doodle Fri 01-Dec-23 20:48:25

Short post tonight sorry. I am feeling much better in myself but I am coughing so much I can’t think straight.
nadateturbe have a lovely time Sunday. How exciting
HVDY DH’s heels still a mess. Dressing change again Monday.
Oh your poor SIL. Was it a pleasant place? Does she have a nice room?
Sweetpeasue not sure I like the sound of that treatment. I’d go with the PM for now and try what they’ve suggested. It may help. Hope you have a better weekend.
Scaredycat Wyylow Candy thinking of you.
Ellie Anne hope you have a weekend of things to do. Hope you are feeling ok x

Sm63 Fri 01-Dec-23 20:49:06

I hope everyone is doing ok.

Doodle Fri 01-Dec-23 20:49:52

*Sm63. Thank you. are you new to GN?

HowVeryDareYou2 Fri 01-Dec-23 21:29:35

nadateturbe You must have needed a little sleep. I think a bit of a doze is good, sometimes.

SweetpeaSue Glad you felt able to have your GS. I've never heard of bladder infusions, but I'd be inclined to Google it (I Google everything) and get some information before you think about it.

Doodle Your poor husband. Is heels must be so painful. I hope your cough subsides soon. SIL's room is alright, the usual kind of these places. There seemed to be plenty of staff around, and they were all very nice. I chatted with the 2 Managers, who were friendly too. The place, on the whole, seems to cater to individuals' preferences (SIL is a very fussy eater).

Sm63 Not seen you on here before, do come back.

I've ordered a baby seat for my car (DIL advised on what to get) so I'll pick it up from the shop tomorrow (hope it'll be easy to install). x

nadateturbe Fri 01-Dec-23 21:53:51

Sm63 Have you just joined GN. I see you have never posted anything?

Sweetpeasue Fri 01-Dec-23 22:00:34

Nadateturbe Thankyou. Take care of yourself.
Doodle The treatments are pretty invasive and I'm not sure I could cope with catheters .The drug Elmiron has been found to affect eyesight in some cases so eyes are regularly tested. That scares me. Do hope your cough eases enough to sleep tonight and your poor DHs heels improve soon.
HVDY Glad this new home for your SIL is far better. Hope the baby seat is suitable. I think some are easier to fit than others. I'd read about the bladder infusions through The Cystitis Association and also in a book about IC by the association .
Wyllow Thinking about you .x
Sm63 Thankyou.Hope you are OK too.

Wishing all BDs a peaceful night.x

nadateturbe Fri 01-Dec-23 22:23:25

I'd be inclined to Google too Sweetpeasue and get more information.
I remember fitting baby seats with the instructions, easy, but seemed complicated. Good luck HVDY.🙂

Scaredycat Wyllow3 Candy EllieAnne and anyone I've forgotten. thinking of you.
Goodnight everyone, hope its a peaceful one. 🙏

Wyllow3 Fri 01-Dec-23 23:32:33

Night night, thinking of you all xx

Sm63 Sat 02-Dec-23 10:38:40

Hello. Yes I don't really know my way round yet,😄

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