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Daughter has emergency brain surgery....advice

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BigBertha1 Thu 16-Nov-23 06:26:51

My eldest daughter needed emergency brain surgery yesterday for an anuerysm. My nephew her first cousin died of the same thing in April this year at the same age as her. I have spent all night awake we are going to the hospital early this morning. I am asking for any and all advice from grandmothers who may have had experience in this area. My head is full of all kinds of stuff. I can't seem to calm down and think straight it's just not like me. I was a nurse so have a fair bit of knowledge clinically but I very muddled on anything else. Any support very welcome. Thankyou.

teabagwoman Thu 16-Nov-23 06:33:18

No experience of this particular condition I’m afraid but just want to wish you well and to tell you not to put too much pressure on yourself to think clearly etc. In this situation it’s impossible, take one minute at a time and accept any help that comes your way.

grandMattie Thu 16-Nov-23 06:33:50

I’m afraid I can’t offer any advice. My heart goes out to you. Of course, your head is all over the place and, it’s worse for you as a nurse, because you know all the problems that can arise.
As Julian of Norwich said, “all will be well, all will be well, all manner of things will be well”.
I’ll keep you all in my prayers🙏.

kittylester Thu 16-Nov-23 06:35:55

No advice, Bertha, but lots of hugs and the offer of tea and a hug anytime.

As you know, DS1 had an aneurysm so have some experience of the terror.

Let us know how things are.

RosiesMaw Thu 16-Nov-23 06:46:38

No advice, but a huge hug and handhold - wishing her and you well 💐

Bigred18 Thu 16-Nov-23 06:56:25

Same thing happened to me. I was very lucky. I recovered well after 6 weeks in hospital - had to learn to walk again. Your daughter will be fine, it's such a shock, and i send love.

BlueBelle Thu 16-Nov-23 07:06:31

Oh how sorry I feel for you Bigbertha no wonder you are all over the place
Do take comfort from Bigreds post she has offered you a sliver of hope, all I can offer is a hug and my thoughts

Whiff Thu 16-Nov-23 07:07:58

No experience but my thoughts are with you and hope your daughter makes a full recovery.

Only experience I have with a brain injury is my brother years ago had a piece of metal fall in his head and gave him a bleed on his brain . They operated and stopped the bleed but he has a stent in his brain . He made a full recovery . He has AF and is on blood thinners which help with his heart but also with his brain as they stop clots forming.

It will be a long and slow journey for your daughter to recover but you will be their helping her every step of the way . 💐

Vintagewhine Thu 16-Nov-23 07:12:28

Just sending a hug and my hopes that your daughter has a good recovery. Hospitals do amazing things and patients make amazing recoveries, keep strong.

baubles Thu 16-Nov-23 07:20:33

I have no advice I’m afraid BigBertha but I will pray for your daughter’s recovery.

BigBertha1 Thu 16-Nov-23 07:31:58

Thank you all so much lovely to know she has your prayers. Little star would love that cuppa and a chat soon. Xx

annsixty Thu 16-Nov-23 07:36:39

Sending warm and healing vibes to your DD and you BigBertha.
I hope today’s news is positive and you get to visit.

V3ra Thu 16-Nov-23 07:37:44

How frightening BigBertha1, especially with your family's experience earlier this year.
Keeping everything crossed for you all xxx

Chocolatelovinggran Thu 16-Nov-23 07:48:32

BigBertha I hope that you will soon be in receipt of hopeful news. Sending you warm wishes.

Tommy16 Thu 16-Nov-23 07:51:05

I had a subarachnoid aneurism in my late 20s ,I'm 71 now ,it was a long recovery but back then it was a major operation, I believe now it is done through an artery, still serious but she'll be OK

M0nica Thu 16-Nov-23 07:52:52

BigBertha1 another sending every good wish for your daughter's recovery and for you the mental and physical strength to cope with it.

The NHS is at its best when dealing with emergency problems like this, so your daughter will be getting the best of treatment.

Aveline Thu 16-Nov-23 07:55:13

Very best wishes from me too. At least she's known about and has been operated on. Stay strong. She'll need you as will the rest of the family. You'll know more soon. It's the uncertainty that's so stressful somehow. thankscafe

dragonfly46 Thu 16-Nov-23 07:56:18

So sorry to hear this Bertha sending all best wishes to your DD. Can I join you and kitty for tea and cake?

rafichagran Thu 16-Nov-23 07:58:34

Sending your daughter,you, and your family best wishes. flowers

loopyloo Thu 16-Nov-23 08:02:14

Wishing you all the best.
Apparently breathing in for 4 counts and then out for 6 helps relax the nervous system.
Hope it helps with the stress you must be feeling.

Funnygran Thu 16-Nov-23 08:04:58

My son had the same thing two years ago aged 43. Luckily he was able to phone us before becoming extremely unwell. Thanks to the wonderful NHS he had an operation to fix the bleed and had a wire inserted into his brain to keep the relevant artery clear. He’s never looked back although gets headaches which are being dealt with by GP. I wish you and your daughter well. x

Georgesgran Thu 16-Nov-23 08:20:19

No experience, but couldn’t pass without wishing your daughter and family the best outcome following her operation. X

merlotgran Thu 16-Nov-23 08:22:23

Sending my best wishes, Bertha and hope you soon have some reassuring news of your daughter.

Poppyred Thu 16-Nov-23 08:27:08

Wishing your daughter and you all the best for a happy outcome BigBertha. 🤞🤞💐

nanaK54 Thu 16-Nov-23 08:28:32

Sending all good wishes flowers