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Help calm me. House buying and selling stress *Part 9*

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Spice101 Sun 08-May-22 05:26:43

Part 9

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BigBertha1 Sun 08-May-22 07:05:13

Having gone through a tortuous time to move house in November 2020 we are probably going to do it again. We bought the house during the first pandemic year and all our decision s were wrong. We don't like the area where we live or the house. So we are going to do it all again next year. Must be barmy.

Whiff Sun 08-May-22 07:08:12

Can't believe the thread is on its 9th one. Long may it continue. Without it I wouldn't be as happy in my bungalow as I am.

Well remember posting for the first time in March 2019 after my second buyer pulled out and I at the end of my rope. The thread saved me and found I wasn't alone in this buying and selling hell.

Unfortunately since those days buying and selling hasn't gotten any easier . But glad to see old and new posters on the thread which I read daily but don't always post nowadays.

Keep going everyone finding that perfect home for you is well worth it even if it comes with problems like Shandy is going through. But making it into the home you want is well worth all the money and tears.


Franbern Sun 08-May-22 07:39:43

BigBertha obviously if you are really not happy in your present home, then you need to consider moving. However, you are a braver person than me. After the horrors of my last move here (finalised at end of 2019), there is nothing at all that would ever make me go through that process again.

Mind you I did say that when I moved into my house in 2003. And, suppose it does help that I am so very happy in my lovely flat in my new adopted home town.

Do keep us up to date as to how it all works out for you.

Chocolatelovinggran Sun 08-May-22 07:52:04

Good luck, BigBertha. Some sales and purchases go smoothly, so I wish you one of those !

Joseanne Sun 08-May-22 07:57:52

Another oldie from 2019 popping by to say hi and good luck to anyone on the move. It really is an awful system in England. In our area many properties are going to sealed bids and achieving £40k+ above the asking price. In France if an agent receives a full asking price offer he is obliged to say yes, sold, and the deal is sealed there and then.
We too have friends who bought in 2020 and are on the move again. They will have made over £100k having spent around £50k on it including fees. I did consider buying theirs for all of 5 minutes! Good luck BigBerthal you have to do what's right for you!
I can't believe we're on Part 9, I read the posts regularly, thank you karmalady/craftyone. Perhaps 10 threads will deserve a celebratory meet up. Are you ready for us Spice? ? ?‍♂️ ?

Joseanne Sun 08-May-22 08:02:58

By the way, I was Ellianne at the time.
* Shandy* were you something like Mosaicwarty?

Whiff Sun 08-May-22 08:18:21

Shandy was mosaicwarts her new name and I can do it attitude is a long way from the timid person who first posted all that time ago.

Mind you all the old timers on here have changed since their first postings me included. The shared horrors and triumphs united us under Craftyone's banner. Although she was absent for a while has come back as Karmalady and still shows that I can do it attitude. ?

Joseanne Sun 08-May-22 08:23:31

? that's a not very clear rollercoaster!

Franbern Mon 09-May-22 08:56:09

joseanne dd not realise you had changed your name on here. Do hope everything is going well with you. Often remember, with fondness, that meet-up you, Shandy and myself had back in 2020.

I am sitting here, dressed (not normal for me to be dressed this time in the morning), waiting (A) for my Sainsbury delivery and (B) for the kitchen fitters to arrive.

I have managed to arrange a temporary' kitchen in the dining area of my living room. Two nail-biting weeks in front of me now. Such 1st world problems!!!

I know that there are far too many people who would be envious, even of my temporary kitchen, but I do detest having any sort of upset in my routine and in not having everything put away properly. Yes, I will all be very worthwhile, and I will forget the upset once it is finished.

My daughter popped over very quickly yesterday morning with the large trolley thing they have for moving large items. Her hubbie is testing positive (he had the virus over christmas). He has had 4 jabs. As he is EV he is on anti-virals. She has come through all the infection at school, and at Christmas but did have a sore throat - so her visit was speedy. She wore a mask, came nowhere near me, just did two trips from my flat to the garage and then went home. This morning she has tested positive.

So, our idea of me going to their house this Thursday to take my washing and have a meal is not on. I go away for along weekend on Friday morning, and am not going to take the chance of becoming sick whilst I am away. So will look for a local launderette. Did my final wash in my own machine yesterday morning.

Grandmabatty Mon 09-May-22 09:01:59

I don't think that you are barmy BigBertha. I think you are being sensible. You've given the area and the house quite a while and it's clearly not for you. Life is too short to be miserable unnecessarily.

loopyloo Mon 09-May-22 09:53:15

Wishing you all the best Franbern!
Think having a new kitchen is a real test of character.

Joseanne Mon 09-May-22 14:08:12

Hi Franbern. Yes, I remember that meet up with Shandy fondly. I have been following your new kitchen updates and look forward to some photos when finished. Two weeks of upheaval will pass quickly, especially if you are going away. Hope you get the washing done.
I changed my name because unbeknown to me there was another poster called Ellie Anne and people got confused. It has been a pain to log in ever since because it keeps taking me back there.
Hope your daughter and family recover quickly.

Franbern Tue 10-May-22 09:39:09

Arrived home yesterday and was amazed as to how much had happened whilst I had been out. All kitchen units removed and taken away. All floor to ceiling tiles had been taken down. All floor tiles had been taken up. Electrician had been and done re-wiring !! As I had been to a meeting which included a substantial 'lunch' just made myself scrambled egg on toast for evening meal.

This mornng the plasterer is here doing his 'magic'. Says it will take a couple of days. I actually feel more relaxed now it is all happening thank I have been in the weeks leading up and worrying about this. When the main fitter came yesterday morning, one of the first things he said to me 'Stop Panicking - it is all in hand'!!!!
Spend sometime in bed now imagining myself going through the unpacking - I will need to get rid of many tins of food (however, many are outside of their BB date). Now I know that these items are perfectly good to eat - but also know that Food Banks will not take them. Anybody got any good ideas?

midgey Tue 10-May-22 10:14:32

Franbern there is an app called Olio, you can tell people what you have and they choose to get it in touch if they would like it. Works well for many people. Glad your kitchen is progressing well.

karmalady Tue 10-May-22 10:29:09

Very good and reassuring progress franbern, they sound like a good bunch of people to be doing the kitchen

BigBertha, yes do it and don`t look back. We did it after 4 years and drew a line across, losing a considerable amount in the process but you cannot afford to wait when you get older

I had a think this morning, while walking back from the greengrocer eg if I needed a gym then I would be disappointed but actually a good greengrocer would have been top of my list if I had thought about it, They sell packaged deli stuff too and endless varieties of cheese and beautiful yoghurts. I love that I can buy one onion and three apples etc. They are much appreciated here and are always busy

I did so much work yesterday, it was hard to move one foot in front of the other by bedtime. Upside was a full nights sleep. I made a tagine, for lunch and three portions to freeze, it was outstandingly scrummy and I made another as I had spare parsnips. I now have have 7 ready meals in the freezer. All contain only 2oz of lamb

Rice being made now, to make portions of rice with resistant starch. They will all be frozen as portions. I am making a large amount in my rice cooker, maybe ten portions. One lot of electricity

Yesterday, apart from bed stripping, airing cupboard sorting, washing, I decided to oil the two butchers blocks, one is very large. Done and dusted. Then I made a pyjama top, trousers later today. Not looking forward to that because of my short height and adjustments. I think that sewing does make me sleep better

Franbern Tue 10-May-22 12:40:49

Karmalady your posts sometimes make me laugh. You seem to spend so much time bulk cooking and freezing portions, but never seem to eat any of these.

I have to admit that I never bulk cook these days, much prefer just making what I fancy to eat completely fresh each time. In order to aid this, only have a reasonable size freezer area - when I did have a very big freezer and did all that portion bulk cooking, etc. I actually ended up throwing much more food away than I do now with not doing that.

midgey thanks for that about olio - my daughter mentioned this also. Have today also talked to our local 'fridge for free' place. They are happy to take anything still in its 'use by' date. So, will check each one out as I unpack.

This morning have been out to u3a weekly coffee morning for a chat, booked the hire of a mobility scooter for a friend for her visit to me next month, picked up my prescription and tried to book a meeting room for another u3a group - unsuccessfully!!! Back home - plasterer getting on, Living Room door firmly closed, lunch eaten, ready for afternoon rest and relax I am at my best in the mornings, need a rest in early afternoon then have another spurt of energy later in the afternoon.

Shandy57 Tue 10-May-22 17:33:15

Afternoon all, just popping in to say hello, this really is such a nice thread and saved my sanity in my early days of selling.

I've no idea when I originally joined in the 'bad old days' but was very glad to have made your acquaintance as 'mosaic warts' - and was extremely pleased to have such lovely company on one of my house hunting trips, thank you for making such an effort Franbern and Joseann. Still remember those lovely scones! And I got a very special hand made house warming gift from Whiff when I bought this bungalow. You are a lovely group of people.

Good luck with your kitchen Franbern, I hope your plaster 'goes off' quickly!

Good luck BigBertha1, at least you know what is ahead. I am on my bed watching a stream of people viewing my neighbour's house, I do hope it sells quickly so she can relax about her care home fees.

karmalady Tue 10-May-22 21:45:14

I do think a lot of us have times in the day when we are at our best with most energy. Mine is definitely mornings, until maybe 1pm, I do start early though, am in full swing by 7.30am. I have my energy slump at 1 and get a second wind later in the day.

Pyjamas are finished, very comfy

BigBertha1 Tue 10-May-22 22:28:51

Thank you for the encouraging comments. I just have to pluck up the courage to tell my daughter. She is awaiting surgery so we'll get that over first I think.

karmalady Wed 11-May-22 07:58:09

In the meantime bigBertha you can quietly get yourself sorted, ready for the estate agent. You need to be quick for this season of selling, the selling window almost closes in late july and opens again in september for two months. Not forgetting that it takes some time for the EA to prepare the sale including photos. Wishing your dd all the best with her surgery

Lovely dreamy sleep last night, got rid of the backache that I accumulated while sewing. Some stashbusting today, just one length of double gauze fabric. I need to redraft my pjs pants pattern, it was still far too long, will do that as it is damp out, and make another set of pjs. Slugs will like it today

Franbern Wed 11-May-22 09:40:55

Pouring with rain this morning. Hope it stops soon, as I am intending to go a meeting at 11.00. It is not far away, but really do not like going out in rain on scooter - obviously cannot hold an umbrella!!!

Plasterer back here doing his work.

My daughter asked me to knit some Worry Monsters for her to use at school for some of her SENCO pupils. I have managed to get hold a pattern for mini ones of these. They they are quite fiddly - but have enjoyed having something to do when watching tv in the evenings. First one nearly completed -and want to make a pair (boy and girl) before showing her.

Ever since I moved here I have been intending to take the bus that goes from WsM to Bristol, going through several villages. Is about one and half hours on the bus. I mentioned this at the meeting I was at on Monday and another lady who have got quite friendly with said she would like to come with. So, I am trying to arrange that for us - but not until AFTER the kitchen is finished.

Such exciting, dangerous lives we lead these days smile.

Also sorting out arrangements as I will be away to London on Friday morning, arriving home Monday afternoon. Sainsbury order made, arrangements to let kitchen fitters into building on Monday morning - I will give them the key to my own front door, but we do not hand out to tradesmen our security building entrance keys.

karmalady Thu 12-May-22 12:26:06

some days are just so satisfying. PJ bottoms made this morning, followed by plughole maintenance ie soda crystals, boiling water and a scrub with a long brush. Then a cycle ride, first ride on my fast twitchy light road bike this year, faster up hills but minimal hand signals. All passing vehicles good except one idiot, little did he know that I have cycle insurance with legal addition

Lunch now, all in one microwave steamer, salmon and veg, 4 minutes. That has got to be saving energy. Ready meal tonight so no more food prep this afternoon, leaving me time to make a pj top and then RnR for a while

I was glad of the rain yesterday, both water butts are full and the soil is nice for my new ground covers that are on their way

There was a niff in the air for two days, could not for the life of me trace it but obviously must have been plughole related as it has now gone

Endorphins are high after cycling, plenty of energy in me. Must do it more often on that bike. I can be at a near standstill on my other two bikes but this one is a completely different bike, it tests me

karmalady Thu 12-May-22 12:29:13

I meant to say that I also liked to go on a bus trip, sitting there being driven and seeing from a higher position, lovely. I haven`t used any buses here for two years, actually don`t want to spend any money in shopping areas or markets and am easily tempted

Shandy57 Thu 12-May-22 17:01:56

I now have a date for the floor replacement, 1st August.

I have bought a blow up single bed to use in the lounge as all local accommodation is fully booked There is one single room available at the local hotel for three nights at £130 per night, but we stayed there when we moved up here, I don't like it and would rather rough it here. I will be saving £30 per day kennel/cattery costs as well by staying here, four days won't kill me! If they finish on time, that is.

I've sent my list of items to the removal company go into storage and the company are working on it later today.

I've got to get a chemical toilet as the hall and bathroom floors are coming up - lowest quote so far is £192. Apparently does 7 men for a 40 hour week.

I've contacted the plumber to remove the shower cubicle and tray if needs be - think it will have to come up, must be mounted in the floor? I've also contacted the joiner who made the big storage cupboard and wardrobe, vendor paid a lot for them to be built. Shame to lose them if they could be taken down and reassembled.

As for replacing the carpets, I can't bear to think about that yet. Will have to make do with the few rugs I've got for now and buy very warm ankle slippers for autumn.

Feel better I've made a start. I now need to start packing again in a very organised fashion. This will be the third time I've packed in two years, and I feel the number of my possessions is getting smaller and smaller, and some are getting a bit damaged.

Can't wait for it all to be over. I'm going to book a holiday in September, I'm fed up with all this boring house malarkey and want to travel again.