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Magsymoo Mon 23-Oct-23 11:48:43

Like many others here I have periods of insomnia and am looking at some supplement to help rather than take sleeping pills. Phenergan has been suggested. Has anyone tried this and what dosage is best? I’ve seen 10 and 25mgs. available.

silverlining48 Mon 23-Oct-23 11:54:31

I take 10 mg and they work for me. The 20 mg left a nasty bitter taste

Cabowich Mon 23-Oct-23 11:57:06

I used to take them but can't remember the dose - I think it must have been 10mgs. If you can get hold of them take the 10mg to see whether they work.

They got me to sleep but I felt groggy the next day.

You might hit the problem of the over-zealous person on the Pharmacy counter. My daughter had the gamut of questions thrown at her and when she said it was to help her get to sleep, it was handed over with reluctance. They are supposed to be taken for allergies, nausea, and, on a short-term basis, for adults suffering from sleeping difficulties.

Sparklefizz Mon 23-Oct-23 12:01:48

Yes, I have taken Phenergan and was given the 3rd degree by the sales assistant. As it's also for allergies, that is the best answer to give if you don't want to spend the morning in the pharmacy smile

Magsymoo Mon 23-Oct-23 15:13:34

Thanks for the good advice. I think I will say I need them for travel sickness and I am due to go on a long cruise, when all I really want is a long sleep! I’m not sure I could convincingly claim an allergy.

Poppyred Mon 23-Oct-23 15:54:45

I’ve taken phenergan 25mg for a while now as they withdrew sominex awhile back. They work for me, saying that they are out of stock quite often. 🙄

Primrose53 Mon 23-Oct-23 16:04:44

I never knew you could still get that.

silverlining48 Mon 23-Oct-23 19:14:52

My doctor prescribed the pfenerghan and told me she is happy for me to take these regularly and they are on mu repeat prescription list,
I don’t feel at all groggy in the morning,

Marydoll Mon 23-Oct-23 19:39:41

You might hit the problem of the over-zealous person on the Pharmacy counter..

That is their job. There could be contraindications if you take other meds prescribed by your GP.

Westcoaster Mon 23-Oct-23 22:39:47

I take them when I’m desperate, usually after many sleepless nights. They can cause a bit of a hangover effect, but I take them early (around 8 pm for bedtime at 10) which reduces it a lot.

They are actually sold now as insomnia relief, behind the counter in the pharmacy. They still ask 20 questions, but at least you can admit to the insomnia rather than inventing reasons for anti-histamine use. blush

Katyj Tue 24-Oct-23 05:59:19

I take them occasionally. I haven’t been able to buy the 10mg dose for a while so have been cutting the 25mg into quarters. I find they are strong so be careful.
I get a good nights sleep but they leave me irritable the next day.

Katyj Tue 24-Oct-23 06:02:48

They wouldn’t sell them to me in Boots because he asked if I’d had them before, he said he couldn’t let me have them as they weren’t to be used regularly. I just bought them somewhere else.

silverlining48 Tue 24-Oct-23 06:05:08

Currently away for two weeks sharing a room and am taking one 10 mg every night about 20 minutes before bed.
Have just woken up and feel fine.

grandMattie Tue 24-Oct-23 06:21:25

I have recently found that one regular tablet of Cetrazine, an OTC antihistamine works wonders for me. It’s supposed not to make you sleepy but…

Ashcombe Tue 24-Oct-23 06:46:25


I have recently found that one regular tablet of Cetrazine, an OTC antihistamine works wonders for me. It’s supposed not to make you sleepy but…

I find half of one of these works for me, grandMattie and they're available in Lidl so no awkward questions to answer. I have to take it at about 6.30 p.m. or I feel hungover next day!

argymargy Tue 24-Oct-23 07:22:39

I wish people wouldn’t criticise pharmacy staff like this. They are just trying to keep you safe. All medicines are potentially dangerous if taken by the wrong person, in the wrong way, at the wrong time. Just because it’s over-the-counter doesn’t mean it can’t do you harm.

Smurf52 Tue 24-Oct-23 09:41:39

They work for me. The capsules are 25mg and they say take one or two. One was ample for me.

Grannie314 Tue 24-Oct-23 11:32:39

Seriously? MAKE UP something to get sleep meds????

And if something goes wrong after using the meds, blame your pharmacy.

For God's sake, people!

mousemac Tue 24-Oct-23 11:43:27

I had a schoolfriend who became a doctor. She dosed her twin babies with Phenergan when they had guests. It didn't work on mine.

Annie25 Tue 24-Oct-23 11:47:05

There are so many sleep aids now ...I'm never asked any questions Sleepeaze from Boots is one ...

Grannie314 Tue 24-Oct-23 11:49:39

DOSING babies when they had guests??? Oh my goodness. Seriously?

Greciangirl Tue 24-Oct-23 11:51:26

I use Phenergan every night.
I cut 25mg in half.
Others may need to take full dose.

They definitely work.
Better than constant sleepless nights.

JdotJ Tue 24-Oct-23 12:00:29

I used to give my children Phenergan 30+ years ago whenever we travelled as both suffered dreadfully from motion sickness. Worked like a dream. Best stuff ever.

Neither child, incidentally, used to like Calpol so I used to give Medised for everyday illnesses (don't know if still available).

Any time I tried to stock up the medicine cupboard by buying both products at the same time not one Chemist in my area would sell me both products at the same time so I used to buy one in one chemist and go to another chemist for the other one.
Happy Days

amazonia Tue 24-Oct-23 12:17:11

The doctor recommended phenergan for my adult son when he had some mental health issues which were being exacerbated by insomnia. Really helped reset him over a couple of weeks. Bought them from Tesco pharmacy without any issues or questions.
I've not tried them because cetrizine knocks me out - the one that's sold as a non-drowsy daily anti-histamine!

EEJit Tue 24-Oct-23 12:17:22

But isn't Phenergan a form of sleeping pill?

"Promethazine, sold under the brand name Phenergan among others, is a first-generation antihistamine, antipsychotic, sedative, and antiemetic used to treat allergies, insomnia, and nausea"