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Daughter has emergency brain surgery....advice

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BigBertha1 Thu 16-Nov-23 06:26:51

My eldest daughter needed emergency brain surgery yesterday for an anuerysm. My nephew her first cousin died of the same thing in April this year at the same age as her. I have spent all night awake we are going to the hospital early this morning. I am asking for any and all advice from grandmothers who may have had experience in this area. My head is full of all kinds of stuff. I can't seem to calm down and think straight it's just not like me. I was a nurse so have a fair bit of knowledge clinically but I very muddled on anything else. Any support very welcome. Thankyou.

Katyj Thu 16-Nov-23 08:29:23

So sorry to hear about your daughter. There’s no wonder you can’t think straight, it’s only to be expected. Thinking about you.

kittylester Thu 16-Nov-23 08:29:26

Bertha, we know where but let Dragonfly and I have some dates and times when you can see how things are.

Isn't gn great. I wish it had been around when it happened to DS1.

25Avalon Thu 16-Nov-23 08:32:06

The only advice I can give Bertha is to hold the line. This was my mantra when dh had open heart surgery and I had to stop myself feeling the worse. Hopefully your daughter will come through this ok and you will have better news today. Take care flowers

eazybee Thu 16-Nov-23 08:32:15

Dear Bertha, I am so very sorry to hear of your daughters's surgery and pray that she is recovering well today. I can fully understand your terror as you have medical knowledge and an understanding of what is happening.
In 2005 I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage which fortunately healed naturally without surgery and I was able to return to normal life; I was in a ward surrounded by people of all ages recovering from surgery.
Hope you have reassuring news today.

Juliet27 Thu 16-Nov-23 08:32:56

Wishing you the very best outcome 💐

Yiayia4 Thu 16-Nov-23 08:45:25

Same happened to by husband.He was operated on and twenty five years later as good as new.Wishing the same for your daughter.Thoughts and prayers to you both.🌹

Luckygirl3 Thu 16-Nov-23 08:58:49

Sending a hug - I hope the surgery was successful and that she is on the road to recovery, which as you will know can be a bit slow. But good that they caught it in time for surgery. flowers

sodapop Thu 16-Nov-23 09:05:54

Good wishes here as well for your daughter's recovery BigBertha it must be such
a worrying time for you all thanks

Iam64 Thu 16-Nov-23 09:06:33

So sorry to read this. No wonder you feel overwhelmed. It’s positive she’s had surgery, I hope her recovery is good. Look after yourself

Witzend Thu 16-Nov-23 09:07:01

Thinking of you, BigBertha1, 🙏

ginny Thu 16-Nov-23 09:08:24

Sending good wishes.💐

lixy Thu 16-Nov-23 09:09:37

Goodness, what a shock.
Can only add that I have two friends who have had this. Both had a couple of months taking things very easy afterwards with afternoon naps as a standard part of the day. They have both recovered and are now fit and well.
I really hope your daughter recovers well and you are able to get some rest too. Best wishes to you both.

maddyone Thu 16-Nov-23 09:12:48

Bertha I have no experience of this, but send loving thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery for your daughter.
And of course you’ll be worried, you’re her mother and that’s what mothers do flowers

luluaugust Thu 16-Nov-23 09:13:18

So very sorry to hear your news, thoughts with you all

Parsley3 Thu 16-Nov-23 09:17:01

So sorry to hear this BigBertha1. Sending you and your daughter best wishes at this difficult time.

Urmstongran Thu 16-Nov-23 09:23:50

Adding my very best wishes to all these BigBertha. I hope all goes well for your daughter and you can get some much needed reassurance today.

Being a nurse (or retired) is one thing but I imagine when emotions are involved it’s a whole new ball game. You’ll be petrified because you love her. 🥰

Grandmafrench Thu 16-Nov-23 09:25:34

After an awful day yesterday and then a terrible night, it’s not surprising you can’t think straight. But try to do the breathing, try to calm down because your lovely Daughter will need all your positivity during her recovery.

Try to think that she’s had the surgery, and will have the best medical care now. You can share your feelings with your family (and us, because we’ll all be hoping and praying hard for the best news). And you’ll know just what The Power of Grans can do !!

Stay strong, think positive and let us know, please, how things are going. Every blessing to your Daughter and a huge hug X

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 16-Nov-23 09:32:40

I’m sending you a hand hold and I hope you have good news today. Of course you can’t think straight until you’ve spoken to the doctors - none of us would.

Grammaretto Thu 16-Nov-23 09:36:40

Thinking of you Bertha . Such a shock but there are a lot of hopeful stories here. flowers

Shelflife Thu 16-Nov-23 09:44:02

No experience from me , sending good wishes to you and your daughter. I can only imagine how fearful you must be- please try to take care of yourself. 🌹🌹

GrannySomerset Thu 16-Nov-23 09:45:06

Happened out of the blue to DS when a very fit 42. Slight residual damage which only shows when he is overtired but recovery was a long process. Holding you in my thoughts today as you dealt with the shock to you and the family.

Grannynannywanny Thu 16-Nov-23 09:49:26

So sorry to read about your daughter BigBertha1. Hoping you’ll feel a little more settled after your visit . Wishing your daughter a good recovery from her surgery .

pascal30 Thu 16-Nov-23 09:58:26

Bigbertha.. wishing you well.your daughter will certainly appreciate your nursing skills as she recovers..stay strong

Yoginimeisje Thu 16-Nov-23 10:06:11

My prayers are with you BB and your dear daughter.
My dad had a chest aneurysm.

westendgirl Thu 16-Nov-23 10:22:18

Sending you hugs and very best wishes and for your daughter's good recovery.