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30 bags in 30 days decluttering method

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Guesswhat Mon 23-Jan-23 22:14:03

Would anybody like to join me in this?

I’ve read about a method where you chuck out/donate one bag of clutter every day for 30 days. As an inveterate hoarder who wants to get on top of things at last, I’m going to go for it! (Only a carrier bag, mind. Not a big refuse sack.)

Tomorrow I’ll start with a bag of books to take to the charity shop. The day after, maybe some clothes. By recording my progress on here, I’m hoping to keep up the good work.

Wish me luck!

Lilypops Mon 23-Jan-23 22:19:50

Great idea Guesswhat. I need to declutter. Good Luck. I may just join in with you

Doodledog Mon 23-Jan-23 22:22:53

Ok I’m in.

I really need a clear out, but I am very bad at this sort of thing. I’ll try to clear out an old sideboard that I want to put under the stairs. If I can at least sort out what I want to keep in it it will be a start. I’ll worry about Wednesday later - one day at a time grin

Norah Mon 23-Jan-23 22:26:34

I'm in.

I began with charity shop donation of excess Christmas beautifuls, somebody will love more Christmas!

Guesswhat Mon 23-Jan-23 22:42:29

Thanks for joining me.

I’m very bad at this decluttering lark too, Doodledog, but I’m hoping this new method will suit me.

Nana3 Mon 23-Jan-23 23:01:08

I will join in and report back with my progress. There's 46 years of our clutter plus lots from my parents house to sort through.

HeavenLeigh Mon 23-Jan-23 23:03:16

I’m in too

Zoejory Mon 23-Jan-23 23:17:16

I tried once and ended up not getting rid of a thing. I hope you all have better luck than I did .

Mollygo Mon 23-Jan-23 23:31:23

I’m in too. Can I count today when I took clothes to the charity shop as day 1?

henetha Mon 23-Jan-23 23:36:42

I'll join in, but due to physical problems can't promise to do it every day. So can I take longer please?

Guesswhat Mon 23-Jan-23 23:43:25

You’re all very welcome!

Mollygo - yes, definitely.

henetha - of course.

Doodledog Mon 23-Jan-23 23:48:21


I’m in too. Can I count today when I took clothes to the charity shop as day 1?

I think we should all have a (virtual) bag in reserve for if we’re too busy/lazy to do something every day. That way we won’t get disheartened if we fall a bit behind.

MayBee70 Tue 24-Jan-23 00:04:53

Can I join in please? I really need help. Nearly fifty years in the same house. Have my children’s stuff here. My ex husbands, FIL’s etc. I still live in the family home and am the custodian of everything as they live in smaller houses. I’ve always been a hoarder/collector (can’t resist buying things from car boots or charity shops). Spent years buying things for my dream cottage but remain in a boring box of a house so my cottage stuff is stuck in cupboards. Kept all my children’s stuff forthe grandchildren to play with…some of which does interest them but some doesn’t. I try to throw things away but the thought of it going into landfill upsets me (eg old videos). I did give my daughter her old school books recently and the pictures she drew when she was little. It is now up to her if she throws them out. I’m trying to go through food that I stockpiled during the pandemic. Just put a lot of out of date food in the green bin (only things that can’t be used: I do ignore best before dates on most things). I’ve found a lovely fruit and vegetable shop that takes back egg cartons for their wormery and I can buy things using my reusable bags (throughout the pandemic we’ve been having Tesco deliveries and I’m horrified at the amount of packaging). They’ve just opened a new repair cafe nearby so I can take things to them to be fixed. If not I can throw them away ( I’ve hung onto them not knowing if they’re repairable). It’s given me an incentive. I’ve got wardrobes full of clothes that I don’t wear. Eg what do I do with M&S cotton knickers that are in perfect condition, many unworn but in a size I’ll never wear again? I keep thinking they’re good for polishing. Furniture upcycling projects that I’ve never got round to doing. Sorry to ramble on…just thinking out loud.

NotSpaghetti Tue 24-Jan-23 00:22:04

If your knickers are new, bag them carefully and label "new" or "washed but never worn".
I bought a pack of 5 or 6 recently and washed them all, only wore 1 and they didn't fit properly. I figured the charity shop would either believe me or they wouldn't - either way I felt I'd made an effort.

I will try this 30 bags but it may be 60 days as I'm working.
I really do need to do something though!

MayBee70 Tue 24-Jan-23 00:31:22

My son gave me some cardboard that didn’t fit in his recycling bin with the words make sure you actually put them in your bin, mum. I have saved lots of cardboard boxes from deliveries with the intention of using them to post things that I sell on eBay. I’m just overwhelmed by it all, though. I can’t really afford to give things to charity shops if I can sell them.

Redhead56 Tue 24-Jan-23 00:47:02

I do regularly fill bags for dogs home Ukraine charities etc. I think it’s a good idea to be more organised the way you plan on doing it. However I do fill bags and put them in my car boot when DH is not around. He is old school ‘if it ain’t broke’ he is reluctant to give anything away apart from woollies for Ukraine.
I won’t keep a daily record but I will start on emptying my airing cupboard this week I have lots of bedding I never use. I also have a ridiculous amount of crockery which is not used anymore.
That’s the start of my clearing out I imagine it will take a week but cupboards and shelves will have a lot more space in them.

Grammaretto Tue 24-Jan-23 04:44:39

I think this a great idea Guesswhat and I think you and I have a similar mindset to Maybee70.

I host volunteers via
and have asked them to help me with clear outs occasionally.
This has been quite useful although I need to check and rescue things sometimes.
I find that watching what others consider rubbish or collectable quite revealing.

Unfortunately our local charity shops are so full we have to make appointments and clothes nearly always go straight to wastesaver where the fabric is pulped to make carseat covers etc.

I just find the whole process exhausting but
a small bag a day ought to be possible grin

Sara1954 Tue 24-Jan-23 06:15:52

There was something similar on here a few years ago, I did get rid of quite a few odds and ends, but I’m not really a hoarder, clothes ruthlessly culled twice a year, and children’s toys disposed of if they aren’t played with.
My problem is my daughter and three children lived with us for several years, and although she has moved, all their stuff only seems to be moving as they find they need it.

Sara1954 Tue 24-Jan-23 06:19:21

Also, as Grammaretto said above, you sort things out, and then have to drive around a lot of charity shops before you find one accepting donations, so it’s often just left in my car, and eventually thrown away.

Georgesgran Tue 24-Jan-23 07:07:25

I’m sure I could join this, or at least a bag every other day. As previously mentioned, it’s a problem parking anywhere near any of my local shops, then many aren’t taking donations and (genuinely) my stuff is too good to just throw away.

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 24-Jan-23 07:07:32

If it’s good Winter clothing, please go online, many people are collecting to send goods to The Ukraine, people are in desperate need of a Winter Clothing, shoes, socks, blankets etc.

Georgesgran Tue 24-Jan-23 07:08:52

The Ukraine collections here stipulate new clothing only. Ukraine was my first thought.

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 24-Jan-23 07:14:12

Our local lady is Ukrainian and is collecting good quality (washed and clean) Winter clothing here, especially for children and babies. Obviously new or nearly new is preferable, but her argument is that people are freezing and nearly new is easier to obtain.
Our local truck left last Monday, also carrying ex Army clothing donated by local ex Army people and a local Army and Navy Store.

Gingster Tue 24-Jan-23 07:22:04

I’m not a hoarder but Dh is. He has two rails of clothes that he hasn’t worn for 10 years at least. What can I do about that?
Every so often I say, ‘let’s have a clear out’. Last week he through one hoodie away! 😤

Horti Tue 24-Jan-23 07:33:14

This is my nightmare too
Get too attached to things from the past especially clothing that remind me of nice holidays etc
It doesnt worry me but drives H nuts
Especially since retired and he has to
Look at it more
I understand this but I’m always on the run these days with GC etc so tricky to find down time to achieve
Has anyone found any you’d sites to sell good stuff eg is Vinted any good ?
Grateful advise