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Chair Back Covers/Antimicassars /Chair Arm Covers.

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Calendargirl Wed 30-Oct-19 14:58:39

Can anyone suggest where to buy the above? Would like some for sofa and two armchairs in a cream/beige colour. Have looked online but would really like to buy at a shop where I can see them properly before buying. We have no John Lewis anywhere near us, plus couldn’t see any on their website anyhow.
I know it sounds terribly old fashioned to use these, but I do!

Esspee Mon 18-Oct-21 14:40:26

I haven’t seen that type of thing since my granny died and that is over 30 years ago.

Calendargirl Mon 18-Oct-21 16:23:10

Oh Esspee you make me feel so old fashioned!


Calendargirl Mon 18-Oct-21 16:26:32


I haven’t seen that type of thing since my granny died and that is over 30 years ago.

But with all the ‘saving the planet’ and making things last, perhaps if antimicassars and arm covers became fashionable again, we wouldn’t have to replace our sofas and chairs so often?

grannysyb Mon 18-Oct-21 18:08:57

I make arm covers when I reupholster my furniture, however when our cat was alive she sharpened her claws under the covers,when I took them off the sofa the fabric underneath was in shreds!

Franbern Mon 18-Oct-21 18:16:29

I have anti -macassers on the back of my sofa, and arm chairs. As I have light cream coloured furniture, I like to have these for where hair rubs against the fabric. On my own riser/recliner chair, I have a matching (same material) arm covers and head rest.
The ones I have on the guest sofa, chair etc. I purchased on line, and must say I have got a very good match, so they do not really stand out too much, but can easily pop into washing machine.
Get far more choice of types, colours and styles on line.