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Doodle Fri 13-Oct-23 22:36:41

For the support, understanding and sharing of mental health issues.
All are welcome. We treat each other with kindness.

Scaredycat Sat 02-Dec-23 16:53:49

Hi all. Hope you’re managing to keep warm .
HVDY- Glad your DH has an Endo appointment - hope he,s feeling a bit less down.
Your nephew must have great strength of character to be
Going back to work. I expect though that perhaps he just wants to feel ‘normal’ for as long as possible. Brave young man.
Poor SiL- it does sound at last she is in a more caring environment- I hope so.Does she get dizzy as she falls frequently?
Good to hear your Son and his little family should be all together and settled by Christmas- it must make you very happy. Hope the car seat wasn’t too difficult to fit. You,ll be able to see her little smiley face in the rear mirror!!
Doodle- it’s so hard for you to feel so poorly and much added stress to see after DH too. I imagine his heels are very painful and not easy to walk at all. So glad you have been able to sleep despite the coughing.
I was supposed to have an audiology appt on Thursday but it was cancelled just before I was ready to leave to drive to Hospital!!!
We walked this morning but it was so cold and miserable we couldn’t wait to get home. AF and the cold don’t work well together😩
Nadateturbe- I hope your son considers the ADs - I have always felt scared of them but so glad I finally did.
Yes hope my niece soon gets a replacement date for her Op.
will FT with my Sister tomorrow so hope there’ll be news.
As you say time is flying by- meant to start the wrapping today but life got in the way!!
You wrote such a helpful post for SweetPeaSue - good advice as always.
Have a lovely day tomorrow.
Candy- just relax and enjoy your well earned holiday. Sightseeing can be very tiring but leaves you with lots of memories of beautiful places you can revisit in your head.
Glad you,ve been to see your Son - big hugs I bet.
SweetPeaSue- I think that writing a letter and putting down in words everything you wished you,d said and how it all made you feel is the way to go. I think you would feel relief at being able to say what is not easy face to face.
Glad you had fun with GS- he’s like a little tonic for you I think. Hope you have been more comfortable today.
Sm63- Hello and Welcome- there is always someone here to listen.
EllieAnne- hope the weekend isn’t too stressful for you.
I expect the Choir rehearsals are in full swing now.
Wyllow- as always so good to see you posting. Hope your family are all well.
Love to all and all not mentioned tooxxxx

HowVeryDareYou2 Sat 02-Dec-23 17:16:07

Nadateturbe Went to collect the car seat I'd bought online and accepted the offer of the shop fitting it. Good job we did, as the seatbelt wouldn't fit around it, so the salesperson suggested a different seat, one similar, so we've got that one (and it's easier to fit).

ScaredyCat My SIL has got a lot of muscle wastage (from spending months/years sitting about all day long), and because she's got Alzheimer's, she's forgotten that she cannot now walk - she was recently assessed as being unable to walk at all, even with a frame. It seems that she woke up yesterday morning, forgot where she was, etc., and then fell over. It will be a regular occurrence. My nephew and my brother are both the stoic type who "just get on with it". How massively frustrating that your appointment was cancelled at the last minute. hope you won't have to wait long for a new date.

Sm63 How are you?

Hope ALL BDers have been ok today. It's been very foggy and frosty here. Saw baby earlier - DH fitted some new lights up at son's house, so they were all there. Baby chuckles a lot and makes a lot of sounds. smile. x

Doodle Sat 02-Dec-23 19:03:17

Evening all.
hVdY good to hear your SIl seems to be in an acceptable place, my dear brother was in a good one too. Makes a difference. Good idea about the car seat. We always had one for the grandkids.
Sweetpeasue I’m beginning to realise what a wimp I am. After all my poor DH has been through (and believe me it’s a lot) he has put up with it without complaint. Today I woke up feeling much better and had the energy to do some of the jobs that have been waiting. All was well until I realised my foot hurt. Had a good look at it and realised both my ankles and legs are very swollen and my feet are puffy. My first thought was oh no not something else to contend with. Really brought me down. I have never had this before but can only assume it’s the BP meds, the antibiotics or a combination of the two. My feet are huge.
I’m not in the least surprised some of the treatment scares you. It would me too. Hopefully the new drug regime will help.
Scaredycat we have huge patio doors in our lounge so the cold comes in. Both of us have blankets if we need but we’re ok.
DHs heels are bad. All the skin has peeled off leaving it open and raw (under the dressing) . Just hoping they heal soon so he can walk easier.
Please take care when you’re out. Yes I expect the cold does have an effect on your AF. Also impacts breathing too. Keep safe and warm.
Wyllow thinking of you,
Ellie Anne hope you’re ok, please let us know how you are.
Sm63 The GoodMorning thread is a good one to visit for newcomers. Hope you settle in ok.

HowVeryDareYou2 Sat 02-Dec-23 19:18:40

Doodle About your puffy feet - are you on some new BP tablets (or a higher dose?) I was on Amlodipine and then Lercanidipine, which both cause my feet and lower legs to swell. Both times, the GP told me to stop taking them. Justa thought. Your husband's heels must be very sore. What's the cause? Poor man.

EllieAnne Hope you've been able to get out today (although it's really cold)

SweetpeaSue How have you been today?

Wyllow Are you eating ok?

I seem to have an addiction to online shopping - I've already bought and wrapped everyone's presents, but feel the urge to want to buy more things. I think I need some hobbies grin. x

Ellie Anne Sat 02-Dec-23 19:56:45

I’m fine thank you. I’ve not been out today because we have snow which is very started last night when I was leaving my friends and snowed all night.I’ve done some bits and pieces in the house. Son 2 and gs were meant to come but too worried about the roads. This week has gone so quickly.
Doodle our house is cold too. It faces north. I have an oodie which I wear in the house all the time plus blanket if necessary. And am using the heating more than I should. I put a light on in the dining area yesterday not because it is needed but it looks cheerful but he got cross at wasting electricity ( one energy saving light bulb) so it’s off tonight.

Sweetpeasue Sat 02-Dec-23 21:14:27

Just a quick post.
Doodle Oh dear you must be fed up to say the least. See how feet/legs are tomorrow ,but you may have to inform GP on Monday. Your DH's heels sound painful too. So sorry.
Scaredycat Thankyou , my GS was a little tonic you're right. Sorry about your Audiology appt-so many cancellations happening but not easy for patients being informed late, especially in this cold weather. I agree about letter writing in that it's much easier than to talk F2F. You get time to think and convey things more clearly.
HVDY Interesting about the BP tablets. When my DHs foot was swollen when he first had Polymyalgia symptoms, GP was confused but he takes Amlodipine too. His ankle/foot is OK now. Hope your legs aren't too swollen.
Nadateturbe Hope you've had a quiet day and you can get to see your aunt tomorrow. Thankyou for your words, they are so helpful and understanding .
EllieAnne We have had quite a bit of snow here too.Not risen above 1 degrees here though I know you are often colder in Scotland. It's nice to see all the hills and fields white but a bit scary getting out of the side rds as we're on a hill. We, too have had the heating on in the day time, couldn't do without it.

I've been confused today about everything.I feel overwhelmed and don't know how to go forward. Think I should try to see GP if hes on Monday.He might help me make sense of everything. The AD problem is ridiculous as I can't speak to Psychiatrist till 22nd. MH nurse knew the PM appt was big thing for me and didn't call me yesterday as he promised. Bladder pain early morning and had to take 60mg cocodamol and teaspoon Oramorph. Then sharp pains up
'other'area which was excruciating. Managed to get out later-but aunt called early (to see if we'd gone out without her) to ask if we were going out. I couldn't get out till afternoon but certainly couldn't cope with taking her. I felt awful about it.

Sorry for leaving anyone out. So v tired Hoping you all have a peaceful night to all. Thinking of you. X

Doodle Sat 02-Dec-23 21:35:27

HVDY yes Amlodipine. I started it about 5 weeks ago after the pacemaker. Noticed I’d put on a lot of weight but so busy keeping up with DH and hospital I haven’t really been thinking about myself.
Thanks for telling me. It helps knowing someone else has the same experiences. My feet are huge and my legs to my knees puffy too. How bad did yours get?
Regarding DHs feet, it was spending 17 days on his back in a hospital bed without moving. I suppose it’s a bit like bed sores but they’re huge blood blisters. He kept saying his heels hurt but they all thought it was the neuropathy pain in his legs.
I’ve had my first delivery of Christmas presents today. So far so good.
Ellie Anne so pleased you got home safely before the snow settled. I hate driving in icy conditions. I love the way things look when snow covered but not the problems associated with it.
Hope you get to see your son and GS soon.
I must admit I have looked at oodies before and thought how cosy they look. Trouble is I’m still having hot turns and have to throw things off quickly when I start to heat up.
Hmm. Wont say what I think about your DH and the light, I’m with you for making things cosy. Will you put up a Christmas tree? I did ours today. I love Christmas lights.
Sweetpeasue definitely telling the GP Monday.
Glad you had a lovely time with your GS.
Sorry about the pain again. Yes try for the GP Monday too.
Are you able to phone the MH nurse yourself if you don’t hear soon?
You are very good to your aunt. I’m sure this once she will understand you’re not up to it,

nadateturbe Sat 02-Dec-23 21:40:47

Scaredycat what a nuisance to be cancelled so late, but it must be difficult for departments having to fit everyone in. Extremely cold today for walking. I think it's difficult to stay/get fit in winter. Hope your sister has news about the op. And hope you get started on wrapping. Where does time go?
Holiday memories-We love watching TV and saying "We've been there".

nadateturbe Sat 02-Dec-23 21:45:51

HVDY it was good getting help with the car seat. All sorted! Aren't babies so sweet, they really make you smile and brighten your day.
Does your SiL not have safety rails on her bed. Poor lady. I'm glad she's in a nice home though.

nadateturbe Sat 02-Dec-23 22:10:33

Doodle Your husbands heels sound very painful. Does someone change his dressings. He's had such an awful time.
Maybe you should just check with the doctor about the swelling. I hope you get it sorted. I'm sure you feel good being able to do some jobs but take it easy.
HVDY I've already bought and wrapped everyone's presents, but feel the urge to want to buy more things. I think I need some hobbies you mean a new hobby 😁

nadateturbe Sat 02-Dec-23 22:29:49

Doodle is right right Scaredycat wrap up well when you are out.
EllieAnne you are so patient. Lights don't cost much. I agree about them looking cheerful. Your needs are important too.
Sorry your son couldn't visit. Disappointing. Is the snow deep?

nadateturbe Sat 02-Dec-23 22:44:24

Sweetpeasue that pain sounds awful, especially the bowel pain. I hope it's eased. Don't feel bad about not taking your aunt out. You do your best and are very attentive with her.
Shame you didn't get a call from the MH nurse. That would have been helpful.
I hope you get to see the doctor on Monday. In the meantime try to put it to the back of your mind and relax a little.x

Busy day here, our Christmas village celebrations, husbands group playing and I went to listen to the ladies choir in a local church. No housework done apart from dishwasher. And ready meals from M&S. They do nice mini meals ( for me, not husband.) Hoping to meet friends tomorrow that we haven't seen for 10 years. No housework again. Only way we can manage energywise.

Hope everyone has a peaceful night xx
Apologies to anyone not mentioned.

Wyllow3 Sat 02-Dec-23 23:43:21

Night night, all xx.

HowVeryDareYou2 Sun 03-Dec-23 08:20:49

SweetpeaSue Don't feel bad about not taking your aunt - you do your very best for her. You can't always be there. Could you perhaps ring the MH nurse?

Doodle My feet and legs became so swollen on Amlodipine that I couldn't get shoes or socks on, only flip-flops (luckily, it wasn't cold out). The GP then prescribed Lercanidipine, which was ok to begin with, then I started with a rash on the tops of my feet and lower legs (later diagnosed as this Vasculitis, but it's thought that the BP tablets set that off).

nadateturbe SIL hasn't got rails on her bed (which I think is daft not to) but she's got a sensor mat, so that if/when she gets out of bed, an alarm will sound in the office. She's 70 but hasn't got much of a life sad.

EllieAnne Does your husband worry about money? Lightbulbs don't use much electricity - particularly energy-saving ones. Our heating is on from 8am until about 9.30pm. We pay £153 a month gas and electricity.

We've got about 3 inches of snow here this morning. I don't intend going out at all today, so I suppose I'll have to--buy more stuff--do some housework. Hope ALL BDers manage to have a decent day x

Ellie Anne Sun 03-Dec-23 16:44:18

I don’t think he worries but he isn’t interested in how the place looks. We pay about the same as you. But it is a cold house.
I m not getting my walks because of the weather and my laziness. It’s getting me down.
I’ve been writing cards and thinking what’s the point.
I’m watching all these ads about homelessness and know how privileged I am but I can’t turn off my emotions.
I’ve already given to crisis and Salvation Army but it’s a drop in the ocean.

HowVeryDareYou2 Sun 03-Dec-23 17:28:11

Ours is a 1930s semi and gets cold on the stairs. Like you, I keep seeing all these various charity appeals. I get upset about certain things on tv - I don't watch any of the news, as we know that all this misery in the world is happening, but ordinary people cannot do anything about it. I give to RSPCA, WaterAid and NSPCC, but the truth is that not everyone can be helped. There IS a point - your family, particularly your grandchildren. They need you and care about you.

Doodle Sun 03-Dec-23 19:24:38

nadateturbe yes the DN changes my husbands dressing. I think you’re right. I will phone the surgery at the crack of Dawn and see if I can get on their list.
Your village sounds lovely with its Christmas celebrations. Your DH must be a local celebrity playing with his band. 😊
HVdY I think sometimes these tablets are more trouble than their worth.
My brother had one of those mats too. I hope the staff respond quickly. I didn’t realise she was only 70. So sad.
Ooh you’ve got snow too.
Ellie Anne we are lucky being in a flat we are sandwiched between others which keeps the place warmer. I hate being cold. Best not to go out when it’s icy but hard to know what to do all the time at home. Because of DH I haven’t been anywhere for weeks. I do miss our long walks.

Yes we have a number of charities we give to too. I suppose it all helps a bit.
DH had another fall today. It’s made us both frightened and depressed. I think he’s ok. Nothing obvious anyway. Just makes me scared to take my eye off him.

nadateturbe Sun 03-Dec-23 19:55:02

Doodle so concerning, your husband falling again. Sending hugs.
Sorry I can't contribute today. I'm exhausted brain overstimulated ( if that makes sense) after meeting up with a group of lovely friends for first time in over 15 years. Didn't realise it was so long. We had the most winderful time but hot bath and glass of wine and relaxing music now.

Talk tomorrow. Love to all xx

nadateturbe Sun 03-Dec-23 19:55:29


HowVeryDareYou2 Sun 03-Dec-23 19:57:43

Doodle My SIL is only 70 but has looked and seemed much older for many years (even before Alzheimer's). A carer asked if I was her daughter (I'm 64). I hope your husband didn't hurt himself when he fell. It sounds daft, but I often practice getting onto the floor and getting up (I struggle with both actions). Does your husband walk with a frame or anything? I found (when I did care work) that DELTA frames (3 wheeler things with handlebars and brakes, were good and more stable than Zimmer frames.

Sweetpeasue Sun 03-Dec-23 21:59:04

Doodle I hope you get in to see the Dr/ nurse tomorrow and I'm so sorry your DH has had a fall. It's bound to knock his confidence and you both to feel concerned. It's still early days and he will keep improving I'm sure ,with small steps each day. Sending you a hug and hoping that cough has settled.x

Sweetpeasue Sun 03-Dec-23 21:59:39

Hope everyone has a peaceful night.x

Wyllow3 Sun 03-Dec-23 23:55:30

Night night BD's xx

Sweetpeasue Mon 04-Dec-23 00:05:29

Night night Wyllow. xx

HowVeryDareYou2 Mon 04-Dec-23 12:26:14

Doodle I hope your cough is improving now, and that your husband is ok after the fall. It knocks the confidence a lot. I hope you managed to get through to someone on the 'phone this morning.

nadateturbe So glad you had such a good time with your friends. Nice that you're in touch again after all these years.

The snow has all gone, but it's still raining. Brother wants me to go with him to see his wife - he lives 2 miles away from her but insists on coming to pick me up (8 miles away) and take me there. I offered to meet him there, but he said no hmm. Perhaps he wants to talk about something. DH says he feels "odd", which I think is to do with the Sertraline (he only started it 2 nights ago), so he's going to sit and watch tv all day (no change there). Hope ALL BDers manage to have a decent day x

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