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Help calm me. House buying and selling stress *Part 9*

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Spice101 Sun 08-May-22 05:26:43

Part 9

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Whiff Sat 03-Dec-22 05:37:23

Spoke to my friend back in the Midlands yesterday. The couple who brought my old house have sold it. Of course I looked at the pictures and sold price. They have done a lot but what made me laugh was the kitchen was exactly the old 30 year old one all they had done was take up the floor coverings and left bare floor boards. I knew house prices have gone up . I sold for £207,000 it went for £307,500. But know my bungalow is now worth £100,000 is more than what I paid.

My friend didn't know whether to tell me or not. But I detached myself from my old house once I decided to sell. In my bungalow I feel like I have always lived here. I live my life to the full no longer exist like I did. Best thing I did was to move here .

Whiff Sat 03-Dec-22 17:33:41

Just had email from Razz she has left Gransnet incase anyone missed her. She will not be emailing me again.

Spice101 Sun 04-Dec-22 06:38:10

That's a shame. I do hope Razz is all right. She had been having a pretty rough trot really since selling the Station or even before.

karmalady Sun 04-Dec-22 07:29:19

That is a shame about razz leaving but I understand that. GN can suck you in, it is not just about being with a small group of friends but GN can take too much time away from real life.

I had quite a while away when using my last username, it just took a couple of nasty comments on other threads and that was that. I weaned myself off GN and never missed the site

If you are having a last read razz, then all the very best and I hope your travelling dream comes true

Katyj Sun 04-Dec-22 08:04:27

Sorry to see you go Razz. I’ve enjoyed reading about your move from the station. Have a happy healthy life.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 04-Dec-22 08:17:07

That’s a shame, as someone who reads but has nothing to post about as we haven’t moved for 24 yrs, I will miss her.

Aldom Sun 04-Dec-22 08:20:01

Razz Another who followed your story and is sorry to see you go. If you are reading this, I send you my sincere good wishes for peace and happiness in your future life. flowers

Franbern Sun 04-Dec-22 08:56:37

So sorry to learn than Razz has left. She has become a friend over the past years. Hopefully, she will (as Karmalady did) have a brek and come back in the future.

Went to bed very late last night as at 9.30 was called by another Lady here (Chair of our Residents Assocation), as she had been contacted by the son of another resident, and he was very worried about her - thought she might have had a stroke. He had rung for an ambulance. So, the two of us went up to that flat (we have keys for every front door here in our office). She was in poor way, speech very bad, but did not appear to have had a stroke. Ambulance control rang just as we got there, and I spoke with them. There was concern tht she had a fall (one of many), the day before and she thought she might have hit her head then. Control questioned me and her and then said she was High Priority but not to permit her to eat or drink anything before paramedics arrived.

We helped her onto her sofa as she was very sleepy, and she did doze off, having first told us she had not eaten anything sionce 2 pm that day!! Then her son phoned us and told us she was Type 1 diabetic. So, we had a bit of a panic, got through to amublance control again, who then said let her eat something if she can swallow it. She woke up and did eat a few sugary biscuits.

Paramedics arrived soon after 11 pm and left with her nearly an hour later. By the time we had sorted out and secured her flat it was pretty late when I got back downstairs and into my own bed. Fortunately, nothing arranged for me today, except some dusting, hoovering, etc.

Yoginimeisje Mon 05-Dec-22 08:02:25

Good luck Razz in all you do, you deserve it flowers

Yoginimeisje Mon 05-Dec-22 08:05:53

Sorry to hear about your neighbour Fran

karmalady Thu 08-Dec-22 08:23:49

Just a quickie as I am logging myself off for days at a time now. All is fine and I am keeping warm, whatever the cost. This ufh is very good but needs to be on night and day as it takes forever to heat up and then cool down

I am very glad that the builder put non-slip slabs around the back of the house, including the extra patio that I had put down. They are definitely not pretty but non-slip, as tested

I went out in the dark 2 nights ago and worked by the light of the sensor lamps. There are 4 around the back, good light too. I grabbed plant fleece and quickly covered the agapanthus, in 7 pots, found the pegs and they are safe all winter

I am glad I half emptied my big water butts when I did, they are nice grey columns. I want some water, just in case there is a supply problem hence the half full. I put a ball into each one and that will stop any potential for expansion sideways and splitting

Hope you are all well and hunkered down

Yoginimeisje Thu 08-Dec-22 08:55:16

Thanks for all that info/tips Karma wonder if I should be covering my plants.

My smart-meter read £10.44 yesterday, it was never that high in my previous 4bed house! I have it on 20` and turn off when comfortable. I have terrible condensation on my front door glass windows & in the loo which is the first room along. I'm really concerned about it, not from washing drying, but maybe from shower, I've told my son to pull the door to when he comes out, but that doesn't happen till I notice and close it. Any ideas please?

Franbern Thu 08-Dec-22 13:31:50

Had such a pleasant day yesterday having invited two ladies from u3a for lunch at mine and chat.

I made us all butternut squash soup, easily made, nourishing and covers most diets. Made this up the previous day, so all that was required was to put in three bowls and warm up in microwave. Also two baguettes, warmed up and cut up. Home made apple cake for desert with coffee.

I feel that I am finally, starting to make new friends. Have thought this would not happen in my old age, but these two plus anpothjer one who is away at present are ones that I have found I have things in common with, so am slowly, very slowly building on that.

We have decided that we will have these sort of chatty lunches regularly in the New year around each other homes.

It is bitter cold now. Using my mobility scooter when out and about, I really need to dress warm as cannot warm up with walking. So, thermal vest under jumper and thermal leggings under my fleece trousers. I also have a wonder winter coach - purchased at M&S about 12 years ago. It is brilliant and keeps me toasty warm. Normally only use it on thse fewbitter cold day each winter, thenit is washed and packed away. I said when I bought it that it would be last coach I would buy - as normally prefer jackets. This still looks exactly like new.

Yoginimeisje Fri 09-Dec-22 09:29:03

Lovely to hear about your lunch with your new friends Fran Soup sounded lovely. My DD would only eat butternut squash when she was a baby.

I spent an age on-line yesterday buying Xmas gifts from 'Sportsdirect' £125. Got the PP email of purchase through with my old address on!! Tried for hours to contact SD, they are uncontactable! Everything virtual, no customer service and phone numbers not answered. The only thing I can do is contact my old house and pick up there angry blush

Franbern Mon 12-Dec-22 10:23:49

No snow here, thank goodness. I hate snow......Not interested in its 'beauty', just see how dangerous it is to everyone.

Very cold. keeping my heating on all day as it is unlikely to go much above freezing outside today. Concerned that one of my 12 yrs old g.children is very unwell. Probably just a nasty cold, as his parents say it is - but with this Strep A around I am worried. This is his third day now, never known him unwell previously. Is always so proud of his one hundred per cent school attendance. Daughter working from home today to stay with him.

Attended the excellent Foodfest (Eat Weston) yesterday morning. Went with the intention of just looking and not purchasing, but did buy some lovely sausages from nearby farm, some lemonades for Xmas Day (my local family is, like me, pretty much non-alcoholic) , a xmas cracker with local gin for daughter in London, and a beautiful ceramic tea pot for myself. I do prefer to use loose tea (more eco friendly), but my last small (2 mug)_ t-pot broke a few months ago and I have been putting off replacing it - and this one just caught my eye.

The son of the Lady whom we stayed with a week ago waiting the ambulance, came to me yesterday with the most gorgeous bunch of perfumed flowers and a large box of chocolates. How very nice of him. Flowers aranged, chocs will be kept for Christmas.
Hope everyone is keeping safe and warm.

VB000 Mon 12-Dec-22 10:30:42

All sounds lovely Franbern, and the butternut soup too, just hope your grandson gets better soon.

No snow in S Somerset either, just a 10 minute attempt at sleet flurries yesterday!

VB000 Mon 12-Dec-22 10:35:40

Was going to report that DH got some good news on Friday, after 3 very stressful weeks of not getting any responses from the solicitor, dealing with the sale of MIL's house, now she's in a care home. House has got to be sold, as there is only a few months' savings to cover the care home fees.

Finally got some enquiries back, after the practice manager, buyer's solicitor and estate agent joined in the "badgering". Hoping to get a date for exchange (at least) soon, and before the Xmas break if possible!