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Atqui Sat 18-Nov-23 17:54:34

I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety , particularly at night and in the early hours of morning if I wake early. Last year the gp prescribed citalopram for depression but I stopped taking it due to the nausea it caused. Love now been prescribed sertraline but one side effect is sleep disturbance . That’s the last thing I need . Has anyone any experience of this drug? I realise everyone is different and side effects may vary, but I already dread night time !!

Musicgirl Sat 18-Nov-23 17:58:24

I have found that Sertraline has been a lifesaver in the past year.

polomint Sat 18-Nov-23 19:09:45

I am on sertraline and have been for 2 years. No side effects at all. I was put on it as I had anxiety due to my husbands ill health and was very uptight. I also sometimes take zopiclone which is a sleeping tablet but usually just take a half tablet

Gwyllt Sat 18-Nov-23 19:29:41

I believe sertraline is very effective for some
I was prescribed sertraline when depressed whilst on steroids
Developed anxiety possibly similar timing to yourself in early hours. As well as during the day Given something for that and developed bad dreams and restless legs Came of the lot as I was also having suicidal thoughts
At time I found article with people reporting the generic version was somehow different to the branded drug
Sorry have no longer got the details but it might be worth you searching yourself. As I am not totally sure of any details as wasn’t in best place at time
Equally I react badly to many drugs and was told by pharmacist that side effects can lessen if you stick with it
Don’t know how old you are but check the dose as older patient should be given lower dose

Atqui Sat 18-Nov-23 20:31:51

That’s interesting about the dose Gwyllt. The mental health nurse ( not GP ) said start on low dose but I have been prescribed 50 mg

Woollywoman Sat 18-Nov-23 20:49:14

Hi Atqui, I think 50mg is the lowest dose… I am on it. A friend advised me to take the tablet in the morning with food - taking it that time of day lessens any sleep disturbance. I did find it took a long time to work (months), but it was worth it to get me through a stressful time.
It has actually helped me to sleep… hopefully it will help you too in the near future. Good luck…

Gwyllt Sat 18-Nov-23 20:52:13

Not for me to comment but check on net all doses should be there
From recollection I was prescribed 50 mg and t think dose recommended for older patients was half that but don’t take my word for that
Hope things turn out OK

Gwyllt Sat 18-Nov-23 22:39:07

At the risk of branding myself as a nutter.
Here goes have you thought of trying humming
I looked into it following finding self humming when at lowest plus struggling around on crutches. Stopped when household complained so can’t comment on its effect
Friend was concerned sister who has dementia was humming whilst he was talking on phone
Lots on net - one link below

The science behind it humming stimulates the vagus nerve which has a positive effect on heart rate variability
Both regulate all sorts of things in body
Think yoga OM is humming which is used as an aid for meditation and calming the mind.
Try combining with breathing exercises
If does not do any good it certainly won’t do any harm

BlueBelle Sat 18-Nov-23 22:44:16

Tapping works too, so much better if you can avoid tablets although I understand not everyone can

biglouis Sat 18-Nov-23 22:53:21

Ive had depression on and off since my twenties. Been on and off all kinds of anti depressants, anti anxiety tablets. I wont take any tablets now. I just find something to occupy my mind if I feel depressed. I also actively avoid the kinds of situations which bring on panic attacks - crowded noisy places like pubs and supermarkets, needy entitled people, unexpected callers.

polomint Sun 19-Nov-23 08:20:35

Humming and tapping sounds interesting and may well help in mild depression but sometimes the body is overwhelmed by stress and anxiety and needs a wee help via tablets

Elless Sun 19-Nov-23 09:37:42

I've tried them all over the years and always seem to come to a point where I don't feel they are working, currently I am on Escitalopram and it seems good, I have been told it is very good so 🫰🏼

PoppyFlower Sun 19-Nov-23 09:43:00

For sleep and relaxation I can recommend Magnesium Bisglycinate tablets, to be taken after your evening meal.

Gwyllt Sun 19-Nov-23 09:46:59

Just a thought if as you suggest tapping and humming might help with mild depression if that is case it might lower the amount of medication needed and may well help if someone is trying to wean themselves of the tablets when the situation improves

Atqui Sun 19-Nov-23 13:51:24

Geyllt- your suggestion sounds interesting ( and no way suggests you are a “nutter”. Anything alternative that works would be preferable to medication. I have the meds but am too scared to start them in case they cause worse insomnia.

Gwyllt Sun 19-Nov-23 13:56:12

Arqui I sat and watched packet for quite a while. Do check out dosage and comments about older folk

eddiecat78 Sun 19-Nov-23 13:58:46

Atqui I have been taking Sertraline for 2 weeks and have struggled with the side-effects - not sleep disturbance but nausea. I've also experienced an increase in anxiety which appears to be quite common in the first few weeks. Today is the first day I've felt I was making progress. I took 25 mg for a week then 50mg. If your 50 mg are the same as mine it would be easy to break them in half if you wanted to start on a lower dose and see how you get on.
Good luck

polomint Sun 19-Nov-23 16:07:14

You can also take the tablets on alternate days to begin with and also if you are trying to come off them slowly as I have done in the past

Jillypops Mon 20-Nov-23 14:54:42

I take Venlafaxine and it is a life changer

August2018 Mon 20-Nov-23 15:02:44

Citalopram works for me with no side effects

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 20-Nov-23 15:07:03

Me too Jillypops. Extremely effective. Have taken it for nearly forty years.

TwinLolly Mon 20-Nov-23 15:13:57

I've been on various antidepressants, on and off, since my early 20s. The last has been Sertraline. Unfortunately it hasn't helped with anxiety nor my erratic sleep patterns that I have but I'm trying to live with it.

Paperbackwriter Mon 20-Nov-23 15:19:04

All the anti-depressants seem to cause loss of libido. Have none of you experienced that? My husband takes Citralopram (having gone through Sertraline which gave him terrible headaches and another one that made him over-eat..) and is finding the loss of libido more depressing than the depression!

GardenofEngland Mon 20-Nov-23 15:20:42

I have been taking Propranolol originally for headaches of unknown origin. But they stopped when I retired from work. But I am back on them now for anxiety and coping with my husbands death. I'm gradually cutting them down to one a day. But sometimes I need 2. No side effects.

Mikkima Mon 20-Nov-23 15:26:45

Ive been on and off sertraline for 20 years. It helps me cope with my suicidal DDs ups and downs with her mental health. However I dont know if I would feel better without it until I stop and each time I think I will reduce my dose we have another crisis! Ive been up and down with 50mg and 100mg. No obvious side effects. She tried venlaflaxine and had a massive meltdown while on it. Apparently it can affect some people like that, she was fine (for her)when it was changed.